Private clinic drags PSMAS to court over $18 000 arrears

THE financially-troubled Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) has been taken to court by a privately-owned physiotherapy clinic over an $18 000 debt for services rendered to its members.


Harare-based Pahla Physiotherapy Clinic, in summons filed last month under case number HC11819, claimed the debt had accumulated over the past five years.

According to Pahla Clinic, sometime between between 2010 and November 2015, PSMAS members visited the health institution on different dates seeking physiotherapy services.

“The agreement between the parties was that the defendant’s [PSMAS] medical aid clients or members would go to plaintiff (Pahla Physiotherapy Clinic) so that the members/patients would receive physiotherapy services from the plaintiff and the services would be paid for by the defendant,” the clinic said. “After rendering the services, the plaintiff then presented invoices to the defendant for payment, but the defendant only paid $272, remaining with a balance of $18 046, which is still due and owing resulting in this claim.

“The defendant’s failure to pay upon demand, having occasioned the plaintiff to seek legal recourse and the intervention of legal counsel makes the defendant liable for costs of the suit on a legal practitioner and client scale.”

PSMAS has since filed an appearance to defend notice and is prepared to refute the claim filed by the clinic.

The matter is now pending in the courts, where Pahla is expected to file its plea and give the society the chance to respond to the claim.

PSMAS has, for the past two years, been saddled with mounting debts to service providers, prompting government to take over the arrears and save it from collapse.

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