Pictures: Airport Rd houses demolished

Harare City Council has demolished more than 15 houses and cottages along Airport Road ahead of President Robert Mugabe’s return today from Asia, after the veteran ruler had long expressed his disquiet over the settlement.



















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  1. anonzi Mugabe. muchadzidza henyu kuti you have the devil for a president!

  2. Usadhereere Bulldozer

  3. feck this shit, how can we have an illegal settlement having electrical connections and yet no one from ZESA has been touched?

    1. Such is the country we re living in my friend. This is what is happening on the ground. This happens when there is open defiance against authorities, and no rule of law.

    2. those very areas have no sewer and no water supply, that should be a sign to someone and all of those plans have not been approved by council… to someone with sense and that follows precedence , these buildings will be destroyed at some stage

  4. Baba Loose Brugwa

    Hutsinye. Hee varungu vaive nehutsinye. Saka ava varungu here ava???

  5. 2018 munenge makanganwa. mobva mavavhotera zvekare. hameno zvirikwamuri

  6. vamama vanhu ava,ndivo vaivhotera musangano .next time follow the right procedure aND VOTE WISELY

  7. Pathetic! Lets observe civility at times. What a ruthless way of wasting hard-earned resources of the public. The department of planning within the City council should accept liability as the buildings were built under it’s watch.

  8. takazviramba kare zvevanhu vanongo vaka pese pese, ndosaka takaisa mutemo ku kanzuru..

  9. those very areas have no sewer and no water supply, that should be a sign to someone and all of those plans have not been approved by council… to someone with sense and that follows precedence , these buildings will be destroyed at some stage

  10. Better mvura imire kunaya.

  11. mufunge henyu, i remeber one time, chings avaka imba yake ikapinzwa nemurambatsvina…..and as stupid as someone can be, pane vamwe vakauyazve vakavaka on that very same place….how stupid can one be like seriously

  12. it pains my heart to see those hard erned $$ being razed to the ground in a second….lets be vigilant, we are desperate as a country to find some stand yekuti unotiwo apa ndepangu, but please bvunzaiwo vamwe even ask council yacho, get expert advise before spending on something that you will definmitely lose someday


    The councils have the authority and mandate of allocating stands to those on waiting list but from the day Chombo became local govt minister everything went into shambles. I have hope that the new local govt minister Saviour will improve everything and give councils the powers to allocate stands.


    People should read newspapers so as to be informed. Those whose houses got demolished do not even peruse papers. Towards 2018, mark my words, the very same pple whose hses got demolished will be seen building again on the same places.

  15. Ruthless dictator. Smith aiva nani pane mboko iyi. Whether you vote for him or not, he’ll still rig. He’s worse than a pig and a dog…

  16. Let us be law abiding citizens. Those are illegal settlements

  17. Hameno ikoko handiuyeko

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  19. This is definitely not a normal country. Where were the authorities when these houses were going up

    1. Plans are approved by the City Council,
    2. Zesa iniosa magetsi zvimbo iri planned.

    So all this is punishing the innocent and smaller fish. We want to hear what happens to those who approved these in the first place.

  20. Smith regime was not cruel to this extent. This happening only to impress lord Mugabe.

  21. Ndokuti ZanuPf uku, ikasadai so, then it ceases to be ZanuPf.

  22. Building in illegal settlements will result in this action being taken. And this is not in Zimbabwe alone, in Liberia, houses are also being demolished by the government cause they were built in an illegal place. I urge anyone who wants to build to take it upon themsekves to see that the place they are building is legal, problem is we run after cheap things erect expensive buildings thinking that that can change the law. I have witnessed this both in Zimbabwe and Liberia. Lets do the proper thing always

  23. We have always told you that the government of the day is full of rascals. They made money selling the stands in the name of ZPF.Now that the houses are being destroyed people think it is the MDCT. Forget it. This is a political ploy to fool you. Very soon they will send someone with stolen donations to console you as if they did not know what was going on.How many times have you been advised kuisa bhora musango and you refuse.You burn other peoples’ houses because they do not support ZPF. Dzenyu dziri kupwanya neZPF yacho. Do not cry foul, that is the way you play your games.
    Mati madii? Wait and see.

  24. You cant blame the council.They seem overpowered during election campaigns as the politicians will be law unto themselves.These are the same people who are used to beat up innocent civilians because of their political affiliations.They must learn kuti city authorities are the custodians of land in the country.Takakura tichiziva kuti vanhu vanoforera mastands kucouncil.Zvemacooperative izvi ndizvo zvine huori hwese.

  25. Why are we so dumm and stupid letting a government treat its people like this , they let them build the houses towards 2013 election now they destry them to let them build again towards 2018. Zanu yaka woma and so called educated Zimbos watch while all this is happening, teachers being refused their dues and all they can do is watch hahahahahaha We dont need sympathy

  26. Ndarwadziwa, as a human being you feel pity naturally. But we never learn. Kuda zvakachipa. Zvinemashortcut. Very soon they will have forgotten and as long as they are told MDCT ndeyevarungu they will put their X on the party that destroyed their homes. Until you see the light you will carry on living in the dessert. 40 years dzichazonyatsokwana marwadzisiswa. Pamberi neBato MDCT ndeyevarungu. Tamburai makanyarara.

  27. The land was allocated according to the laws of Zimbabwe to a housing cooperative. Part of the land is designated for housing. Civil aviation approved for houses to be built on part of the land. Houses were demolished without a court order. One house was demolished with children inside.

    Zimbabweans don’t be legalistic for nothing. We must call cruelty and injustice for what it is. Some of you think you are clever because your house has not been demolished…. wait until your are told Amai wants your land or Gushungo vati and see if you are clever. A lot of you pay fines on your car’s not having pieces of paper as reflectors when the car itself has lots of inbuilt retro reflectors. Musangwarire paduri sehuku. Zanu isinjonjo, the thugs are coming to your do step legal or illegal.

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  29. This is a God forsaken country. How can anyone rejoice at the misery of others. How can houses be demolished because the president will be arriving from some useless holiday on tax payers expense? We will return the favour demolish all your ill gotten wealth. Tysoe, beware, Ticharipaza zimba rako iroro. Green roof iyo, ticharipaza

  30. its a brutal system

  31. Very cruel but these people don’t learn.The murambatsvina 2 must route all illegal settlements for good.


    hee maZimba takafunda and we are peace loving pple! ah shit, ndakakuudzai kuti vanhu vanoda kurwiswa ava mukati kwete. ikozvino chembere iyi yava kubva kunodya mari yennyu nehure rayo yava kuti dzimba dzenyu imi makaivhotera dzinoisemesa.

  33. I agree with what the city council did.You can’t build high density suburb’s houses along air port road.We don’t want our potential investors to reguard our country as poorly infrastrure developed.I agree with my President’s point of view.Hate it,trust me it won’t change the decision.

  34. There is no marvel in a human learning to speak,but there would be in teaching him/her to hold his/her tongue.Spare the President,I believe he is really exhausted and frustrated because of people like you who are always pessimistic.Am tired of people who always talk bad about President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

  35. haungogari pasina ku approviwa, hakuna surbub inovakwa kusina sewer andf water supplies,ukaona zvadaro chete ziva kuti uri pa risk.musatenge ma stand kuma tsotsi ,shuwa ungati iniwo zvangu ndokutengesera stand kuharare unoti ndinenge ndawana kupi land yacho ,please zimbabweans be wise.
    mune ma tittle deeds here anoratidza kuti this is your property makaapiwa nani kana munawo,do yu have site plans at Survayor Generals Office,does your stands have certificate of complaience by the city council.

  36. Is the settlement legal or illegal en if its illegal let it be demolished and hw can u build illegal settlements nxt to a major airport kkkkkk phambili nge ZANU Pf phansi ngaba thengisi.

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