Phone connections at Zim embassy in US disconnected

TELEPHONE lines at the Zimbabwean embassy in the United States have reportedly been disconnected over outstanding bills, while embassy officials at over 10 overseas missions have been given eviction orders at their places of residence over the same issue, NewsDay has learnt.


Senior government officials, who declined to be named, confirmed the developments at the weekend.

“The phones were cut off last week and the embassy workers were given eviction notices because the Zimbabwe government has been failing to pay rentals and other bills,” a senior government official, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, said.

NewsDay also failed to get through to the embassy’s direct line, +1 (202) 332-7100, with an automated operator message saying the line had been disconnected.

Foreign Affairs deputy minister Edgar Mbwembwe said he was unaware of the development, while permanent secretary Joey Bimha was unavailable for comment.

“I will have to verify with my staff on that. Who told you about that development?” Mbwembwe said, promising to call back with a response, of which he did not. Ads

Rentals have also not been paid for the personal residences of ambassadors in most of the country’s foreign missions, with some having bills of more than
$30 000.


For the past three years, government has been battling to sustain foreign missions, with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee proposing that some embassies be shut down to reduce costs.

Legislators warned that the crisis bedevilling foreign missions was a serious security risk, as the struggling envoys could be recruited by foreign spies due to their financial problems.

Among the problems being faced by various embassies are lack of cars, accommodation, failure by the State to pay its workers and other resources.

So dire has been the situation such that in France, the ambassador and senior staffers are often forced to use public transport because of technical problems with his 18-year-old official vehicle.

Bhima last year told Parliament that, although the embassies represent the country, the state of affairs in most of the missions was dire.

Insiders said President Robert Mugabe came face-to-face with the dire situation crippling most embassies when he visited the Paris mission in France for the United Nations climate change conference at the beginning of December.


  1. This is very sad. This is indeed a security risk. Salle we then continue to talk about sovereignty?

  2. Another success story for Zanu pf . . . . . .

  3. The chickens are coming home to roost! The govt was told a long time ago to close some of the foreign missions but did not listen or take heed. Thru patronage these missions are manned by relatives of ZPF chefs and are of no economic value to Zimbabwe. Zim uses USD as a settlement currency and its failing to pay its USD rentals. If Zim is generating little forex where would they expect to find money to pay a bloated civil service wage bill? Let them stew in these self inflicted problems.

  4. I am a chicken farmer keeping 3000 chickens but due to circumstances beyond my control I have enough money to feed 2000 chickens. I have failed to borrow some money to keep 3000 chickens so I have no choice but to slaughter 1000 chickens. This lesson should apply to foreign missions in my view .

  5. This is good news. These people serve Mugabe and Mugabe alone, they serve no other interest.

  6. The Zim Ambassador in France should ask French people how to carry out a revolution to remove this despot called Mugabe. Surely a Diplomat using public transport?? I hope they are paying the fares. Viva Mugabe they chant the slogan…

  7. come back home

  8. I don’t think ZANUPf knows that anything they use is paid for they think everything is free if you ask anyone of them including their leader Mugabe if they have ever paid for anything I don’t think they will say yes because look the government of Mugabe does not pay for water electricity rates if you provide services and you don’t have someone you know you go broke because either you pay someone to get your payment so for those countries to think they can get payment that’s wishful thinking

  9. tendai chikwamva

    This is excellent news these foreign missions were a waste of time and never helped zimbabwe citizens. The zim embassy in london is the worst they ate rude and arrogant zanu pf . Zanu pf is a devil party

  10. One by One each ministry will crumble. At the end of it even uncle bob will use public transport!!!(to hell)

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