PG’s gaffe lands man in jail

A ZIMBABWEAN nurse based in Australia was wrongly arrested when he flew in on Boxing Day and spent two nights in police custody for accruing $14 400 in maintenance arrears.


It later emerged Kephas Gombe (27) had not been served with maintenance order papers for the charge he was held for.

Gombe regained his freedom yesterday when the prosecution withdrew the charges after realising the warrant of arrest had been issued in error.

Prosecutor Francisca Mukumbiri yesterday withdrew the charges against Gombe (27) before plea after the civil court wrote advising of the error.

The letter, dated December 31, had a reference which read: “Withdrawal of Section 23 of Maintenance Act issue in error: P Karimazondo vs K Gombe, M4659/13.”

It instructed: “The above-mentioned warrant for section 23 of the Maintenance Act issued by this honourable court on December 21, 2015 was issued in error and is, therefore, withdrawn.”


Magistrate Tendai Rusinahama then removed Gombe from remand.

Gombe had, however, spent two nights in custody before he was freed.

Gombe, in his warned-and-cautioned statement to the police, said he was not aware of the maintenance case, as he was never served with any court papers.

“I do not know anything about this maintenance issue. I was not served and did not attend any court to that effect and I only came to know about maintenance when I was arrested on December 26,” he argued.

It was the State case that Gombe had a child with Patience Karimazondo and on their divorce, she claimed and was awarded $600 child maintenance per month at the civil courts in December 2013.

It is alleged, Gombe paid nothing from the date the order was granted till December 2015, with the arrears ballooning to $14 400.

Karimazondo sought the arrest of Gombe, arguing that since he was no longer resident in the country, it would be difficult to pursue him to pay the maintenance.

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  2. a citizen can be charged with wasting the court’s time. how about when the courts waste a citizen’s time?

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  3. I just don’t get it. Is this a case of similar names or Patience Karimazondo forgot the father of her child? How about compensating this guy for lost time and possible trauma?

    1. Gunguwo

      Are u saying she alleges another father to be the father of the child or what.

  4. Is it Tomana’s office failing to understand this very basic rule that one should be served with court papers (in this case, the judgement in favour of the plaintiff’s claim) before being deemed to have failed to comply with that judgement? Why don’t we send our Prosecutor General to a basic law school?

  5. Stupid B**** then how does he pay when he is in prison/custody

  6. It appears that this is not the PG’s Office fault but rather the Maintenance Court’s fault.The PG’s office usually acts on dockets received from the police whom I believe in this instance arrested Mr Gombe on a wrongly issued warrant of arrest from the Maintenance Court.

  7. This case is interesting. How.can.a competent court issue an arrest warrant in.error. is it a case of this Patience knowing someone at the.magistrate court or police. How did a competent lawyer prosecute this case. Has the University of Zimbabwe law degree lost its way. This be struggling with several demons of jealousy. She shud look.for a job and not try to acwuire arrest warrants.erroneously and abuse state resources. How.many times.did the court sit considering her fraudulent court and how expensive is each sitting. Is there going a full investigation on how this happened or because she is who.she is its just going to.go under the carpet. Is this story newsworthy or again.she has links to the publishers of the story. Was mzulu in court or she has links to this karimazondo. The prosecutors who.prosecuted the case should really shame themselves and have their qualifications questioned.

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