Pasuwa blames medics for Warriors defeat

IN typical Jose Mourinho style, one of football’s greatest managers, Warriors coach, Kalisto Pasuwa, believes the medical team should take the blame for the 1-0 defeat to neighbours Zambia in a tightly-contested Group D African Nations Championship (Chan) opener on Tuesday.


Yesterday, Pasuwa said they could have avoided defeat had the medical team communicated with him in time.

“If you could see the goal they scored, it was due to the fact that we had one boy — a centre back who went out injured and we were waiting for communication from the doctor so we could bring on another player and it took a long time before a decision was made and they scored. I think we could have avoided that goal,” he said.

Pasuwa watched his charges, who dominated the entire first half slumping to a defeat courtesy of veteran forward Isaac Chansa’s solitary strike in the 59th minute.

The goal came when the Warriors were one-man down following an injury to defender Elisha Muroiwa after he clashed with Zambia’s Stephen Kabamba.

It took the medical team almost six minutes to treat the injured player, while Pasuwa was waiting for communication from the medical team for him to bring on another player.

The Warriors coach, however, said they played well despite the defeat.


“I think the guys played well considering the fact that we missed so many clear chances. If we had buried those chances we could have wrapped up the match. But again you could see in the first 30 minutes they were trying to adjust, hence, it’s one area we could say we should have played a friendly match for these guys to have in mind of what to expect at a big tournament like this. Most of the time we were losing possession, but we managed to get two or three chances and we could have punished them.”

With Mali and Uganda settling for a 2-2 draw in the other group D match on Tuesday, the Warriors, emerged the beneficiaries of the stumble by the two sides.

The draw left Group D wide open. Zimbabwe will now need at least four points from their two remaining matches to secure a quarter final place provided Zambia beat Mali and Uganda in their next two matches.

That scenario will see the Warriors finishing second in their Group behind Zambia.

The match against Mali is a must-win tie for Pasuwa and his men.

Pasuwa said Mali play a highly physical and robust game and they would try to avoid contact and play the ball into space.

“Mali are quick and play a very physical game. We also need to be quick and try to close them down and congest the midfield. We don’t need to be in contact with them, but try to put the ball into space,” Pasuwa said.

Veteran Chansa, summoned his vast experience in international football to decide the contest early in the second half, profiting from a wonderful delivery from the left by fellow veteran, Chris Katongo (33), to beat the badly exposed Zimbabwean goalkeeper Bernard Donovan.

While the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations champions won the match, it was the Warriors who showed lots of verve and brio in the first half, carving out good chances, only to be let down by poor finishing.

Forwards Ronald Chitiyo, Knox Mutizwa and Edmore Chirambadare all came close, but it was the latter, who missed what probably was his team’s best opportunity, directing his effort wide, with the goalkeeper to beat.

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  1. No need for excuses coach, we lost period

  2. Mr Coach,we lost period.Dont blame anyone,it was not our day!Nothing is this country moves forward.stop this blame game.

    1. Pasuwa we dont have quality players you need time to build a good team,be clever and stop this madness of blame game.Please ,definitely do something good and finish well in the remaining games.

  3. Don’t be a sore loser, Mr Pasuwa! You lost, period. This blame game is stupid.

  4. Enough!! has been said Pasuwa stop looking for scapegoats, you are all to blame and in particular yourself.

  5. Ummmmmm, this is typical of my people. Pafa munhu hapashayi muroyi. Aiwa we lost fair ‘n square. let’s prepare for Saturday’s game against the Eagles of Mali.

  6. Pasuwa lost a first game. Its if he looses the next game he must be fired. How can he field blunt strikers? He should have thrown Mutuma at least to work with Mutizwa. All along in qualifiers Mutuma and Mutizwa were our main men, so why reshuffle now? Wake up Pasuwa, Zimbabwe is a big brand at CHAN. In the next game please do the nation proud by wining convincingly for our beloved nation to progress. No more excuses.

  7. alge wekwaChinyerere

    Bhiridha asingagone kuvaka anopa blame kuzvidhinha zvake, a good coach must have changed tactic to suit the injured player not kusiya paine gomba

  8. Tonderayi Chanakira

    We lost to Zambia and the man to blame is Kalisto Pasuwa Lets see what happens in our next game against Mali Its a MUST win game and Pasuwa should silence his critics

  9. He is right,thats the technical side of soccer.He is just stating facts.Thats why real coaches(white expatriates)come with all their backroom staff.

  10. I Read the story

    Its like those who commented before me didnt read the story or didnt watch the match. The medics kept an injured player out for 6minutes and the Zambians scored when we were only 10men and you say he is being a sore loser? Dont just blurt comments for the sake of being negative to a good coach show that you are considerate and you can think.

  11. I agree with you coach the medical team let him down.I watched the match on television and i remember mentioning this to my colleague while the match was in progress. When i saw Muroiwa lying on the ground, i could tell that he was not in a position to continue – he was motionless and confused and may have briefly passed out.

    Surely those from the medical field should have seen it too and quickly advised the coaches.We played a long 7/8 minutes without a key defender and Zambia took advantage of that and scored the winner.As it turned , Muroiwa’s injury and impromptu departure were the key moments in this game.

    Going forward , we need to regroup and ensure we win the next match.The same mistakes are not to be repeated again.

  12. FBC centre Harare, authorities, please investigate Langton Ndaona, arikuba mfana iyeye

    1. Warwadziwa nei ipapa? Iwe ibawo asi tikakubata ma1 ako

    2. Zvinei nebhora zva Langton Ndaona? Enda unovaudza ka ku FBC haukuzive?


    Our players are of inferior quality. The coach, though i respect him, is of inferior quality. I always watch the Zambian league and the players there play good soccer vis-a-vis our ‘WORRY-US’. The coach is not a national team material. There is a difference btwn coaching a club and a national team.

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  15. Pasuwa had no formula at all, we were outplayed in all the departments.

  16. Nhaiwe Pasuwa wakakoniwa chete kunongedza vamwe zvigumwe ndokunei . You said we played very well is this playing well. Nyangwe ukavhara kumeso nemaoko hatiregi kupotsera tsvimbo kwauri. Dyiwa uone ne Mali tokudzinga chete.
    Vanhu he Dynamos maka jaidzwa stereki.

  17. mr pasuwa just revirse your manners as a coach before complaining about the game

  18. hyaaaa you are right mr pasuwa you are a good coach I tell you if you go nobody will ever match your standard of coaching

  19. sanelisiwe ndlovu

    No coach You got your tactics wrong You were supposed to tell the boys to keep the ball more during that stage.Instead your players were pumping balls forward thereby inviting the opposition to come at you.Secondly who was to tell the boys to stop ball watching

  20. Pasuwa you lost period.

  21. pasuwa blaming 6min wat abt the 84min?

  22. The Worry Us have started. We always get worried instead of celebrating for once as a country!!! We put so much hope yet we know we get worried in the end. Ah save us the worry Worry-US!

  23. You are right you said the medics did this and that now Mali game is coming prove it and don’t wait for the medics you’re the head coach .

  24. Vanhu ve Dynamos vapinda papi ipapa? you are sick to the core, a pyschotic who need to be excorcised.

    1. You biyodho and yo Dynamos it seems you are supporting statement ya Sekuru Pasuwa as I musoro wako wakambo vhingwa be chamupupuri

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