Parking in Harare CBD a nightmare

The company that is managing parking lots in Harare’s Central Business District should start work before 8am as they are creating a lot of inconveniences for motorists.


Recently, a woman had her car clamped after she had parked it at the corner of Fourth Street (Simon Muzenda) and Kwame Nkrumah where the Civil Courts are located.

She arrived early in the morning as she was told to report at a certain office at exactly 8am sharp. She says there were no street marshals issuing tickets to parking motorists.

But alas when she left a few hours later, her vehicle had been clamped and an argument ensued. The Easi Park worker argued that she should have given the guard money for parking, but the woman argued that she was not aware that is what she was supposed to do.

The vehicle was towed away and that was the beginning of a long day to get her vehicle back from where they are towed to.

To make matters worse, she had a very sick patient with her who required medical attention. She eventually sought assistance from Trafalgar Court where the head office is located and had her vehicle released. But just how many people have experienced this shoddy treatment?

A Greystone Park resident also had an unpleasant encounter with these workers when she was told that she owed the company about $6 in parking fees.

The shocked woman asked where was she parked when they issued this ticket. The street marshal said somewhere along Mbuya Nehanda Street at a date given.

It, however, turned out that this woman had never been at that part of the city and she was in Zambia on that particular day, having left her car parked and locked up in the garage at her home in Harare.

“I have never been at that part of the city for ages and this shocked me and I told them I was not going to pay. I asked for the telephone number of their head office and spoke to some woman who is a supervisor. I told her in the strongest terms that I was not going to pay for parking fees that I had been ticketed and that I had my passport to prove that I was away in Zambia on that day.

I live alone and leave all my cars under lock and key when I am away so there is no way my car could have found its way to Mbuya Nehanda Street in CBD. The supervisor immediately reversed the invoice in the computer,” the irate resident said.

The woman said she only comes to the CBD when she visits a wholesale shop that is off Second Street and ensures that she pays cash upfront for parking and that this only happens once in six months when she does groceries for her workers and her aged mother.

“This is insane. What was I doing along Mbuya Nehanda Street? ” she asked in anger.

The question is how many motorists have been “swindled” in this manner?

I for one also had a similar encounter when I parked my car along Chinhoyi Street, when I flagged a rank marshal to give me a ticket. But before she issued me a ticket, she said I owed the company $3 which I had not paid when I had allegedly parked along Cameron Street.

I paid the money grudgingly, but with so many questions in my mind. When I got home to check the date on the calendar, the ticket was issued on a Saturday. I never come to the CBD on Saturdays because that is when my part-time domestic worker comes to do the chores which are done when I am present.

The worker leaves after 4pm and that is when I decide to drive around, but I do not remember parking along Cameron Street. What business do I have there and never have I shared my car with anyone.
This is insane.
There is no doubt that there could be a scandal that is ensuing between the authorities at Trafalgar Court and some street marshals because why would the invoice be destroyed if these cars had truly parked along these roads?
And why are these street marshals not present when cars come to park along these parking bays in the morning? This is a very bad business practice that has to stop forthwith.
I remember, recently, when I had to physically hunt for one street marshal along Nelson Mandela Avenue opposite FBC Bank in Harare because I needed to pay up as I would take long in the bank and did not want to risk having my car towed to a municipal yard which is way out of the CBD.
The other irritating experience is that a motorist has to pay $1 for each and every parking lot they leave a car even though an hour has not expired.
This has really made doing business in Harare’s CBD very difficult because one is always conducting transactions with fear of finding their car either clamped or towed away. An investigation has to be made as a matter of urgency because I strongly suspect that there could be an operation prejudicing council and its partners of lots of monies in parking fees.
Can you imagine how much a street marshal makes in a day if he or she does that to 10 motorists? There is definitely something going on and I am willing to bring the aforementioned people to testify if need be.
What these street marshals have to do is that they should issue tickets and leave them on vehicles, like some do, and then give time for the motorist to pay for the ticket. But, alas, you get into town early in the morning so as to go into a bank, one gets stuck in a long line and by the time they leave the bank, which could be an hour or so, the vehicle would have either been clamped or towed away.
This has instilled so much fear and uneasiness among the driving public who now try as much as possible to avoid the CBD.
I for one have avoided the CBD for nearly eight months and shop either in Avondale or at OK Marimba where there is ample free parking space.
Parking in Harare CBD is a nightmare.


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  1. point of correction “The other irritating experience is that a motorist has to pay $1 for each and every parking lot they leave a car even though an hour has not expired.” …You can actually use that dollar parking ticket within the hour at any parking lot within the cbd…..BUT i agree with you on everything else .It is a struggle to find some of the parking attendances ,it can even take 5 min just to locate them.

    1. The writer is correct on paying before expiration of ticket if one changes bays. Am told some bays have sensors which detect car number when you get into the bay. In such a case, the sensor will not “know” that there is an existing ticket which has not expired. Added to this, some of the boys and girls will just ignore a motorist as they seem to enjoy harassing people.

  2. Lucky for her, she had a stamped passport. I was also once told I owed easipark $6 for parking cnr 4th and Nelson Mandela on a working day. Apparently I work from Msasa and there is no way I cld be in town during those hours. After aproaching their head office, the guys demanded proof that I was somewhere else. I paid the fees gurdgingly too. Hanzi naye it happens that the marshal may forget to log you out of a bay. He suggested that you have to hunt for the marshal and demand that they log you out before leaving. This is just INSANE!!

  3. 5 min only!
    You are very lucky!
    Then there is the issue of change!

    1. My last ticket was put under the windshield wiper whilst I was inside a store on Mbuya Nehanda Street. I came out, the attendant wanted to clamp me because I had not gone to look for him when I parked. I paid without the ticket checking because I was running late, when I checked the ticket back at the office it was for $0.00 The attendant had clearly done this before.

      If there’s any vacancies at City Council or Easi Park please let me know, easy money awaits if you wear a uniform in Harare

    2. There is certainly a scheme to defraud motorists . A dreadlocked lady Parking marshal clamped my car along Innez terrace outside the post office despite me offering her a $20 note for parking to which she said she did not have change . I offered to look for change in a nearby shop & whilst I was gone for 5 minutes she clamped the car . Efforts to get assistance from Trafalgar court were fruitless & I had to fork out $57 . Please can the responsible authorities stop this daylight robbery ! I now never want to get into town .

  4. It’s really a nightmare for sure when it comes to parking. I also had the same experience, one day I was told by the city council marshals that I owed them $8.00 for unpaid parking fees, looking at the statement, $6.00 was billed for parking along mbuya nehanda street, and the other $2.00 for parking a car for a minute in the same street. This was a surprise to me, I work in Mt Pleasant and I rarely get into town between Monday and Saturday and also rarely visit mbuya nehanda street. The day that I go to town is on Sunday for a church service. Something must be done as a matter of urgency to this issue, I know they are so many motorists who had been disadvantaged by this corrupt system.

  5. Had a nasty early morning experience along Robson Manyika(between Orr street and second street). Got there early before the easy park employee. When I checked around 8.20 the easy park employee had not arrived. By 8.30 my car had been clamped by which time the easy park employee still had not arrived. I checked with the supervisor who said the employee was off sick and I was supposed to have given the money to “Dread”. – an illegal rank marshal with no receipt book. I reported this to Mr Mapfumo at the Parkade and Mr Moossa the easy park Manager who are aware that it is Dread who collects money on that stretch of the road and they cannot do nothing about it. Pass through Robson Manyika Dread is a permanent feature.

    Mr Moosa is aware of the rot and will not do anything about it. He is in the loop. Prepared to be witness anyday,

  6. I had a similar experience. The marshal told me i owed $3 but i work in chegutu and i am only home weekends so upon a lot of scrutiny, i realised that she had punched a wrong reg number. If i had snoozed, i could have lost money that day. Look at the reg number every time you are told you owe because i think they have their own reg numbers they know which owe so they can collect money and swindle customers.

  7. That company called Easy Park and City of Harare wreckers or hooligans are making a fortune in Harare. I had a serious problem with them I parked my car in the morning when they were not there but when they came they clamped my car threatening me that nothing will happen to them. I shall definitely visit their Offices and launch my grievances with them.
    They are stealing people money everyday. They noticed that most of the people do not want to spend their time in town trying to solve unnecessary problems so they take advantage of time factor.

  8. point is they charge you excess even if you park for 10mins and drive out of town you will find a ticket with an hour or 2 in excess so that the next time you park in town youll owe them a dollar or 2 for any compaints etc call this number they are the ones who recruited cattle herders 0739885896 for work that required 5 o levels to calculate the time differences Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs shuwa.
    Nyika yamaichemera zvinoyaita mamvemve

  9. Kanzuru be serous. Marshals disappear once you want to park. Why?

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  13. Even me I was told I owed $3 that I once parked on Cameron Street and I don’t remember parking in that Street and I paid grudgingly. Something fishy is going on.

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  15. As soon as you park your vehicle the marshalls disappear and you won’t find them. But they will be in the vicinity. The moment you go they pounce and clamp your vehicle. When you return you will find your vehicle clamped and they will ask you to pay $20 to have the car released instead of the $59.

  16. Bring back the parking meters where you just slot in a coin. Simple. After all parking in town means we want to do business there and augment the economy. When they tow cars away they are so rough that they end up damaging them.

  17. If you don’t pay the dollar they write a $57 ticket and whilst you are running around,the clamped vehicle will be towed to a place where the charges equate to buying a new vehicle.You can’t report anywhere don’t waste time,its tough and improper to be punished where sometimes there is noone to give you attention.l have been through it and vowed never to park in Harare CBD again.

  18. I was told i owed $7 but when i parked the previous day i did not have any outstanding balance

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