No repentance, no rains, Zanu PF told

OPPOSITION parties yesterday scoffed at Zanu PF-organised rain-making prayer sessions saying the ruling party’s top brass should repent from its “evil deeds” before seeking divine intervention on rains.


This came after Acting President Phelekezela Mphoko last week called on Zimbabweans to organise specific prayer meetings for the rains between Saturday and next Sunday as part of efforts to avert massive food shortages caused by erratic rains this year.

But, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said the same government should also pray for abducted activist Itai Dzamara’s safe return if they were sincere.


“Isn’t very ironic that the very same government that has, in the past, ruthlessly and savagely clamped down on Zimbabweans gathering to pray for Itai Dzamara’s safe return is now calling upon Zimbabweans to pray for rain as well as for the country’s various socio-economic challenges to be redeemed?” Gutu asked.

“As MDC-T, we have always been a God-fearing political party and this is the main reason why we actively participated in the Dzamara prayers. While the government’s call for prayer should be applauded, we should also condemn the same government for displaying double standards.

“God is a jealous God and He doesn’t allow his name to be taken in vain. The Zanu PF regime is essentially Satanic and thus, they should be the last people to masquerade as a God-fearing government.”

MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said: “These are wolves in sheep skin approaching God with dirty hands. The God of mercy does not need Zanu PF advice or command to give us the rains. “The people who presided over the 2008 political violence through the blessings of Lucifer are today pretending to be the honest and smart sons and daughters of God. Mphoko and Zanu PF should shut up instead of pretending to be ambassadors of God. Zanu PF is not qualified to call for such prayers because of their sinful ways,” Chihwayi said.

However, Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ), the apex representative body for the milling industry welcomed the prayer calls.

“Droughts, while they are not a new phenomenon, affect all Zimbabweans regardless of their race, political persuasion, gender or ethnicity. Therefore, we implore all Zimbabweans, in their diversity, to unite in prayer and plead with the heavens to endow our beloved nation with the rains we so desperately need,” GMAZ chairman Tafadzwa Musarara said.

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  1. So the MDC-T is trying to play an umpire role. They are between God and Zimbabwe and accusing ZANU-PF. If my current affairs saves me right, the drought is also affecting all other countries in Southern Africa and what does that mean to the MDC-T and MDC spokespersons?
    The Bible has it in black and white that in the last days there will be droughts and to some of us this is just the fulfilment of what Jesus Christ said. The oppositional forces in Zimbabwe must stop meddling with things to do with God because they must understand that world over there are NO theocratic governments as was the case with Israel in the ancient history.
    Anyway, the call for repentance is not and must not be for ZANU-PF only but for each and every individual in Zimbabwe. Remember the Nineveh story when Jonah was sent there. Remember what God said that THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME (2 Chronicles 7:14) this gives more responsibility on people who worship God, in this case people who profess to know God. People who call themselves Christians must be honest, true and holy before God. Remember that if only ten righteous people could have been found in Sodom and Gomorrah the Lord could have spared the cities.

    Please may the oppositional forces spare us the thought of the blame games. God is God and acts independently as God.

    1. He is not an umpire but we all know the blood that has been shed by these guys and I don’t think God is pleased with that, to us who fear God we think God is angry with this and the same people cannot approach God with their bloody hands. God has ears which hears us and eyes to see us and his hands are not short to reach us but our iniquity has separated us from God. Our God is a God of impossibilities but he wants people to confess and repent and he can hear. 2 Chronicles7:14.

    2. Mr.Sober kwanai mukoma. makuda mwari iye zvino vanhu vamakauraya makabvuma here pamberi pamwari zvitadzo zvenyu

  2. Mboko must stop this nonsense an just move out of the hotel NO.

  3. The problem is very few people analytically look at the stories written by these journalists. Maita and y2k did not even bother to read the heading of this story. Who has a right to say so or give such a word?

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