Mutsvangwa, Moyo fight over Grace


WAR Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has all but admitted his fight with Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo was over monopolising First Lady Grace Mugabe.


In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay in Kariba last week, Mutsvangwa launched an unrestrained attack on Moyo and Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing them of being funded by ex-Rhodesians now resident in Cape Town, South Africa, to destabilise Zanu PF.

He claimed Moyo was the leader of a Zanu PF faction called G40 that is tussling for power with another faction allegedly led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the party’s succession wars.

“They (G40) are now even trying to take away First Lady Grace Mugabe from us, but they will not succeed because she will come back to us, as we are committed to the struggle, Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe,” Mutsvangwa said.

“G40 is real and was formed by Moyo. And how can we deny something that has been penned by Moyo himself when he says he is referring to an age group. But why do they discriminate war veterans? He knows he can manipulate young people where he can be their patriarch, but he cannot do that to experienced war veterans because they are people who can question him.”

Moyo was not answering calls and did not respond to text messages and an email sent to him on Thursday.

Kasukuwere initially promised to call back and respond to Mutsvangwa’s allegations, but had not done so at the time of going to print last night.

Last year, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko admonished a party official, Espinah Nhari, at Grace’s campaign rally in Gutu, for alleging that the G40 faction existed and that it was led by the First Lady.

Grace Mugabe speaking during a rally in Mbare yesterday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

But Mutsvangwa maintained that G40 was real and accused the outfit of being contemptuous of the role played by war veterans in pre- and post-independence Zimbabwe.

“There is a group, which is beginning to see war veterans as if it is a tribe from exile, and they have created a barrier between ordinary people and President Robert Mugabe, and those people, the G40, now claim they are a majority against war veterans,” Mutsvangwa said.

He accused Moyo, whom he described as a “Johnnie come lately”, of deserting the liberation struggle to go and study in the United States, where he was sponsored by his uncle, the late Ndabaningi Sithole.

Moyo, a liberation war deserter, Mutsvangwa said, tried to arm-twist Mugabe into posthumously declaring the late Zanu Ndonga leader a national hero and have his remains exhumed and reburied at the National Heroes’ Acre.

“We now have a professor, who thinks of his glories and prestige accorded to him in the party with an overblown ego and he has mental amnesia about his truancy in the struggle and infirmity about his uncle Ndabaningi Sithole.

“Moyo is on record, during the time of Andy Mhlanga’s reign as national executive leader of war veterans, as having gone to President Mugabe to seek posthumous rehabilitation of Sithole, including conferment of Sithole’s hero status, when both of them deserted the struggle, and now he wants his uncle to rest at the same place with former VPs Joshua Nkomo and Simon Muzenda, and Josiah Tongogara. It will cause ructions at the heroes’ acre,” the war veterans leader said.

Mhlanga last week declined commenting on the issue.

Mutsvangwa also claimed that the MDCs and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People First were also sponsored from Cape Town.

Moyo, Mutsvangwa said, should form his own political party instead of trying to destroy Zanu PF from within.

“He should have courage about his political agenda and the litmus test is for him is to become Simba Makoni, Dumiso Dabengwa or Edgar Tekere. His natural home is Zanu Ndonga where he has genetic bones,” Mutsvangwa said.


  1. In as much as I dont like Moyo, this Mutsvangwa guy speaks lots of rubbish. Whats wrong with Ndabaningi Sithole being a national hero? is he not the founder of ZANU which Mugabe joined later? Who still cares about the war now, almost 40 years down the line? War vets have an overgrownn ego just like Moyo. Its a fight of egos. We are tired of war vets and their sick sense of country ownership. Not everyone should have gone to war. Plus hamuna kumanikidzwa. Taneta nazvo izvo. Ngachivharwe chiheroes eka chezanu pf icho. hatina basa nacho isu.

      • Ko waakurasika papi iwe? If the Rhodesians didn’t feel the heat from Zipra and Zanla, and were confident of winning the war, why would they agree to a political settlement to loose power. The PF, although confident they could win the war, only agreed to a political settlement because they were coerced by the Frontline States whose countries were being destabilised by the Rhodesian and SA forces for their support of the PF. That is factual history for you dear.

        • It was real sanctions that bought Rhodesia to a political settlement. NOT in any way the so called soldiers you talk of. Thats a fact dear.

      • If your enemy says you can’t come to power even in a thousand years, then three years later begs for talks, it means you have won the war. People misunderstand the difference between winning battles and winning the war. The Rhodesians won most battles and lost the war. In a guerilla war, it is possible to lose all battles and win the war. Ask the Rhodesians. Ask David Coltart.

    • While I agree with you that Mutsvanga spits out a lot of rubbish, let’s not distort history. It is not true that Mugabe joined a Zanu party that had been founded by Sithole. Both Sithole and Mugabe were in ZAPU before they decided to leave ZAPU and form ZANU in 1963, and that ZANU was formed in the late Enos Nkala’s house in Highfield.

      • eh arasika;hondo dzese dzinotopera nekutaurirana after one or both belligerents realise they are not getting anywhere.

        • Both saw that the war was not taking them anywhere and Frontline states knew their countries will be facing the wrath of RF and RF was capable. It stubborn truth.

  2. True, we are tired of useless silly & childish politics of hatred & intolerance. We are all Zimbaweans & no one is more Zimbabwean than the other. Mutsvangwa should wake up from his Chimurenga war dreams & focus energy on current affairs

    • Spot on Pemba. This Mutsvangwa surely behaves like someone who has title deeds to the whole liberation struggle history; a liberation war Rambo of sorts who insanely believes he won the war single handedly. I have nothing but total contempt for him especially the way he rubbishes Ndabaningi Sithole whom he drunkenly believes is far too inferior (despite being a liberation founding father) compared to Mai Grace Mugabe.His is a very strange narrative and I firmly believe Mutsvangwa suffers from schizophrenia like the literal Don Quixote.

  3. Sure we are are sick and tired of Mutsvangwa currently Zimbabwe is facing a lot of problems and he keeps on waffling about the greatness of War Vets. They (War Vet) did not fight the war in a vacuum and Mutsvangwa should focus his energy on his diminished relevance in ZANU PF and Zimbabwean politicts FULL STOP

    • Real warvets will rise n put our economy back on track n not be part n parcel of destroying what has remained of us!Matakadya kare haanyararidze mwamwana

  4. Nobody belittles the role played by the warvets in the liberation of our country, but thats no licence to keep fighting among ourselves nearly four decades on, to remind each other who did what and who was where, during that time. Lets face the myriad challenges facing our country as mature, sane, and progressive people. We won’t get anywhere anytime soon with the prevailing attitude.

  5. Mutsvangwa is delusional indeed……………….he will be forced to eat humble pie when the real truth about the liberation struggle comes out and he finds out that people like Ndabaningi Sithole indeed where the real people who waged the liberation struggle – if it was not for people like Reverend, Mutsvangwa would never be there………….loose cannon indeed Mutsvangwa is…………

    • While Rev Ndabaningi Sithole was indeed the founding leader of Zanu when they broke away from Zapu, he deserted the struggle and ended up supping with Ian Smith and Bishop Abel Muzorewa and they ended up selling us a dummy, in the form of Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Making Ndabaningi Sithole a hero is no different from giving the same honour to Nyathi who deserted and led the Rhodesian forces to massacre thousands of people in Mozambique. Let’s not try to distort history in our anger against Christ Mutsvangwa.

  6. Grace, saa catch this loose canon and show him the door. We are sick and tired of this Mutsvanga hypochondriac.

  7. Mutsvangwa is right to complain about people who look down upon war veterans. People like Jonathan Moyo are weevils and Grace is being used by this G40 because she wants power as well. My advise to her is that you are dealing with political crooks and thieves and your continued alignment to them will definitely make us believe they may be stealing the country’s resources and sharing with you. The president himself is not a war veteran but a nationalist as he did not fight any war. Maybe that explains why he sides with G40 or is it because he cannot go against his wife. If you dare fire Ngwena that will be that last nail in your coffin. Ngwena for good. Mutsvangwa ndizvo. In a democracy we need people who speak their minds. Pamberi neZANU(PF). Pasi ne G40 nembwa dzavo necup dzavano nwira tea. Ptu mhani.

    • Ngwena also is not a war vet. Mai mujuru is and what did Chris, Ngwena and company do to her. Chamakadya chamuka. Hamulume.

    • Are we being schooled to believe that leaders of the liberation war, such as Mugabe and Mnangagwa are not war vets because they were not in the front line?? What hogwash.

  8. Remember Jonathan is a Political scientist who has done a number of strategies for ZANU PF. We know he is a think-tank but also a weevil. That’s why at times we dump him because he thinks by crafting strategies, he is more important than others. Whenever he causes chaos, the aim will be to revenge for not being rewarded. My friend age is also important in politics. These 40-50 year olds will ruin the country nekuba like they have been doing. Whether munhu akafunda sei, there is need for mature leaders for our country, 55-70 years.

    • 2013 was not won by Moyo but by some guys in dark glasses, Moyo is just a mess wherever he goes. That is why I question the sanity of zanupf, if this party was sane it would not have such people like this political professor in their ranks. In Ndabaningi Sithole he abandoned boys ipting to attend his own business in America like someone we know who abandons his own country to holiday in the far east. These 2 are the same and Heroes Acre will be a ghost area if both are buried there.

  9. I know someone will talk of 40 yrs in the Constitution but these have no wisdom. Look at our political commissar who fights other members when he is supposed to be neutral. Look at the Bitis and Chamisas , are they fit to rule? Chii chingabuda ipapo. Tinoiswa pafiring squad vamwe varume vachibhinya because kaG40 kakawanda ngochani futi

  10. kkkkkkk Zimbos are indeed the funniest pple in the world. Sulely we spent time talking about the war which was fought some 40 donkey years ago. This did not do this this did this. For how long shall we continue to hallucinate about this great war. Are we the only country that liberated itself from colonialism iii plz give us a break. What about us and our children who were not yet born during this over played struggle pane cheduwo here munyika muno. Noone speak passonately about our economy which is inneed of revamp. basa nderekungoti hee takarwa hondo. Nezvipepa nhau zvachowo zvakadhakwa futi. Pliz dont publish this rubbish. Give acres of space to those Zimbos who can move this economy forward mahistorians avo ku dust bin

  11. I want to extent a challenge to all chrisitians in country to read this ebook called Zimbabwe Who Why and What Do You Worship. I am end time message believer myself. Since I read it I haven’t been same since. Hard truths were we going wrong in country as Christians are in book. Free download it on httpscolonforwardslashforwardslash(areobooksdotcom)forwardslash(books)forwardslash(181).

    • Ko Barnes Matanga washaya an appropriate forum here nhayi waakungotaura zvisineyi nenyaya iri mudariro. Apa kutaura kwacho haugoni futi. Contributions in the vernacular are not prohibited.

  12. The sooner people realise that Grace Mugabe’s ‘power’ is borrowed and dependent on Pres Mugabe’s continued occupancy of the presidency, the better for them! Why fight over a non-entity?

  13. We now have a professor, who thinks of his glories and prestige accorded to him in the party with an overblown ego and he has mental amnesia about his truancy in the struggle and infirmity about his uncle Ndabaningi Sithole

  14. veduwe hwiraivo vanhu vurombo…zvokwadi toitazve rimwe gore tichoingohwa nyaya dze gfoti nengwena..zvinodhliwa here izvozvo. Zvokwadi hamusvodi.

  15. Once you accomplish som ething, move on and improve on your feat. Any looking back should only be for purposes of improving the present. The past is only useful to guide the present. If you preoccupy yourself with guerilla war (hit and run) exploits on a daily basis, using this as the rationale behind siphoning the country’s resources, then your whole lot must be stopped. Thirty six years after battle, war drums are still on daily. Looks like apart from fraudulently allocating the country’s resources to themselves our “heroes” had no idea whatsoever, to do with the country. This child’s play must stop. Its time adult men and women behave accordingly.

    • Plebian – strategic management – organizations such as Zanu (PF) that are stuck in a liberation war mindset often behave like this : If they cannot transform to survive within an environment that is different from that in which they were conceived they often seek to modify that environment so it becomes familiar. Zanu (PF) was conceived of in a chaotic and hostile environment, it cannot survive in a peaceful and democratic environment – it must therefore create chaos and hostility as a survival strategy. That is a simple explanation for what we see happening around us, at a cost to us regrettably.

  16. this all is useless , people have to be looking at how to rebuild the country which is a laughing matter in the whole world and leave what happened to who when. it looks likes everyone is power hungry, but it must not come at the countrys cost. we need an economist to run the country

  17. I’ve said it many are times that Mutsvangwa has verbal diarrhea. He is too young to be able to know who Sithole was besides relying on Zanu PF indoctrination which on its own is total misinformation. Sithole is more of a hero than your Mugabe. Sithole did not deliberately murder people. He helped propel the struggle in Zapu and other political movements/parties before that and is the brains behind the formation of Zanu now the horrible Zanu PF. So hats Mr. You a war veteran of a war you never fought, so, a total mirepresentation of facts.

  18. one truth stated though, they are committed to the struggle, Zanu PF and Mugabe, the rest is not their business. the economy, jobs the country etc will sort itself.

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  20. you are spot on plebeian. even for tsvangirai and his MDC_T. their struggle is to simply remove mugabe from power and nothing else. something really is very wrong with the african mindset

  21. Not all those buried at heroes acre will see the kingdom of God. Ndezvepasi. Vanhu tsvakai heroes status yedenga than yepasi. Amagugu alumhlaba ayosala emathuneni. If Ndabaningi Sithole confessed and repented, he died a new creation. He will be the first to see Jesus coming.

  22. Mutsvangwa is right. He must dress down them, Moyo and SK must be exposed including their homosexual tendencies. Moyo is a liberation war deserter. It was an in thing to go join the war and fight. A typical measure of patriotism at the particular moment. I personally have little respect to those who had the age and opportunity to liberate Zimbabwe but for selfish reasons decided otherwise. These are the same people who are causing problems. The likes of Tsvangirai. Saviour is a little boy, an over ambitious politician who lacks political grounding yet driven by a confabulated ego. Why does he want to push Mnangagwa out, and for whose benefit? I hope the President is seeing these shenanigans. You can not attempt to relegate the role played by comrades in liberating this country and in the process rubbishing what they are doing in post independence Zimbabwe. Those that have done so in the past met their fate in the court of public opinion. They were rejected.

  23. when a revolution feeds on its children, it behaves like a proverbial hyena who after an unsuccessful hunt accused its offsrings of smelling like a kid-an excuse for devouring the whole litter of its puppies.

  24. we dont give a hoot about a war that finished almost 40 years ago. It wont create jobs, food, education for the people. Its something that will not come back. Its only purpose now is to feed egos of those who by luck wre included in the war, by hook, crook, and some by genuine disre to free the country. Vana mutsvangwa think its title deeds to the country, and we are all lodgers just because some were not yet born at that time, or could not join the war fr many reasons. In any case….kana tose tanga taenda kuhondo kwacho taita vana mukoma…vaidya chii iwo magandanga acho? vaibikirwa nani? musazvikudza pasina apa. We want to build the country which they destroyed neownership mentality yavo iyoyo.

  25. be ready there is an uprising before june,Mugabe and his zanu pf are going into dustbin of history.Kana ndotaura anenge manomano.

  26. sadza..mushumba…you are warped upstairs. mudhara..akura..siyayi..azorore. Ko T’svangirai..awuri..kuti..nanga.nanga..naye..apinda..papi..pahondo..dzenyu..dze..Zanu. Gadzirisai..nyika..yamawondonga. Chigadzirisa..ka..iwe..wakarwa..hondo. Svoda..mhani …36 years down the line still berating about the war. Look at countries like SA..Mozambique and Namibia. ..are busy creating employment for their people imi..muri..busy creating smoke screens to loot . yeZanu

  27. Let the truth be told,Sithole is a founding President of Zanu.The according of hero status is quite inconsistent,for example George Nyandoro was part of Muzorewa in the internal settlement which ushered in a Zimbabwe with a second name Rhodesia, but upon his death was accorded a hero status,so Edgar Tekere who was expelled from Zanu, formed his Zum and refused to rejoin Zanu but was also declared a hero upon his death.Thenjiwe Lesabe left Zanu and joined the revived Zapu was denied the hero status upon her death.To sum it up, Moyo wasn’t wrong in requesting the conferment of hero’s status to Sithole post posthumously.The precedent was established in the scenarios of Nyandoro and Tekere simply and straight forward.

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  29. the cancer is this division of zimbabweans into war veterans, povo etc and claim privileges on that basis. everyone has a role to play in this country. we cannot have this crap where there is a belief that a war veteran naturally makes a good leader. in any event the povo also bore the brunt of the war of liberation. simba rehove raive mumvura and still is mumvura

  30. This liberation mantra is becoming an earsore. Warvets were cowards who ran away from the home front to embark on guerilla warfare, a warfare of cowards. They were thieves and robbers running away from being prosecuted. The majority of them spent the whole phase without firing a shot. Grenades were planted by mujibhas. They impregnated the chimbwidos. They slaughtered our livestock and sang “gandanga haridye derere”. They were tsikamutandas who went about sniffing witches and killing them. The civilians deserve more thumbs up than these cruel cowards.

  31. Let roles play their part. A builder builds buildings, a mechanic fixes cars, a pilot flies aeroplanes, a doctor treats the sick, a pastor performs miracles (kkk) and a war veteran is a retired former fighter. The catch word here is retired. Look it up in any dictionary. If they take up any other carrier it will have no reference whatsoever to their credentials as a former fighter unless that war experience is a prerequisite to the carrier. Therefore a war veteran by virtue of that phrase is a retired soldier. Simply put, being a war vet is not a carrier anywhere in the world. Let those whose training has given them carriers to run the country do so without giving us lectures on how the country was won, as if that will create and run an economy vibrantly…

  32. Chikanda whatever your name, lets learn to dissect issues. The liberation war discourse is here to stay whether someone likes it or not. We shall speak about it without fear or favor. Americans are proud of their 17th century revolution, so are the French, Russians and Chinese. It takes myopic cerebrals to shy away from their history. That we have no jobs and we are not in the best conditions economically should never be used to belittle and insubordinate those who sacrifice life and limp for triumvirates such as Chikanda. Lets mount spirited demands for the country’s leadership to improve our general welfare but of course mindful of broaching reckless and provocative statements against those that sacrificed and lost an entire decade of personal advancement. We mention non suchs like Tsvangirai because he had the age to join others but just as a coward he is up to today he played truant. He is a war deserter just like musoro damba Jonathan.

  33. Zvamunotaura zvose hazvina basa munoswerovhiyiswa nyama yemusoro nemedia tine maCapital issues which needs to be acted upon. Ikozvino mateacher akadzoswa kuLeave ndiani anodzidzisa nesimba mushure mokunyimwa bonus neleave? kuitwa donkey chairo. Ivo vanga vari kufar east kuleave wani sevanoshanda iyo nyika iri paauto pilot. Munondishamisa grace grace everyday adii honzeri hamuuizivi osiya huyo okuya neyi? Regai Mugabe akati dai tisina kusungura nyika neugwara hwegeneration ino varungu vaingotonga kusvika amera nyanga madhongi.

  34. Pembe I like your analysis, very correct, Mutsvangwa uyo ane verbal diarrhea, infact we respect what the war veterans did during the liberation struggle, and let me remind Mutsvangwa something, kuna vanhu vakafira nyika ino ivavo I declare them the ‘real war vets’. Ava vakasara ndevaya vaitaurisa vakahwanda kuexile, AND with the current situation hapatombodikanwi kuti tirangaridzwe nezvehondo we need solutions. rambei torangaridzwa zvehondo zvinotisvitsa kupi, we need new ideas, vakafira vakairwira please makagona nenguva yacho asi parizvino makuuraya nyika.

  35. Lets use all our energies to ameliorate the collapsed economy, and leave out theses politicians who continuously ruin the once powerful nation of Southern Africa. We are tired of this liberation mentality, that has destroyed the once colossal state, through corruption, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, and breeding perpetual poverty, hatred, discrimination, selfishness. We are extremely tired of liberation propaganda, and its uncompromising manifestos, which have never been fulfilled.

  36. i think this is high time our war vets must leave the politics, tozovadana kana kwava nehondo as advisers coz kutonga nyika nekurwa hondo are two different things with different demands. awa magamba zvekutonga nyika vakatoratidza kuti zvinovaremera

  37. This Chris Mutsvangwa is a loud mouthed moron who is derided,demented & delusional.Ngaadzokere Putukezi anotsvanga mwana vakae vemusango vaakaita nemukadzi vePutukezi kuBeira.The heroic people of Zim know that Ndabaningi Sithole is a hero of the liberation struggle who became the 1st trained Commando to spearhead the War of Liberation.Musharuka Ndabaningi should have been conferred with the National Hero status .Garfield Todd& Jairos Jiri should also have been conferred with the National Hero status.There is no way Sabina Mugabe is a National Heroine,it is a travesty,mockery,purely dubious& fraudulent to have buried Sabina @ National Heroes Acre ,for what really honestly???????.Conferring a PhD on Grace Mugabe was equally criminal,bogus& fraudulent too by the UZ.

  38. This Mutsvangwa guy is so irritating. He speaks a lot. He thinks Zimbabwean people love him. Damn. Zimbabweans are peaceful they want development instead of always bragging about being a war vet. One thing this madhala shoul know is they are now a lot of people ,younger ones being born who didnt paricipate in the war but are zimbabweans with same right as you. You are so boring and pathetic. Tokunanzvai here nekuti makaenda kuhonda nxaaaaaa. Every Zimbabwean,whether a war vetaran or G40 has a right to be a president. You are boring us . Nxaaaa

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