Mupfumi calls for axing of Mutare council executives

DANGAMVURA/CHikanga MP, Esau Mupfumi has joined a chorus of people calling for new management at Mutare City Council after government last week released a damning report implicating top council executives.


Addressing more than 1 000 residents who had gathered at the Civic Centre yesterday to demonstrate against the rot at Mutare City Council, Mupfumi said ratepayers had the right to express themselves.

“The Local Government minister (Saviour Kasukuwere) was here recently and we had this audit report. In the report, it was said council workers have not been paid for 18 months, there are also issues of management paying each other mega salaries and allowances,’’ he said.

“President Robert Mugabe is returning on Saturday and I will give you two buses. We are going to meet the President and hopefully we are going to have time to speak about your grievances.’’

The demonstrating residents pleaded with Mupfumi to lodge a formal complaint with the police on their behalf to ensure that all officials implicated in the report are arrested.


“It is our money which these officials are abusing. Please use the report to get them arrested,” said one of the residents.

Mupfumi later formally lodged a complaint at Mutare Central Police Station under case RB 2672734.

Touts, who were allegedly hired by some council executives, attempted to disrupt the presentation of the report to residents, but they were overwhelmed by the huge crowd.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene has recommended the entire top management should be forced out.

But Mutare mayor, Tatenda Nhamarare said city fathers needed more time to scrutinise the audit report.

“We are putting issues of the residents first, as we want to improve service delivery in the city,” he said. “I am not going to favour anyone, but we are still going through the report. The councillors are not aware of its contents. They will get their copies this week, so they will go back to their committees. This report was mainly on salaries and I am still going through it.’’

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  1. Iwe Mupfumi,just shut up!You are not paying your workers yourself! A pot calling a kettle black!kkkkkk.Anyway nyaya yako yediesel iya wakazodii!

  2. He is not only arrogantly not paying his own workers but also his Council bills.He owes Council a huge amount in unpaid bills.

  3. vivian v siziba

    This rot is not only peculiar to the City Council of Mutare only, but to all public entities.Look at the railways, the GMB or good heavens the list is endless. Mupfumi wants to gain cheap political capital out of this,if he is real concerned with service delivery,he should in equal measure make noise in parliamentary chambers and make sure that government departments fulfil their obligations and settle debts with local authorities, they are partly to blame for poor service delivery,

  4. Lets nt rush t blame Mupfumi only, wat abt the stated managers. hw cn u sae one manager sends his child to study tourism and hospitality in Cyprus , some to SA without even giving a damn abt those empoyees whu hev gone mo than 18 months without a salary.

  5. Let us not blame wholly the local authorities’ managers for this rot. History has it that they once enjoyed unbridled immunity courtesy of the one-time Godfather of all local governments Ignacious Richard Chiminya Chombo.

  6. Mupfumi is dirty. Mupfumi is not qualified to criticise anything evil because he is corrupt himself. Can he give back Meikles Park to Mutare residents before he says anything about the salaries and benefits of Chombo’s guys spread across all Zimbabwe’s local authorities?The only solution to the rot across Zimbabwe’s public entities is for Zanu PF to be booted out of office before Zimbabwe can open a new page.

  7. Mutare mayor, Tatenda Nhamarare, you say city fathers need more time to scrutinise the audit report. I understand your difficulty.

    However, please post it here and I will scrutinize it for you in an hour. It is very easy. Also, if you cant find time (in years) to solve council problems, just publish them and the public will scrutinize and solve them for you in days.

    We, in Destiny, had water turned off for two years and made endless complains. We used the SMS service, phone calls and visits recorded in the books. Offices upon offices were consulted and nothing was done. City authorities at meetings said Destiny does not exist in council records.

    Names of the Hobhouse 3 dwelling city plumbers culprits were given but nothing was done. The plumbers even went on bullying residents, connecting water a few hours in months in exchange for R5 which they recorded in their books to pass on thee water chefs.

    Mufumi got elected and he gave a single order, turn the water on. If you can not, we fire you and employ people who can turn water on.

    Immediately, water was turned on and we have an uninterrupted water supply to date.

  8. Chiremba Honestly

    I ts not a crime to send your children to foreign universties in Zimbabwe.majority of ministers children are studying abroad.ava vana venanagement yeCouncil nmdivo vadii.lts cheap politics.the so called 10000 demostrators are just paid people to tarnish the image of the council managemnt.theperson who is opting to ferry them to Harare is trying to built his political empire.there is nothing to fear the top magementwhere do they want them to get money for industries operating in mutare above 40% production.
    Politicians must stop inciting people to demonstrate for allegations that can easily be challenged in courts.ingawani kumabus kwake haabbhare vashandi vake zvinofadza.we will see who is who come 2018.

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