Mujuru rips into Mugabe stronghold

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People First (PF) project has reportedly made significant inroads in President Robert Mugabe’s home in Mashonaland West Province where it has roped in several disgruntled top Zanu PF and opposition MDC-T officials into its ranks.


Top Zanu PF officials in the province said the PF’s membership recruitment drive and campaigns were being coordinated by former MPs and provincial officials who were expelled from the ruling party after they were linked to the project.


These included recently fired former Mhondoro-Mubayira MP and ex-Minister in Mujuru’s office Sylvester Nguni and Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo’s estranged wife, Marian.

Yesterday, Marian said: “No comment because nothing concrete yet at the moment mwanangu (my son) in case some people might read wrongly between the lines…Why not ask the People First leadership.”

Nguni could not be reached for comment yesterday.

This came as Mujuru and her party’s top brass last Wednesday, reportedly set up an interim executive in the Midlands Province comprising of former Zanu PF central committee member Wilson Svova (chairman), while one Marongwe based in Gokwe will lead the women’s league and Gweru-based Tanaka Manyadza will lead the youth league.

Other top party officials at the meeting which was held at a secret venue in Gweru included PF interim spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, former Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and former Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti.

Mujuru reportedly told the meeting that People First was a God-fearing party and would not be involved in hate speech, intimidation or violence.

“We need to build a party that involves all the people and no one will be allowed to come wearing a bigger jacket than the other saying I was in the politburo or was an MDC-T official, but as ordinary card-carrying members. We are not going back to Zanu PF as it is a done deal,” Mujuru was quoted as saying.

Zanu PF acting Midlands provincial chairman Kizito Chivamba was unreachable for comment.

The ruling party’s acting Mashonaland West Chengeta however, said: “I have not received such reports, call me tomorrow (today) at 12 noon that’s when I will have checked with other provincial executive members.”

Contacted for comment over the alleged defections, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said: “We don’t feel threatened. Mujuru is actually a threat to Zanu PF because she will split it into halves. Kasukuwere (Saviour, Zanu PF political commissar) should actually be the one to panic not us. How can she be our enemy, in fact we welcome her. How can we be threatened by a party yet to be launched?”

But Gumbo said his party had permeated most parts of the country. He however declined to disclose the party’s launch and congress dates insisting that the dates would be announced “anytime soon” although other party members said the launch was likely to be held next month.

“There will definitely be a congress this year so that people are elected to positions and are not imposed. I can’t say when but it has to be this year. That’s all I can say for the time being,” Gumbo said.

However, it is reported that the PF elective congress could be held next month.

Recently, First Lady Grace Mugabe and Zanu PF Manicaland acting provincial youth chairman Mubuso Chinguno admitted that Mujuru had made inroads in several provinces although President Mugabe has brushed aside threats caused by his former lieutenant.

Former MDC-T national council member Abigail Sauti who lost to Chombo in the Zvimba North parliamentary elections in 2013 also confirmed that she had joined PF.

Sauti, however, declined to give reasons for her defection.

Former MDC-T Chinhoyi councillor Tendai Musonza confirmed that he and other MDC-T cadres had defected to PF accusing former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of failing to dislodge Zanu PF from power.

“We can’t remain in the wilderness forever. Mujuru’s project is the only working currency at the moment. Tsvangirai’s time is over,” Musonza said.

A provincial war veteran’s leader from Mashonaland West who refused to be identified said several freedom fighters had defected from Zanu PF to PF although they were yet to officially cross the floor.

“Zanu PF deviated from the reasons why we went to war and PF under the leadership of one of us (Mujuru) can bring back the train on the rail, not what we are witnessing now where political decisions are made in the bedroom (and) not at meetings,” the ex-combatant said.

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  1. This is old wine in a new bottle. This political outfit will not produce results that are desired by ordinary Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans should not be fooled by this PF. If these people were not expelled from ZANU-PF vangave vechingoita zvinhu zvisina maturo. Because they were expelled they want to be seen as having people at heart. Bengabodlala ngabantu.

    1. They tried to bring the change from within by trying to remove Mugabe at the congress prior to their booting out which they failed and are now doing from outside. Of cause they would be openly against Mugabe in Public as they were bond by policy that why they worked on an undercover plan that failed. Now they are working from outside Zanu Pf. Even those remaining in Zanu Pf, not everyone supports what is happening there, differing with the main voice come at a cost. Please do not analyse national issues at a shallow level, dig deeper.

    2. Comonsense not comon

      it depends on which has more value than the other in this case the bottle is more valuable than the wine.
      what we want is change whether from within or from out side. the best way of changing or breaking a solid system is by involving the proponents of the same system.let them break their own lock

    3. How can you say that my friend since you have not even read their Manifesto or tried them. It’s a sign that you are a ZANU or Ncube supporter and you don’t want to try new things. Surely you can’t expect people to sit down and wait until… when? But die trying than just waiting numb like zombies.

    4. It all comes to what interests they had in the later stages that got them expelled.


    Chitima chechindunduma Ropa chinosimuka zvinyoronyoro sekutamba sekuseka chiutsiutsi hutsi

  3. Chief Dotito (Samanyanga)

    Why hold secret meetings in a free country? Gamatox political approach . Hapana kwazvinosvika.

    1. Comonsense not comon

      zvinorambwa zvisati zvatanga ndozvinosvika kure.Secret meeting has not started now it has been a norm in Zim politicts Zanu PF which has gone for three decades started secretly,MDC which nearly took over Did the same , that the secret for political success .Gamatox ndizvo zvipfukuto zvanga zvanyanya .ukaona zvipfukuto zvochemebrera mudura zvinoreva kushaikwa kwe Gamatox pamba

    2. Wait and see. Some people are slow, like you, while others are alert and can see change. They are seeing the ndabaningi sithole senerio, unfolding by the time you wake up the old man and his wife will be alone. Why waste time we are only waiting for the for the draught relief programme then you will witnesses a tsunami.

      Without a doubt, so I would ask the people who are fond of criticism to help change then change again if it doesn’t work.
      This is the start of the proper democratic process. Lets see how it goes before destroying the purpose. JOICE IS THE ONLY ‘CHOICE ‘

  4. Muitiro uyu, mmmm unenge silent killer. Silently working and taking over whilst others are sleeping. Yah muitiro uyu ka.

  5. Those leaving MDC-T must nit criticise it because they were part to failing to dioslodge zanupf and they are taking their failure to PF, what if Mai Mujuru and MT join hands what will they do, put spanners in the works?

  6. Better try Mai Mujuru this time guys. You tried Lobengula but the sweet taste of sugar was irresistible and he said “Heino tora hako Rhodes”. “Itshokela iyazipa”. You tried Chaminuka but the man only new how to drill holes on the rock surfaces using sharpened wood and nothing else. You tried Mugabe and he chose to put the country into his pocket and ran away, thus making Zim his personal estate. You tried Tsvangirai, he caught the bird but the man slept too deep, ngonono iri ti-i, and the bird he had caught softly untied the string and flew away to a far distant territory beyond his reach. Hameno if you choose Mai Mujuru, probably she would better sell the country to Britain or a better STEWARD who would rather redeem us from this economic mess. How much wrong would you label her if she does it like this. At least it’s better than “Keep your Britain and l will keep my Zimbabwe” statements. Kkkkkkk!!! Wezhira.

  7. it Seems like Joyce is slowly rising to occupy the vacancy that sat at state house,,,,,,, Simuka Zimbabwe

  8. there is only person to try in zimbabwe , i.e. Ntobizodwa Grace.

    1. Comonsense not comon

      she is a big DISGRACE

    2. Comonsense not comon

      She is a DISGRACE

  9. there is only one person to try in Zimbabwe at the moment ma Zimbabwe. ngu N tombizodwa Grace.

  10. Apa pakaipa guys, gore rino…….

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  12. “Mujuru reportedly told the meeting that People First was a God-fearing party and would not be involved in hate speech, intimidation or violence” – “God-fearing”!!! I fell off my chair with laughter. Con artists.

  13. How can they say they are God-fearing when they misled the world for 36 years that Joice Mujuru downed a Rhodesian helicopter when nothing of the sort happened? God-fearing people do not tell lies.

    1. Comonsense not comon

      downing of a helicopter is a political gimmick even the Ruling party scored through It .they had been in support of it all along before the tables were turned and we leaved for 36 years under It.and are now just a year under what is now forced to people to be true. who is the biggest liar here .one who has kept the lie for 36 years or one victimized of lying? Povo we are just been kicked everywhere like a ball . above all Her chances of downing a plane were higher than Kasukuwere.coz she went to war and others who only sow War on tv( tour of Duty) Grace who won a bedroom war for the second time .First was taking over another woman’s husband, and now taking over reigns through a bedroom approach.Even the President himself never shot a gun,The pirates have taken over the party,the war veterans have been sidelined,

    2. Comonsense not comon

      Downing a helicopter has been a political gimmick, even the ruling party has scored through it .For 36 years we have been subjected to this believe, and only yesterday somebody decides to say otherwise and everybody believes it to be true.who is the greatest liar here, the one who has kept the lie for 36 years or the one victimized for lying? why do we still allow our minds to be kicked everywhere anyhow like a soccer ball.above all Her chances of downing a helicopter were higher coz she went to war than Kasukuwere whose first encounter with gunshots was it TV (tour of Duty) I doubt whether the president ever shot a gun during that time.The party has been taken over by hijackers while the real fighters are sidelined

  14. Which God do they fear when PF is a party of REBELS .

    1. Rebels will remain rebels, there is going to be PF splits again come 2017.

    2. Comonsense not comon

      The term Rebel has not been used with due care. Everyone is a rebel somewhere somehow it depends on which side you support, but as long as we share different ideology we become all rebels. these guys did not rebel but were expelled from the party for trying to correct an infringed party policy, Rebellion could fit Tsvangirai who moved out against the party to purse his own ideology.

  15. Remember this People First thing is a zanu (patriotic front) faction. It is actually called zanu (people first). They are both zanu (pf). So what is the difference between zanu (pf) and zanu (pf)????

    1. Comonsense not comon

      the first difference is the people running the two,
      second is expansion of the two names (what they stand for)
      third one is you who is failing to differentiate the two

  16. Iri igore remuvhunzo.paipondwa vanhu in 2008 ana Joyce vaisazviona here nanaMutasa

  17. Ex-Minister for the feared Security services Didymus Noel Mutasa, forme Speaker of the deaf and dumb parliament, ex-Mugabe’s right hand man – God-fearing? Utter garbage..

  18. May God save our beloved Zimbabwe!

  19. My last post should read, “Ex-Minister for the feared Security services, Didymus Noel Mutasa, former Speaker of the deaf and dumb parliament, ex-Mugabe right hand man – God-fearing?” “Utter garbage”..

    1. Comonsense not comon

      Why not when one of the two robbers repented on the cross on his last day on eath and it earned him access to paradise

      1. as Phyllis replied I am in shock that any body able to make $4140 in a few weeks on the internet . try this website..

  20. All those who think Mother Mujuru and People First are are joke are infact the joke themselves. If Zimbabwe will never be a colony again then People First will never be Zanu pf again. Mark my words

    1. Patrick Guramatunhu

      I thought Zimbabweans are concerned about freedom, liberty, their basic human rights including the right to a free vote and the right to life! If PF think they can continue to deny the people’s freedoms and rights under the pretext of stopping some imaginary nation colonizing the country then PF is nothing but Zanu PF by another name!

  21. its time Zimbabweans must wakeup and try that women because MDC failed .mujuru is bit experienced in politic try her she learned alot wen she was in ZANU pf .

  22. Patrick Guramatunhu

    Mujuru reportedly told the meeting that People First was a God-fearing party and would not be involved in hate speech, intimidation or violence.

    That is rich coming from someone who has always punctuated her speeches with “Pasi neMDC!” or whichever party happened to be considered the threat to Zanu PF hegemony. She not only said it but meant it too as Zanu PF murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabwe-ans in the 34 years she was at the heart of that heart.

    Some of Mujuru’s most senior adviser in PF, people like Didymus Mutasa and Kundakwashe Bhasikiti has shed innocent blood during the Zanu PF days.

    There is one simple reason why Mujuru and others are condemning violence now – they know that after they purge from Zanu PF in December 2014 they are now fair game as far as Zanu PF is concerned. As Zanu PF members they above the law, free to use hate speech, in-timidate, beat and even kill; they had the whole state machinery behind them cover up for their lawlessness. Now that they have been stripped of the Zanu PF members they are now at the business end of the whip.

    Didymus Mutasa complained of Zanu PF intimidation when he tried to win back his parlia-mentary after he sacked. There is no doubt Zanu PF will be after PF supporters if they threat-en Mugabe’s hold on power.

    “Zanu-PF deviated from the reasons why we went to war and-PF under the leadership of one of us (Mujuru) can bring back the train on the rail, not what we are witnessing now where political decisions are made in the bedroom (and) not at meetings,” the ex-combatant said.

    Since when has Zanu PF congress made any key decisions, not even parliament and cabinet has had any such power. They have all rubber stamped whatever Mugabe has put before them. The ex-combatant must have been fast asleep these last 34 years to have failed to notice that Mugabe was an autocratic tyrant until now!

  23. Chenjerai Gweja

    So while she was one of thier own they said she shot down a chopper and the moment she left they turned and said these were lies…Mutsvangwa was a real war veteran when he was still on thier side, he made one stupid comment…and all of a sudden they are now saying he did not fight in the war. Do we have true heroes at all????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  24. Guys whatever political party that is formed in Zim is bound to fail to deliver people from the present situation as long we habour a belief that leadership must come from a certain tribe/ethic group. No matter how hard you try to bring normalcy in the Zim situation.

    One know fact like it or not there is certain group of people when they are involved in a process or situation, that process is bound to fail. When this group start to embrace others and treat them as equals then our country will move forward.

    We need a visionary leaders who embrace all people irregardless of tribe

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