Mugabe’s work cut out for him


President Robert Mugabe was yesterday expected back in Zimbabwe from his month-long sojourn and we hope he is a refreshed man, as he returns to a country whose problems have somewhat multiplied in his absence.


While his supporters and the ever effervescent State media would like to believe that nothing has changed since 2015 or better still the country’s fortunes are on the up, Mugabe will be confronted with the opposite.

For starters, Mugabe’s return comes at the height of uncertainty over civil servants’ bonuses.

While he directed that public workers get their 13th cheques, the reality on the ground is quite different and as captain of the ship, it is high time he put finality on the matter.

The only problem is Mugabe is wont to rhetoric and populism and we are not holding our breaths that there will be movement in that regard.

Mugabe also returns as a sure drought is beginning to intensify and we hope he hits the ground running in trying to mitigate its effects.

Scientists had long projected that Southern Africa would be in the throes of an El Niño-induced drought, but not surprisingly Zimbabwe was caught on its heels, as there seems to be a dearth in visionary leadership in this country.

When Zimbabwe last had a drought of this magnitude, in 1992, the country was able to call on donors from across the world, but as we know with Mugabe at the helm, we have managed to exhaust all manner of goodwill from most of the world.

The country’s balance sheet was much better 24 years ago than it is now and the drought effort and response seemed to work, and Mugabe would be hard-pressed to ensure that his government is not caught flatfooted this time.

Another pressing issue is the electricity shortages that are set to worsen, with the situation getting bleaker with each passing week.

In 1996, Zimbabwe hosted a world summit on solar energy, yet 20 years down the line our use of solar is almost non-existent.

Bureaucrats are now scrambling to start solar power generation, as if they only discovered it yesterday.

It beggars belief why since 1980 the government has not invested significantly in the generation of electricity and now that the situation is worsening, we wonder what Mugabe’s plan would be. Not increasing tariffs, surely.

Then there’s the general joblessness. It would be expecting too much of Mugabe to solve it in one go, but the least he can is to be seen doing something.

Mugabe and his party, through their fantastical and jingoistic ZimAsset, promised two million jobs, but instead more people are out of employment now than when that policy document was first drawn up.

We could go on and on, but in a nutshell, what we would like to tell the President is that he has his work cut out for him.


  1. Unfortunately mr 92 does not care about all that, maybe the situation in his zanu pf only is what he is worried about

  2. After one month vacation the man comes back and the first thing he does is to host his friend President Nguema. He has not even taken stock of what is happening in his country. U have drought, power cuts, civil service wages and bonuses not paid, intnense factional fights etc to deal with but u start by hosting a foreign head of state. Very strange indeed! Maybe Nguema brought a load of money to pay civil servants their bonuses. Well done Nguema!

  3. Zuma and group are in Davos looking for investment. The leader of one of the poorest countries in Africa is on holiday. Next month another birthday celebration. Meanwhile Zim is on its knees. Poverty everywhere, millions running away from the independent country. To add to the Zanu curse, Kariba dam is almost empty.

  4. Kachembere kekwazvimba aka hakasisina basa nezvakawanda aka. Kungokanetsa kwamavakuita uku. Chiwenga, Chihuri naZimondi varume ava vanehutsinye.

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  6. There is no work cut out for Bob. He marks his return from from vacation by hosting his friend Mbasogo for 3 days. On Tuesday he is off to Addis for the AU Summit and in February he has his birthday. No solutiion to Zimbabwe socio-political-economic problems. So the economic free fall continues. Zim is doomed for sure!

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  8. “Vanotamba nayo nyika!”,”Zvamaibva kuhondo ingavani maiti mairwira vanhu?”.MaZimba muchinyanya hehe akadzidza ane7 Varsity degrees!.Tarisai muone zvaaita nyika manje?.Tine urombo ukuru maningi.1980 kuZimbabwe Grounds maimba kuti,’Zvamauya,mauya Comrade,zvamauya tongai Zimbabwe!”..As a nation we get the kind of leadership we deserve.After all Matibili has been violently& fraudulently clinging to the vestiges of power since the 1990 polls.Mugabe continues to treat Zim like his fiefdom operating like a Constitutional monarchy.

  9. The ides of March.You become angry on behalf of the 92year old man. Remember Hitler.Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi, Mussolini, Idi Amin and Kamuzu Banda during their time people used to die simply because they criticized their style of leadership and ideology. For the past 36years Zimbabweans suffered and abused by the zanu pf sinking ship. Mugabe will definately be remembered not as a icon of Africa but as one of the worst Southern Africa dictators. Securocrats in Zimbabwe are known blood mongers. They kill to please the dictator.

  10. mr 92 is now merely a puppet as he has always been dancing to the tune Securocrats … has always bn inept and never in control … chronic masterbater who cannot do anything

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