Mugabe seeks help to stop youth migrations


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has requested the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency’s help to stop the migration of African youths to overseas countries’ for greener pastures.


Many youths are leaving due to the high unemployment rate, with Zimbabwe reaching over 80%, and end up doing menial jobs in other countries such as Britain.

NEPAD is an initiative of the African Union (AU) and was adopted in 2001 by African leaders, with the primary objectives of poverty eradication, promotion of sustainable growth and development, and the empowerment of women through building genuine partnerships at country, regional and global levels.

Mugabe raised the issue yesterday at the the official opening of the 34th NEPAD Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee (HSGOC) meeting at the 26th AU Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He said the migration of youths was a worrying matter and must be addressed urgently.


“The migration of African youths is an issue of serious concern that has to be addressed urgently. Not only does it dent our image as Africa, but slows our economic development endeavours. We cannot continue to allow a situation where our able-bodied men and women embark on a risky and perilous journey across the oceans in search of a supposedly better world,” Mugabe said.

“In this context, I wish to call on the NEPAD Agency in creating facilities to equip our youths with the necessary skills that guarantee them employment opportunities. In addition, the agency is called upon to assist in the creation of small businesses and industries, targeting women and youths so that the need to migrate is minimised.”

He said Africa needed to benefit from its critical human resource, the young people, whose respective governments must nurture them to enable their meaningful participation in national development efforts.

A new report by the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC) said the major Diaspora destinations for Zimbabweans are the United Kingdom, Botswana and South Africa.

Of the respondents that took part, 29% said they left the country for better career opportunities that mainly consists of youths aged between 20 and 29 years of age.

In a further breakdown of the demographics of those who leave the country, youths make up the majority with 40%, while those aged 50 and over are 33%.

Interestingly enough, when those living abroad were interviewed over whether they desired to come back to the country, less than a third of the respondents in all age groups indicated a desire to return to Zimbabwe within three to five years.


  1. This man is a joke….youths leave because of him. Surely he is taking the piss by even suggesting this? Step down old man, the youths don’t want you and your ruinous party.

    • You hit the nail on the head he is just covering up his tracks he is a sic chair of AU people like him should never have been apointed to lead these organisations

  2. Mugabe and his ruinous policies are the real problem…he thinks it was easy for us to leave…wish he was here to say that i would punch straight on his Hitler mouatache …iko kusanyara…..the unfortunate part is that even with his ruinous rule…most African countries are worse off than African leaders just cheer the fool on…..

  3. hooo ,it’s can be seen as a perilous journey when it is a youth traveling, and very safe when it is him flying hahaha

  4. The despot is so stupid that he does not realize that idiots like himself drive people out of the continent.
    Actually he is scared of brave and intelligent people,
    NEPAD is actually a Thabo Mbeki sick joke. . . .

    • what Troy replied I’m blown away that a person able to earn $6908 in 4 weeks on the internet .

  5. Its known that most Zimboz went overseas to further their education and had no intentions to stay put far away from their priceless extended family comforts. Today Zim universities have chuned out thousands of graduates..but they cant be absorbed into the industry.. Vomirira kusvika rinhi ko iwo makore achifamba.. Pasichigare chaipo vanhu vaitama misha wani kana mumunda musisina chimuko.

  6. When animals are guided merely by instinct to migrate to green pastures.. what else do you expect the most intelligent primate on earth to do in a similar sceenerio.
    Sekuru Mugabe gadzirisai zvinhu munyika menyu zvinake sepaye paye pamakatorera nyika iri…vanhu tinouya tega musina kana kumbokwidza nyaya iyi kumatare zvamave kuita izvi..

  7. Va-Mugabe avana chavachagadzirisa! If this man has only managed to ruin Zimbabwe in 35 years. What time is he left with if he can correct anything? Gavatibvire! The strange thing about Zanu PF members is that they all secretly agree that Mugabe must go. But nobody dares say it openly. That also includes Munangagwa. Why? Are they free people?

  8. Kuri kuda kumbotii kamudhara aka.hakana kukwana ..hakanyare kutaura tsvina yakadaro.With leaders like him Africa will never prosper..Step down wapera usango wawata Robert

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