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Monte Cassino records 100% pass rate


THREE female students at the highly acclaimed Monte Cassino Secondary School passed the Zimbabwe Schools Examination (Zimsec) 2015 “A” Levels with flying colours each attaining four As in the subjects they wrote at the Roman Catholic-run institution.

By Albert Masaka

This also came as Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora said female candidates performed much better than their male counterparts, while addressing journalists on Thursday.

Monte Casino Girls High School principal, Sister Monica Muparura, who at first was not comfortable with publicising the schools’ performance, yesterday confirmed to NewsDay that the school attained a 100% “A” Level pass rate.

“Please do not rate schools in your story, we don’t like that, we (schools) have different backgrounds, it won’t be fair to other schools,” Muparura said.

But when pressed further by NewsDay, she said: “What I can say is that our students all passed, we had three students who each passed with four As.”

While Muparura refused to divulge the names of the three top students, the paper is reliably informed that one of the students is Tarisiro Moyo who attained As in the four subjects she wrote Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, again becoming one of the best students at the girls-only school.

Moyo, whose parents are both senior lecturers at the University of Zimbabwe, hails from a family endowed with academic excellence.

Her father, Torerai Moyo, is currently studying for a PhD in Humanities at Rhodes University while her mother Stanzia is studying for a doctorate at the University of Zimbabwe.

Torerai attributed his academic successes to hard work, commitment, determination and prayer.

“It runs in the family. Me, my wife, brothers and sisters are contributing a lot to the education system in Zimbabwe and across the border in South Africa,” said Torerai.

Tarisiro hit the headlines in the local media in 2014, as was one of the top “O” Level students, when her school in Mashonaland East Province produced the best Zimsec November 2013 “O” Level results, recording a 100% pass rate.

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  1. Firstly i would like to congratulate the ministry and its collaborators including all the teaching staff.my point n2 are we as zimbabweans satisfied with the level of education in zimbabwe.The pass rate is being exaggerated,it means nearly every candidate has passed especially at monte cassino mission.
    We need quality not quantity,for me its not possible i dont know the honourable s comment.please i summon mr Honourable to implement other tactics of running the examination through out the country,i think the examination fraud is being comitted by the school authority inorder to promote their instituions .Running a certain school is very profitable other than running a truck bussiness.Zimbabwean education is going down ,our students are not valorized outside ,they are valorized the holders or O or A level cambridge certificate and even here in Mozambique long back zimbabwean O level certificate was equivalent to Grade 12 which is upper 6.mr honourable we need your experince to help the nation.something must be done please im not satisfied with these percentage.

  2. With all due respect I hope i don’t sound like a parent who has a bitter pill to swallow or just a complaining for nothing person. I just want to bring your attention to one thing. Try getting your daughter into Monte Casino with B & C grades. You won’t succeed. They take A students only and as a result what then comes to mind is the question, Is there excellent teaching capabilities at such schools or its taking the cream and expecting the obvious? Take a school like Roosevelt Girls high in Harare, 2014 they had 100% pass rate, 2015 97% (3 students failing) At lower 6th its first come first serve b & c grades included. I leave you with the question, would you really gloat over Monte Casino results. Let them take b and C grade students then wait for 2017 results to see if they can still achieve. As for me well done to schools that do not screen and select the intelligent ones only. Let the schools turn our average children into intellectuals.

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  4. Kudakwashe Rusere from Dewure High School also got 20 points in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths.

  5. These days every school has 10 students with 25 points. Are we missing something? especially with the wikileaks of papers

  6. Is the student the only one in Zimbabwe? Why the rush to media on the part of parents? Am smelling a rat with these parents. Mawara anenge baccossi apa. Apedza degree here racho. Tooo much vhunduuuu. Bhora pasi baba. Heeee “It runs in the family. Me, my wife, brothers and sisters are contributing a lot to the education system in Zimbabwe and across the border in South Africa,”” Kikikikikikikikikikkiki. Seka zvako mwana waTambudzai.

  7. Chakanaka chakanaka mukaka haurungwi munyu. Your performance was excellent Tarisiro. Maintain the good standard where ever you go.

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