Minister dragged into land dispute

Lands and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora is being accused of dumping thousands of Kingsdale Housing Co-operative members and leaving them at the mercy of a private developer.


This follows a dispute over the 161,8-hectare Kingsdale of Johannesburg Farm in Norton which was allegedly wrongly acquired by the Lands ministry from Pieter Nicholas Nell and allocated to the housing co-operative.

On November 19 last year a Constitutional Court (ConCourt) full bench issued an order by consent declaring the farm private land belonging to Nell. The ConCourt also ordered government to withdraw the acquisition of the land and that Kingsdale which had already carried out developments on the area compensate Nell at $5 per square metre.

Kingsdale Housing Co-operative in their court application alleged that Mombeshora and Nell violated the ConCourt order when through a Deed of Settlement they gave the land to Maparahwe Properties without consulting them.

Douglas Mombeshora, Lands and Rural Settlement.

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  1. There are no surprises when Zanu pf looters are involved.
    Nothing is safe or sacred in Zimbabwe for as long as Zanu pf kleptomaniacs are on the loose.

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