Mhere samples new songs at PHD

GOSPEL musician, Mathias Mhere on New Year’s Eve brought the roof down at the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries in Waterfalls, sampling two new songs from the soon-to-be released album titled Double, Double.


The 27-year old pint-sized musician, famed for the hit song Favour, sampled the songs Double, Double and Mwari Vanoziva at the church’s New Year crossover sermon, leaving the ecstatic audience asking for more.


However, due to limited time, Mhere could only sample two of the 13 songs from the album that is set to be launched on February 10 in Harare.

Mhere confirmed the release of his fifth album, saying he was overwhelmed by the response he received at PHD.

“The response was overwhelming. The congregants at PHD responded as if they knew the song already. This means the album is full of grace,” he said.

Mhere said he was not worried at the threat of piracy because his desire was for people receive the message and get their souls saved rather than the sales.

“We are putting final touches on the album and the launch will be held on February 10,” he said.

Songs on the album include Makorokoza muChurch, Nhauya Noah, Ndangariro, Chanza, Judas, Kesari, Be still, Zvinatsei, Seri kweGuva and Mwari Vanoziva.
The album was produced by Munya Viya of Vially Studios.

Although Mhere has been stalked by controversy in his career, most of his albums have proved to be successes, laden with many sing-along tunes.

The album, Anoita Minana – which carried the hit song Favour that catapulted him onto the music charts – was followed by Nguva Yenyasha, which also rocked the airwaves.

Mhere’s previous albums include Tinoda Nyasha, Anoitaminana, Nguva YeNyasha and Glory to Glory.

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