Meme excitement over Eritrea ‘marriage law’ story

Women all over the world must be livid over the excitement their men are exhibiting by wishing there were Eritrean.

John Mokwetsi Online Editor

It might be a hoax, like many others on the Internet in this digital media age, but nothing has ever been received with much verve by men all over the world than this piece of news.

Various websites have reported that “activists have posted a memo allegedly by the Government of Eritrea asking men to marry at least two wives due to acute shortage of men occasioned by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia.”

No sooner had the social media corridors received this news had memes sprouted all over with some men clearly saying the Eritrean visa was a prerequisite. Here are some for your ribs.









zuma eritrea


  1. with this … they are a meritocracy, not a dictatorship!!
    sendero luminoso eritrea

    1. I am agree with u r name u need to go mental hospital

  2. Haha very funny. I like the sense of hummer here. But on a serious note though, I’m an Eritrean man and this is not true.


      1. Monique. ha ha ha ha i liked. i am hoping one day u came a techer. i dont new when but hoping….

  3. Solomon in the bible had 700 wives+300 concubines its ok all governments should take a leaf ,let people be free with their loves dont oppress their spiritual nees

  4. meme r u sick . this kindgame work in other part of africa . not in eritrea at all

  5. hey Jone mokwetsi can u tell me the name u r activists . about this memo . by the way u from HUTU or the other part . dont b jealous love what u got dont worry about lovely eritrean pepole.wake up.

  6. Man are threatening to go to Eritrea! Ndofunga kune basa ikoko

  7. This is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened.

  8. God is the biggest so please Eritreans don’t worry about silly jokes. God is great all the time.
    it is only a silly joke God will give his response

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