Live Updates: Zimbabwe vs Zambia African Nations Championships

NewsDay gives you live action from Umganda Stadium in Rwanda where Zimbabwe ‘Warriors’ and Zambia clash in the African Nations Championships (Chan) group match this afternoon.

By Tinotenda Samukange.

16:51 Referee blows the final whistle,Zambia has ruled the day by 1-0.

16:28 Zimbabwe makes its first substitution, Rodrick Mutuma comes in replacing Gerald Takwara

16:16 Zambia scores.

16:05 Second half resumes.

15:45 Match breaks for half-time, and it’s still 0-0 for both teams

15:44 Edmore Chirambadare misses his final chance just a few seconds away to half-time.

15:37 Farai Edwin Madhanaga brought down,Zimbabwe awarded their third free kick.

15:35Thirty-five minutes played,with both teams attacking.

15:34 Zambia has just been awarded their first free kick a few meters outside the 18 area.

15:00 Match starts

Starting lineup

1. Donovan Bernard
2. Elisha Murowa
3. Ocean Mushure
4. Lawrence Mhlanga
5. Hardlife Zvirekwi
6. John Gerald Tungamrai Takwara
7. Farai Edwin Madhanaga
8. Knox Mutizwa
9. Ronald Chitiyo
10. Francisco Zekumbawira
11. Edmore Chirambadare

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  1. Thank you NewsDay. Good for us soccer lovers who are busy in the office.

  2. do we have to wait for 30 mins for an update Nxaaa!!

  3. Second half belongs to the coach, so we used to say. Let’s see. But I think it still belongs to coach, players and supporters as well. With you Warriors all the way. Please don’t allow them to do what they failed to do in the first half. But we have to do it – smash and grab the three points, waibataka?

  4. We are all behind you comrade Pasuwa

  5. zingalume phulantenga

    go go, zambia is behind you

  6. 7 updates in one hour. Its a shame. And yet team ikadyiwa munotaurisa as if renyu basa munorigona

  7. Zambia 1 up 57min

  8. We still hv chances guys next 3games belongs to us

    1. pakaipa wangu if we continue to play lyk that hakuna kwatoenda they didn’t fight lyk e warriors vanga vachitya game

  9. Rinopera rapera. Navo navo!!!

  10. kkkk go worries!

  11. thankx for updating us go zambia go lungu

  12. Tonderayi Chanakira

    We lost the game in midfield and not taking our chances when it mattered most. We had two clear chances that went begging At this level of the game you take your half chances and bury them BUT we failed to do so. We now have a mountain to climb in this tournament at least we should have come out with a draw Vey disappointed Ronald Chtiyo did not command the midfield as was expected

  13. timu yabayiwa guys

  14. Go Zambia Go. We are rallying with you.

  15. mid,ne left back needs strikers edu dzungu&not pasing vakumberi wil cost us in the next games if we dont change.we hav a good team that needs to work hard only.

  16. Too cautious Mr coach. Team lacking adventure. They should fire you when u r done there.
    We need an adventurous coach.

  17. I q­ui­­­t wo­­­rk­­­­ing m­­­y de­­s­k jo­­­b an­­d n­­o­w, I st­­­art­­­e­d e­­arn­­­in­­g 9­­5 b­­­­­­uck­­­­­­s ho­­­­ur­­­­­l­y…H­­­­o­w I d­i­d i­­­­­­t? I a­­m f­reelan­­­­­cing o­v­­­­­­­er t­h­­­­­e i­n­t­­­­­­­­­­­­ernet! M­­­y la­­­s­t jo­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­b d­id­­­n’t e­­­­­xact­­­­­ly m­­­­­­­­ak­­­­­­e m­­­­­­­­e ha­­­­­­­­­pp­­­­­­y s­­­­­­­­­o I w­­­­­an­t­e­­­­­­d t­­­­­o t­­­­­­­­ak­e a b­­r­e­ak a­­­­nd h­­­av­­­e a f­­­re­­sh s­­tar­­t… A­­­­f­t­e­r 6 y­­­r­s I­t w­­­­as we­­­­­i­rd fo­­r m­e t­o le­­­­­ave m­­y p­­re­­­vi­­­ous j­­­­ob a­n­­­­­d n­­­­­­ow I a­m del­­­igh­ted we­­­r­e i am

    ••••••► w­­w­­w.­W­a­g­e­9­0­.­C­o­m­­

  18. @ndoro. yeah taura hako. a disjointed performance in which the warriors allowed Zambia to dictate play throughout. @ tonderai chanakira..yes I agree with yu. our midfield was not effective. I am no football expert but I think chitiyo is more effective in the middle behind the strikers since he can provide support and also score kwete pa right wing paanga achitambiswa apo. zvikumbawire was good at holding the ball and shielding off defenders but isolated and lacked the support which made him ineffective. there is need for someone who can shoot onsite. why not either bring mutuma sooner or let him partner zvikumbawire upfront for that. the warriors need to watch out for faruku miya (Uganda number’s 10). for me he is the real dangerman in our next match. lets hope mali and Uganda draw 2-2 so that we aim at beating them both in our next matches starting with uganda. all hope not lost. go warriors go..

    1. @platini. agreed. the warriors really need to up their game and organize themselves in midfield and attack and also to be alert in defence coz it took a lapse of concentration for Zambia to score. maybe it was also misfortune coz the warriors were one defender short at that time as one of them was out receiving treatment which allowed the Zambians to capitalise and score

  19. Why do you want to fire the coach? Our players have been on a break for 2 months and the wise Phil Chiyangwa, instead of organising warm up matches, was busying trying to purge the PSL leadership, the coach and install his own people. He also proceeded to build his cult using our game in typical ZANU PF fashion, disrupting the camp Pasuwa had running. Why do you think Zimbabwe deserves to win when we make the same mistakes every single time by under preparing? Zambia and many other teams were a lot more serious about this tournament and put in the time to get their teams ready while we were busy ‘praising’ the clueless Chiyangwa about his visionary leadership and about how he was connected to those with money and somehow thought that would win games for us. There are no miracale wins in football, you get what you earn.

    It’s not the coach’s fault that the ZIFA boss is clueless. If anyone should be fired it is Chiyangwa. Epic fail on his part. Our football has been continuously ruined by these ZANU PF puppets installed as ZIFA bosses.

  20. poor start hop nxt game u pull up yo socks guyz Go warriors Go its not over never giv up

  21. the uganda and mali draw (2-2) surely gives Zimbabwe a chance to revive their chances of qualifying but they need to up their game to win their next matches. Go warriors…!!

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