Lawsuit against NewsDay, Tsvangirai in false start

THE $500 000 defamation case filed by Zimbabwe National Army officer Colonel Christopher Mayoyo against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Alpha Media Holdings (AMH)’s flagship newspaper NewsDay was yesterday deferred to March 29 after all parties to the suit indicated they were not ready for trial.


High Court Judge Amy Tsanga made the ruling in her chambers yesterday.

AMH are publishers of NewsDay, Southern Eye, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent.

In the matter, Mayoyo accused Tsvangirai of falsely accusing him of leading a terror campaign in Zaka ahead of the June 27, 2008 presidential election run off.
The article was published by NewsDay on October 8, 2012 titled Zanu PF hands drip blood: PM.


NewsDay is being represented by Brian Mataruka, while Douglas Mwonzora is representing Tsvangirai.

The report was based on a speech made by Tsvangirai while addressing party members in Zaka.

In the story, the MDC-T leader said there “is a Colonel Mayoyo and members of the ZRP [Zimbabwe Republic Police] and the militia. These people are known and perpetrators are walking scot-free, laughing and boasting of committing a crime”.

Mayoyo claims Tsvangirai’s remarks were directed at him since he was the only member of the Zimbabwe National Army holding the rank of colonel, whose surname is Mayoyo. Both AMH and Tsvangirai have dismissed the claim, arguing it lacked merit.

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  1. As a member of ZNA why was he meddling in politics? What was he doing in Zaka? He should havw sent to the Hague for crimes he committed on behalf of his political party.

    1. sometimes we tend to think all soldiers were born in towns.

  2. After Independence 2 we will deal with you Mayoyo, we know where you come from nekumatanga emombe dzenyu tinosvika. These people who support a 92 year old person are short sighted and myopic. Just for an advice about Zim, there is a small knobaccry in Great Zim ruins which was declared to be taken by the rightful person to rule this country. In 1986 when when Mr 92 tred to take it, it turned into a snake[mabira akabikirwa mahara]. Mr 92 ran away like a headless chicken back to Hre.

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  4. Tsvangirai must keep Quiet , Eddy Gwenhure angaafa , Dzamara uripi nhasi , ZANU ndeyeropa , munonetsaniranei naMayoyo , he was bussy at his farm on that period , Leave Mugabe alone

  5. This embecil has no clue about common law..Where in the World do broadcast such a charge mom open microphone and have no consequences?
    The buffoon also set himself up for treason by declaring again open microphone that if the PRESIDENT refuses to go we shall removenhim by gorce!
    Never him being caught on camera discussing how themplam to kill the PRESIDENT would br executed..
    Are there no real lawyers in the mdc to advise this person? He needs legal counsel om a lot of stuff regarding public speeches

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