Jim Kunaka’s Damascene moment

“When God pushes you to the edge, trust Him fully, because only two things can happen. Either He will catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly,” reads a picture on Jim Kunaka’s WhatsApp profile.


Kunaka, a former Zanu PF Harare youth provincial chairperson and self-confessed ex-leader of the party’s Chipangano militia group, claims he has found God.

Now a fervent member of the United Family International Church led by Emmanuel Makandiwa, Kunaka told NewsDay this week that he gave his life to God in September after a calling.

In his tone, one could denote the difference in the man who, at one point, missed a court appearance purportedly because he “was at the barber” getting a haircut.


He was a hardliner and accedes he was the face of Zanu PF terror and had, in fact, become a Zanu PF demi-god who terrorised residents and opposition politicians in Mbare with impunity.

He was, however, kicked out of the ruling party in 2014 after being linked to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s camp.

“I gave my life to Christ.It was a calling from God in September,” Kunaka said.

The former Zanu PF terror campaign leader last week had some of his household goods auctioned to recover damages owed to one of his victims, Prince Jack.

Pressed to comment over his auctioned property, Kunaka sarcastically thanked Zanu PF for helping him change his furniture.

“That was overdue. I thank them (Zanu PF) for helping me change my furniture. You should change your furniture yearly. That is why all those shops are still open in town,” he said.

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  1. Wezhira wezhara

    Why are people leaving this killer moving scot free. Deal with him because he terrorized many.

  2. Wezhira wezhara, Jim Kunaka has repented. Hameno hako uchirikumurongera. Iwe uchirikumiwisha bad luck, God has forgiven him. Asina chitema ngasumuke amurove nedombo uyo Jimmy!

    1. cardiothoracic specialist

      you are ignorant, dai wakabhinyirwa hanzvadzi uriwe waisataura seunopenga. he should apologise sincerely kwete zvekupenga zvaari kutaura. dai asina kudzingwa muzanu imomo dai achiitei, we are not stupid

    2. cardiothoracic specialist

      Jim should apologise sincerely to allow the healing of his victims, they have not healed because he just owes them a true and sincere apology. we are all human, apologising will make people heal.

  3. He is jus a wolf tryin to fit into a sheep skin. But listen cde kunaka or watever u call yoself in yo heart, God Is Real, dnt play with Him. You will pay for yo sins one day.

  4. His sarcasm doesnt resonate a man sorry for his actions. The auction is nothing to do with ZPF but with one (ONE…meaning there is more), of the victims of his actions. Great you found God but please be humble and not throw away insensitive comments like that.
    I pray for the day he faces justice for his actions

  5. Jim repentance means being sorry for what you have done accepting that past wrongs have consequences and that you take responsibility for your actions and acknowledging that you and only you are to blame for your actions. Your attitude does not reflect remorse rather arrogance. ZANU helped me change furniture

  6. i dzotsi iri, he need to be reigned in for some questions

  7. ‘The former ZANU PF terror campaign leader.’ kikikikikikikikikikikiki … Newsdead wandikwadza, blaz!

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