Jilted lover shoots dog

A jilted Harare lover has been arrested after he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend’s dog on Monday.


Bradley Venn (29) was yesterday arraigned before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo on charges of malicious damage to property.

Venn, who is being represented by Simon Mupindu, was not asked to plead to the charges and was told to make a proper bail appeal despite the fact that the State was consenting to bail.

In denying Venn bail, Makomo asked the State and the defence counsels if the firearm used in the commission had been recovered.


“I am worried that if the accused is released on bail, he may commit a similar offence or even kill if the firearm has not been retrieved from him,” Makomo said.
Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa said the matter was still under investigation.

“It [firearm] has not been recovered and investigations are still ongoing,” Mutizirwa responded.

On the other hand, Mupindu tried to argue the matter had been blown out of proportion and there was no gun involved.

“This was a case of an angry girlfriend who reported there was a gun involved when none was used simply because the accused used to work at Feredays [firearms shop],” Mupindu said.

According to State papers, Venn went to his girlfriend’s house in Helensvale, Borrowdale, on the day in question to confront her after he had heard that she was seeing someone else.

Upon arrival he saw a maid at the house and demanded to see his girlfriend who was not at home at the time. The angry Venn then shot a dog in the yard which later died from the gunshot wound.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to his arrest.

Venn was expected to make a full bail application later in the afternoon.

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  1. The girlfriend should thank her dog for dying in her place!

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