I was kicked on my privates, ZSE boss tells court

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer Alban Chirume

ZIMBABWE Stock Exchange (ZSE) chief executive Alban Dhladhla Chirume yesterday told the court about the emotional pain he was going through due to the wide publicity his domestic dispute was receiving from the media.


Chirume made the remarks while testifying in the domestic violence case when he appeared before Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta, in the matter where he is accusing his ex-wife, Susan Mutangadura, of domestic violence.

Mutangadura, who is Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IODZ) chairperson, lawyer and commercial arbitrator, pleaded not guilty to the charge, arguing all she did was act in self-defence.

Ironically, in another case, Chirume is being accused of also abusing Mutangadura on the same day and date.

The incident occurred on January 3 this year.

Chirume told the court that Mutangadura was a temperamental woman and in most instances, he had to restrain himself from retaliating when she provoked him.

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer  Alban Chirume

He further told the court that on the day in question, Mutangadura was the aggressor and had used provocative words against him in the hope that he would beat her up.

“She kicked me on my private parts, not to injure, but to humiliate me, while at the same time saying I was not a man and did not have b****,” Chirume said.

The ZSE boss further said he was pained by the publicity the matter was getting, as he had always wanted this to remain private.

“Considering the positions we hold, there is no way I would have wanted this type of publicity. There is nowhere I would have wanted to do this and, second, there was no malice in me reporting the case,” Chirume said.

He also dismissed as false an assertion by prosecutor Devoted Gwashavanhu, who had suggested that his reporting the case was a means of trying to counter Mutangadura’s court action before magistrate Arnold Maburo.

However, under cross-examination by Tandi, Chirume conceded there was an interim order against him for abusing Mutangadura.

“Yes, there is a Civil Magistrate order against me not to physically or emotionally abuse her,” he said.

Chirume also conceded that he was trying to bar Mutangadura from entering the property even though she was still staying at the house.

The court also heard the two had been in a customary union and divorced in November last year, but were still living under the same roof.

The trial will continue on February 1 with the evidence from one Morgan Tafunya.


  1. If the couple divorced in November 2015 why are they still living together? Formal divorce proceedings should be concluded urgently so that these 2 can live separately. Share the property and move on!

  2. I am surprised Mutangadura is educated, a lawyer by profession anokwira durawall? Am really shocked. I thought she did not go to school. Because zvechikudo zvinoitwa nevasina kufunda nekuti vachinji Havana nyadzi.

    • Education is applicable only when there is reciprocation, but when primitivity is the order, then equally the same should apply. Esther, we are only getting one side of story, thus Alban’s

    • Vamwe kungofunda havho asi chikudo hachibvi mavari, I used to think vakadzi vakafunda ndochaivo, aiwa bodo unogara uri mudambudziko, enkumba vanongofunga kuti mamanager.

  3. This just proves the point that 1.Life is spiritual 2.Beacuse its spiritual , we need God to be the centre of everything we do. Money, positions in society will never quench that great need to be at peace with Our Creator ,It is only when we are at peace that other areas of our life flourish obviously including relationships. Let us not look at these individuals and revere their earthly positions. They are mere mortals and no different from that couple in Epworth .Rather we should help them realise that without Him they are nothing!

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