I mix social messages in gospel music: Fungisai


SENSATIONAL gospel songbird, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave, has said people who have condemned her for infusing social message in her gospel music where just like the biblical Pharisees of Jesus’ day because her social music was a way of reaching out to non-believers.


Writing on her website called Fungisai at www.fungisaimusic.com, the award-winning musician said she would rather be a Christian than a church person.

“I would rather share my God-given gift with everyone everywhere and impact positively on their lives than limit myself to artificial unrealistic social boundaries set by fellow humans in God’s name,” she said.

She described as hypocritical people who “crucified” Christians for singing motivational social songs when they themselves enjoyed gospel music sang by secular artistes.

She said contrary to some media reports, she had never denied God or gospel music performance.

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“What I did was to package the same gospel differently in a manner that appeals to different groups of people. I had hoped my words would be the Bible to those people who would not give the Bible a chance with the aim to influence their day today living positively,” she said.

Fungisai said she had a set of purely biblical songs and another set of songs that spoke to the day-to-day life experiences in communities. The songs include Mwanasikana Munhu, Zuva Rabuda, Jek Muremba and Haiwa Kunyeba.

“I am convinced that if social songs are done by Christians like me, they are positive because they are inspired by the right spirit. We are gifted differently as people, those with blessed hands and are tailors, carpenters, as they serve everybody without having to ask whether the client goes to church or not,” she said, adding that it was against this backdrop that her music was meant to appeal to all.

She gave the example of Christian doctors whom she said did not only serve Christians in their line of work, but treated even non-believers in the hope that they will help them find God.

She said her background in Sociology made her songs naturally lend themselves to current social issues such as economic recession in Vanogona and issues of drought in Tichamuona and Makomborero.

She accused “fellow Christians” — some of whom she claimed to have served — for joining the bandwagon of attacks targeted at her and based on falsehoods.


  1. Mwanasikana wakati hausi Gospel musician and the question is saka pavaimba kare vaita zvefake ngekuti wikaitwe force naproducer.Its different from saying , i am a gospel musician but i have also decided to infuse social messages mune zvimwe zvandadzidzawo kusvika nhasi.

    Where do your comments place you in the minds of the listeners for your so called beaking from the box comments?

  2. amai makati you were forced by your producer who happens to be none other than Elias Musakwa….. nhasi waona vanhu vosiya music yako nema shows wavakuchinja …… wakatotaura paumire ….. nyangwe CD rako rekaitwa piracy hatichatengi iwe

  3. Iwe Fungisai rova mhanzi yaunoda wakanyarara iwe. Don’t worry about us if we want music or the word that takes us to heaven we know where to get it. I for one has never dreamed or cried to get salvation from you. You are gifted in music, then play the way your spirit tells you. I can not judge you and the fact of the matter is there is only one judge who matters who is GOD himself. We shall all stand to account for our works to him when the time comes. Saka rova marovero ako some of us don’t care a bit because we know where we belong and we know who GOD is.

  4. this lady is beautiful! i can buy her music just for that. zvemaPharisee tingazviteedzera here isu maholier than thou during the day apa mahusiku varoyi. Ita zvaunoda Fungisai iwe.

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