Hubby accuses wife of bedding son

A HARARE woman has approached the civil courts seeking a protection order against her husband, whom she said accuses her of prostitution and sleeping with their 17-year-old son.


Florence Machinga claims that her husband, Kudakwashe Chinyoka, had since chased her out of their matrimonial home, accusing her of infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

The woman said Chinyoka was in the habit of insulting her saying she was a prostitute and fond of bedding the couple’s son.

Machinga further told the court that Chinyoka quite often forced her to sleep in the lounge with the children.

In response to the allegations, Chinyoka admitted chasing Machinga out of their house, saying he did so after the latter infected him with an STI on three occasions.


Chinyoka told the court he did not mind staying with his children, but would not do so with their mother.

Presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa granted the protection order in favour of Machinga and ordered the couple to maintain peace at all times for the next five years.

Meanwhile, in another matter, a Harare woman, Sibongile Kakono, pleaded with the same court to grant her a protection order against her husband, Trust Vera, whom she accused of beating her up so that she could have a miscarriage.

Kakono told the court Vera has been assaulting and threatening to carry on until she dies.

“He beats me because I refused to have an abortion and has since promised to beat me until I have a miscarriage,” Kakono said.

The court further heard that Kakono was now temporarily staying at Musasa Project because of Vera’s abusive tendencies.

The protection order was granted.

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  1. inga makati (the courts) you shall not force people to stay together if they are no longer in love.??????

  2. The woman said the husband is in the habit of sodomising his son. The courts never mentioned any steps they took in connection with that offence.

    1. Courts act on reported cases

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  3. That’s why the word divorce was inverted, why wait for someone to die,catch some nasty disease or get maimed, divorce?

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