Guards thwart Harare Hospital nurses’ demo

SECURITY guards at Harare Central Hospital yesterday thwarted a potentially explosive demonstration by nursing staff, who briefly picketed their chief executive officer, Peggy Zvavamwe’s office to protest the alleged freeze on all drugs and sundry purchases to raise $88 359 for her official vehicle.


The striking workers later dispersed after hospital security staff threatened to arrest them.

Zvavamwe confirmed the skirmishes which she said occurred shortly before she reported for duty in the morning.

She, however, claimed that the vehicle in question, a Jeep Cherokee, was purchased above board.

“I just heard there were people playing drums, but when I came in, there was no demonstration. I really cannot tell what motivated the demonstration. If it is about the car, that is unfortunate as that was done above board,” she said.

“The authorisation for the purchase came from a higher office in April, not even the (Health) ministry. And everyone knows that. It was an authorisation for all central hospitals. In fact, we are the only one that had not yet bought ours, as all the other central hospitals bought theirs a long time ago. I was just as surprised as everyone else.”


Zvavamwe refuted claims that the hospital was operating without basics and said all operations were running smoothly.

“The basics of a central hospital and those of a clinic are different. Our basic duties are going on. If it is shortages, some of our sister hospitals are also facing shortages. Some now even have private pharmacies housed in the hospitals, which is just an acceptance that things are bad,” she said.

“These are just allegations, but everything was done above board. We actually chose a cheaper car compared to others. It is not up to me to say how, but all central hospitals bought their own cars.”

Zvavamwe said even their procurement board had communicated to them that they were only prioritising medicines and the kitchen, as it was impossible to treat hungry patients.

Zvavamwe, however, declined to name the person who authorised the acquisition of her vehicle.

“It came from above. They are supposed to buy these vehicles, but, then because of competing demands, we were authorised to buy the vehicles. After all, the revenue that we collect goes to Treasury,” she said.

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  1. vivian v siziba

    Bought above board or not,the stubborn fact remains, that is a misplaced priority.How can the hospital authorities approve the purchase of such an expensive vehicle when there is an acute shortage of drugs in the hospitals?Those few nurses who registered their displeasure at this insensitive and callous behaviour against the suffering masses through a peaceful demonstration should be applauded by all right thinking citizens.

  2. vivian v siziba

    Misplaced priorities,bought above board or not is neither here nor there.The authorities have displayed a naked uncaring,insensitive and callous behaviour against the suffering masses of Zimbabwe who can’t afford to buy drugs let alone painkillers which don’t even need a doctor’s prescription.The few nurses who registered their displeasure at this uncaring behaviour through a peaceful demonstration should be applauded for their bravery by all right thinking citizens.

  3. This woman sounds very arrogant

  4. What’s the purpose of the expensive vehicle?

  5. Shame on you! May you new car bring you what you deserve!

  6. kkkkkk security guards vanovasunga vachivaisepi?

  7. Misplaced priorities,bought over board or not,the simply fact is that it is done against the ailing health service delivery which is in the intensive care unit.The suffering masses can’t afford to buy medical drugs let alone pain killers which don’t even need a doctor’s prescription yet the authorities sanction such a purchase.The nurses who staged such a demonstration to protest against such a reckless,insensitive and callous behaviour should be applauded for exposing this uncaring and arrogant behaviour by the health authorities.

  8. Reckless and insensitive decision.Bought over board or not it’s neither here nor there.Nurses who staged a peaceful protest to register their displeasure against this uncaring behaviour should be applauded by all right thinking citizens.

  9. Let’s face the facts here guys. The C.E.O. deserves to get her vehicle in line with the benefits of her duties. As far as i am concerned, i think someone is after her job. How much does a hospital need to purchase drugs that could last for even one week. 80 thousand dollars is nothing for that period for a hospital like Harare Hospital not even to talk of Parirenyatwa, it’s just a drop in the sea. There are lot of serious white collar crimes which are happening everyday in the country and nation needs to focus on that and try to come up with control measures to avoid these crimes happening. Surprisingly a lot of noise is being made simply because the poor woman had received her benefit. let’s not make noise out of nothing. This is not an issue. Kune nyaya dzinonzi nyaya. This is simply an act of organisational politics and someone is after her job. Even if it means she is fired, take my words, the new boss will never see him/her driving a twin cab. vanoti imota yemurimi wefodya so i can’t drive such a car a person of my calibre. The first thing he will require on top of all the hospital priorities is a Range Rover. Politics chete apa.

    1. Unorwara iwe Nemonemo!!!

  10. Peggy Zvavamwe, you are a sick woman!!

  11. Iwe 88000 when you have no drugs the first thing is patient care pretty sure a double cab or sedan would have been okay.
    At innscor zimbabwes only 1 billion in revenue company management yaimbotengerwa ma pick up cz anga asina duty during economic problem era and the owner drives a sunny hb12

  12. No, she is very selfish and careless. Why not buying a BT 50 or Isuzu twin cab like most private and public sector directors. Was that contract which lead to an “above board transaction” signed at a time inflation was in this negative territory and the mainstream economy in tailspin. We need institutional heads who think outside the box and not those who will want to shift the blame to the higher office all the time. How many department heads, mayors and legislators have turned down similar offers citing deteriorating economic conditions in this country. The problem is with the CEO not those from higher offices otherwise their decision was motivated by conditions obtaining at that particular time and also your revenue collection projections. People are completely penniless and suffering out there Peggy.

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