Graphic: Of Mugabe’s $800,000 bash

THE ruling Zanu PF party is reportedly planning to splash at least $800 000 on President Robert Mugabe’s 92nd birthday bash to be held in the drought-stricken Masvingo province next month.

mugabe 800k party

Read the full story: Zanu PF plans $800k Mugabe bash

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  1. Kkkkkkkk. Mugabe anodya vakomana! But it’s not true. The old man does even like these bashes but there are some overzealous people who go into overdrive to impress. It’s sad!!

    1. so why doesnt he stop it? he has Dr stop it in his tow. why cant she take control of “stopping it”? He loves attention that Mugabe thing!

    2. @gunguwo, you don’t seem to know this Mugabe. The guy craves the attention and he doesn’t care for any one of us and that’s why he will let the economy go in free fall.
      If he cared he would have done something.
      If he didn’t like the bashes why doesn’t he stop them and tell the ‘overzealous people’ that its because the economy is not in great shape.
      He is at the moment waiting for the big cakes that he gets at this occasion whilst laughing at the suffering poor Zimbabweans.

  2. Feasting when your children are suffering ? Is it necessary this year? Only bootlickers will continue? Shame on you.

  3. Any money belonging to Zanu pf must only benefit Zanu pf members and their leader. Mari ndeye yavo saka munoda vadye mari yebato neruvhenge rwese here..they raises their money, u cnt force them to use it zvamunoda. .if they want to donate ku povho pachavo
    Long live Gushungo..

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