Govt ‘indigenises air’

Patrick Chinamasa

GOVERNMENT has, under its revised frameworks, procedures and guidelines for implementing the Indigenisation Act, broadened its definition of natural resources to include air, grass, birds and swamps, a move that local analysts yesterday described as “ridiculous”.


Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa announced the new framework on Monday at a Press conference he jointly addressed with Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya.

Renowned economist John Robertson yesterday said: “This exposes government to ridicule by inviting such criticism. It also shows shallow thinking on their part because one would not understand what they are trying to say when they include air and birds.”

Robertson said the document was done by people who lacked business understanding and expertise and should not even be in the offices they hold.

“It shows that it was drafted by people who should not have done the job and lack any expertise or knowledge on how business operates,” he said.

In his 2016 National Budget, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said a number of policies to mobilise Diaspora remittances as an important source of liquidity in the economy have been instituted.

Chinamasa said the new framework will now give emphasis to reserved sectors, which would now be 100% controlled by locals.

No new foreign investors, except with Cabinet approval, will be allowed into invest in the fuel retail business, advertising, tobacco grading and packaging, milk processing, grain milling and artisanal mining of all minerals except diamonds.

Robertson said the fuel retail business was a high cost area and required heavy capital injection and expertise.

“The moment government opened fuel import licences to local players, we have seen most of them close shop, the same scenario we saw in the banking sector, where local banks folded. Government should leave areas of business to those with the capital and expertise, so that we can begin to create employment,” he said.

Opposition MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said the new frameworks “exposed the drafters’ shallow minds”.

“Of course, that betrays the professional incompetence of whoever drafted those regulations. Legal drafting is an art. It has to be concise and precise.

“It shouldn’t leave room for vagueness, absurdity and ambiguity. Obviously, that particular portion of the regulations has to be promptly amended in order to make it rational and sensible. How can one possibly indigenise a commodity such as air?” queried Gutu?


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  2. This John Robertson fellow is a real proud s*n of a b***ch. He says “Government should leave areas of business to those with the Capital and Expertise, so that WE can begin to create employment.” Thinks he’s richer and smarter than the whole government.

    • dnzet you are a mindset impoverished person.If you dont understand basic principles of business and laymen’s economics shut up and learn from those who know better

    • Well, he might not be richer than some thieves in govt, but he’s by far smarter than most of them. You are free to be proud of this govt but don’t coerce others to do so. They are inept, inefficient and do not know what the job at hand requires. In competent countries, none of them would hold a ministerial position because they were not appointed on merit. They have destroyed a sound economy and introduced bad, silly legislation based on emotion rather than solid successful business acumen. You don’t need to have a university education to witness the devastating destruction. I don’t know if all those in govt understand the shame they have brought to this country – we no longer have monetary independence (what do the RBZ staff do all day? what reserves are in their coffers?)

      That we want FDI at our terms is great for us NOT the investors. Once we are serious, we’ll accommodate the investors. Right now those who proclaim to lead us are dreaming.

  3. Strange! Is it “air” or “airspace”? Am baffled but I think we are the only country that understands indigenization and would like to redefine the word. But what does indigenization really mean in Shona or SiNdebele? Is there an equivalent word for it or we are starting new things that our ancestors never knew about? Shall we say it is a foreign concept that we are trying to indigenize?

  4. Being a 4th generation white African I am not sure if I am indigenous or not. But just to be safe I assume I am not.

    To make sure I am in line with the regulations that state that the air of Zimbabwe is now’Indigenous’ I am only breathing half breaths, 49% to be exact. The other 51% I am leaving to be breathed by rats, snakes and scorpions, which are indigenous. This means I cannot run after thieves who regularly try to steal my wallet, as while running, I will be forced to breathe 110% of normal.

    I have tried to tell my Makaya chickens to also only breath 49%, since they come from india, not Africa. They are not actually indigenous. However, having a bird brain they just dont understand and continue crowing and clucking as per usual. cattle, goats and sheep also are ignoring my commands. They come from Europe and the despised ‘British’, famous for hijacking indigenous resources for selfish use.

    I have also tried to tell all the birds which migrate, that they are not allowed to since they have been declared to be indigenous. So the hoopoe, black kite, european swallow and about 50 other species have to remain in Zimbabwe because they have been declared an indigenous resource. Somehow I don’t think they will obey the new regulations.

    I am not sure what to do about the house sparrow since this bird is indigenous to the UK. Clearly this bird has copied its British colonialism methods by colonizing Zimbabwean houses to use as nesting sites- denying such sites to the red-wing starling, an indigenous bird. … and plundering resources generated by indigenous Zimbabweans, resources such as scraps of bread, left over sadza etc. …. denying them to legitimate zimbabwean birds, rats, mice and other indigenous, hungry consumers.

    Maybe the government will catch these 1 million sparrow colonizers and return them to Britain , or worse, send out the army to gun them down for maintaining British colonialism in indigenous Zimbabwean houses

    ps may the reader take this in a spirit of humour and may the writers of the indigenous regulations be influenced by this post to reshape the regulations. LOL KKKKK

  5. Pretty soon kuchauya hondo ye air, grass, birds and swamps. Who gets them first? One, two, three, ready go!!

  6. Pretty soon the grabing of air, birds, grass and swamps is coming. Be prepared otherwise you will loose out.

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