Girl loses virginity through ‘cooking stick test’

A 15-YEAR-OLD Overspill girl was recently lost her virginity, through a painful process, after two Epworth women allegedly shoved a cooking stick into her privates as a way of establishing if the minor was still a virgin.


The incident, which left most residents shocked, occurred on November 12 last year at number 435 Overspill where the two women, Shelter Senga and Fungai Jera, reside.

As the two women were busy shoving the cooking stick, it is alleged the teenager screamed for help and a neighbour, who responded to the distress call, caught the suspects in the act and ordered them to immediately stop, but the damage had already been inflicted.

As if that was not enough, when the neighbour left, the two women are said to have locked the teenager inside their house and went away.


They allegedly detained her for a night and only released her the following morning.

On Thursday this week, Senga and Jera appeared at the High Court facing a charge of aggravated indecent assault.

They were seeking to be remanded out of custody on bail pending trial, but their matter could not be entertained by Justice Owen Tagu because the State had not filed its response.

The matter was postponed to Thursday next week.

Allegations against the suspects are that on the day in question, at about 4pm, the teenager met the two women as she was on her way to the borehole to fetch water.

The State alleges Senga invited the teenager to come and stay with them, but she refused since the former had, at one point, chased her away from their residence.

At that juncture, it is alleged Senga, who was in the company of Jera, forcibly grabbed the teenager and took her to their home where they forced her into their house, locked the door and told her they wanted to test her virginity.

The two women, it is alleged, took a cooking stick, which they inserted into the complainant’s private parts and when she screamed in pain, a neighbour rushed to check what was happening and found the stick inside her private parts.

The neighbour, whose identity was not revealed in court papers, is said to have ordered the duo to stop and remove the stick from the girl’s private parts, but the teenager had already been injured and was bleeding profusely.

After the neighbour left, the women locked the girl inside the house and went away, only to return the following morning after which they ordered her to leave.

After being released, the girl went home and narrated her ordeal to her guardian, who then took her to the police where the matter was reported, leading to the duo’s arrest.

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  1. she did no lose her virginity bcoz she did not sleep with a man

    1. spot on parker, she just broke her hymen..

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    The reason why they tested her, is, they knew her ways. In Epworth we read in Newspapers of girls loitering at a place called paBOOSTER. I read the article in NewsDAY. Girls as young as 12 years are selling their bodies from as little as $2 to $5.

  5. Arrested.Sasha.Jogi

    FGM (Feminal Genital Mutilation) is widespread in Zimbabwe.
    Of course the police and judges do nothing about it.
    Western ambassadors also say and do nothing as well.

  6. Arrested.Sasha.Jogi

    FGM (Feminal Genital Mutilation) is widespread in Zimbabwe.
    Of course the police and judges do nothing about it.

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