Furore over Mugabe Day


A PROPOSAL by Zanu PF to declare President Robert Mugabe’s birthday a public holiday has attracted widespread condemnation from opposition parties, who accused the ruling party of seeking to abuse State resources to idolise its 91-year-old leader, instead of addressing the economic meltdown.



The opposition parties yesterday said introducing a new public holiday would further cripple the economy, as industry would be obliged to shut down.

Mugabe turns 92 on February 21 and as per Zanu PF tradition, a big bash, estimated to cost over $800 000, will be thrown in his honour in the drought- stricken Masvingo province next month.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said such “bootlicking” had no place in a democratic Zimbabwe.

“As a nation, Zimbabwe should promptly move away from this medieval and archaic tradition of creating strong personalities as opposed to creating strong institutions,” he said.

“The call by the Zanu PF youth league for the government to declare a public holiday to commemorate Robert Mugabe’s birthday on February 21 is an absurdity of the highest order.

“This is the height of bootlicking and it ought to be condemned in the strongest terms possible.”

Gutu said those calling for the declaration of Mugabe’s birthday a holiday were “misguided sycophants”.

“A few Zanu PF sycophants might want to deify and hero-worship Robert Mugabe, but these few misguided people must be told, in no uncertain terms, that their hero has caused the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans,” he said.

“We have more than enough public holidays already and the last thing Zimbabwe needs right now is another useless and thoroughly undeserved public holiday.”

MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said more energy should be directed towards productive issues instead of “glorifying an individual who has failed to run the country”.

“In our view, that is a preposterous proposal,” he said.

“Zanu PF fat cats are always preoccupied with the needs and wants of one person and not concerned with the sick economy and dilapidated infrastructure. The MDC views this as a misguided decision by Mugabe’s praise singers.”

On Monday, Zanu PF youth secretary Pupurai Togarepi said they had submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Justice and were fretting over delays in declaring February 21 a public holiday.

Effervescent Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo also supported the declaration of Mugabe’s birthday as a public holiday.
“All things considered and without prejudice, February 21 deserves to be a public holiday celebrated as Robert Mugabe Day in Zimbabwe,” he wrote on his twitter account.

Moyo also suggested a university be named after the veteran ruler.

The move comes as another Zanu PF youth movement is lobbying Harare City Council to provide land for construction of a stadium to be named after Mugabe.

“At the moment we are thinking of naming a university after RGM,” Moyo posted.

Representatives of the Zanu PF-aligned Youth Against Poverty recently approached Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni requesting for land to construct a stadium in honour of the President.

National Constitutional Assembly spokesperson Madock Chivasa said: “Instead of coming up with such comic proposals, the corrupt Zanu PF government must concentrate on finding solutions to the problems faced by ordinary Zimbabweans.”

Jacob Mafume of the People’s Democratic Party said honouring Mugabe in such a way would not change the plight of Zimbabweans.

He said more focus should be on turning around the economy, putting food on the table and providing jobs instead of continuously pampering Mugabe with accolades.

Besides the jamboree in Masvingo, a musical gala, as well as a football tournament, have been organised to honour Mugabe.
Political activist and commentator Setfree Mafukidze described the proposal as naive.

“It is naive and unfortunate that we have youths who advocate for a Robert Mugabe Day when 90% of the youths are unemployed,” he said.

“It is Mugabe’s responsibility to create a conducive environment, which will accommodate university graduates and all those eligible for employment to get jobs.”

Political analyst Takura Zhangazha said: “The reality of the matter is that such a public holiday would essentially be regarded more as a ruling party creation than a wholesale national endorsement of the intention to honour a serving President.”

But, Togarepi insisted he was unapologetic on the issue, saying it was long overdue.

Togarepi described Mugabe as an iconic leader, both locally and globally, adding no amount of money or presents would match the love the Zanu PF leader had given to the nation.


  1. Shame to such myopic thinking by these zanu pf stupid youths who hero worship Mugabe yet they have nothing to show for that,what useless holiday and or what nyika ichiparara kudai,nxaaaa?

    • The simplest way forward is to have a national referendum as a way of finding out how many people agree with this idiotic idea of honouring a murderer, thief and wife-snatcher.

      • referundum means we the masses will pay for it ,so it wont help its an outright no to PF,s stupid and childish thinking .

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  3. Sure sure how many holidays are we going to have in Zimbabwe.Ana Pupurai Togarepi vanoda kuti vanzi vanhu kwavo ivo vane zvavanovharira.People are sffering and he thinks of spending large sums of money vanhu vachiunganira an event that takes less than an hour to witness.Togarepi should think as an adult who has a family to look after unless he does not have.If he has a child who is not yet of school going age he will regret as we go.

  4. I see no problem in proposing I second them it have to be declared a holiday but first things first, we want the 2million jobs as you promised us three years ago. Zimasset results should be paraded for everyone to see how useless it was, kana padaro toziva kuti makukwanisa kutaura zvekuzorora how can you rest after doing nothing?

  5. Do we honestly need such a non-event and all the super expensive hype that goes with it? Better to focus on getting the nation out of the Socio-political and economic mess that it has been allowed to fall into by a corrupt, insensitive and extremely self-seeking national leadership!

  6. I would have supported the idea if Mugabe had developed Zimbabwe beyond Rhodesia but instead we are back in Southern Rhodesia so we don’t need that day. Mugabe was still a kid then and had no capacity to ruin the country as he has done now.

  7. We do need a Mugabe day. like it or not he did a lot for this country. we have freedom of expression in our constitution and why just bark around wen pple decide on what they want. Only 1 day u will notice it and realise that HE The President of Zimbabwe Cde R G Mugabe was right after all. We are all humans and I support it. why waste money on a referendum wen we the ruling party and majority in Govt can just do it. Cde Togarepi u are spot on. 100% for Mugabe day.

    21st February for Mugabe day.

  8. Baba Zoe u such a fried brained lunatic who goes on to glorify a man who has left you jobless,hungry,houseless,in the darkness with no adequate zesa,driving in worst potholed roads…drinking filthy dirty waters with no where to go for proper medication…you need to wake up mhani nxa

  9. Huray!! huray!! holly holiday,, what a lovely holiday, on the old mans birthday. soon and very soon the immortal old man will meet his demise and drop down dead then we can enjoy another holiday where we celebrate his death..hapana kugona kuronga kunopfuura apa. kutoburitsa ma speaker panze,

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