Former Zanu PF MP defects to People First


Former Zanu PF Chivi South legislator, Irvene Dzingirai, has defected to ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People First (PF) movement, as the ruling party offshoot lays more groundwork for an expected launch.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Dzingirai, who was defeated in the Zanu PF primaries by Charles Utete, attended the PF meeting held last weekend in Masvingo, where he posed for a group picture after the meeting.

He confirmed his latest political move, saying Zanu PF has reneged on its promises to the masses.

“It is true, I am now with PF,” Dzingirai declared. “I left Zanu PF because it has drifted away from the liberation war promises. People are suffering, party members are being axed for no reason, and the government is failing to pay salaries. Is that the reason why people went to war?”

people first in masvingo

Zanu PF provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Dzingirai last year blasted President Robert Mugabe for appointing a bloated Cabinet at a time Treasury coffers were dry.

Asked if it was not a case of sour grapes now that he was out of Parliament, the former legislator said he was being pragmatic.

“I am not saying this because I am out of the government. I was not a minister, but I am reacting to the economic realities of the day,” he said.
“I did not say it during my tenure because things were a bit stable and the economy was performing. The big Cabinet can be restored if things normalise, but not now.”

Surprisingly, Zanu PF did not take action against him after his criticism, as the party has a reputation of not brooking any censure.


  1. If this chap loses the next election (whichever party he chooses to join) what will he do? He lost to Utete now suddenly ZPF is bad? What if he had won?

    If this PF project is made up of people of this calibre of losers I doubt it will improve people’s lives at all.

  2. Rewind back to the wikleaks era, you will find Dzingira’s name ensconced among an array officials who traded secrets with US spies. Dzingirai is an opportunist, a political prostitute who hob nobs with any other political entity that puts mana on his table. He is never into politics by calling. I have serious reservations with people who, when rejected by their own electorate jumps ship and throw around lame allegations against those that clobbered them. Such is Dzingirai for you, the man who will not accept defeat, the man who foolishly think Chivi South belongs to him and him alone by way of parliamentary representation.

  3. another zanu pf project there. Like they did in 2008 with simba makoni..Mai Mujuru is simply there to take away an other opposition party’s votes in 2018 and later on reunite with Munangagwa, stupid Zanu politics!!!

  4. Certainly a case of sour grapes – I remember his name from his (and Walter Mzembi) attempt to take over a struggling mine called Renco somewhere in Masvingo under the disguise of empowerment. Apart from that, I haven’t heard anything good that he has really done for the nation. Since he has been wallowing out in the cold he is obviously trying to gain relevance. The unfortunate thing with People First is that even those failed kleptomaniacs are scrambling hoping to join a supposed gravy train rolling through town. If ever they win elections and form a government there is serious self introspection required so that only clean men and women form the government.

  5. Okay. People First should seriously think about the people they intend to put in their structures otherwise they are going to be a mini-ZANU PF (of rejects). But this leaves me thinkin’: How many more are still sticking with ZANU PF because that’s where the bread is buttered?

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