Former Zanu PF henchman’s property to be auctioned

Former Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairman Jim Kunaka will have some of his household property auctioned today over an undisclosed debt owed to one Prince Jack.


The property to be auctioned by Revelations Auctioneers includes a double-door upright fridge, four-piece sofas, flat screen television, glass table with six chairs, seven dining room chairs and a DVD player.

Contacted for comment yesterday, the former Zanu PF Chipangano militia group leader professed ignorance over who had attached his property and the reason behind that.

He alleged this was Zanu PF’s way of getting back at him.

“It is not new to me. I am fed up of talking about Zanu PF. Whatever happens, I do not care. It does not change my life,” Kunaka said. “I do not really know the reason as I did not even bother to check. I am a hard worker and I can buy even better stuff. In fact, I have already bought new stuff. I am not cheap.”

Jim Kunaka

Kunaka said he just knew it was coming from his enemies and was praying for them to live longer so they could see him prosper.

“I do not really know these people. When these things happen and it is coming from your enemy, give him a chance, then pray for him so that he lives longer to see you prosper,” he said.

Kunaka was notorious for being the face of the Zanu PF terror group, Chipangano, which turned Mbare and other parts of Harare upside down at its peak.

He was fired from Zanu PF together with the likes of ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who were accused of trying to topple President Robert Mugabe ahead of the ruling party’s December 2014 elective congress.

In October last year, Kunaka admitted that he was the face of Zanu PF violence and used to terrorise opposition supporters and residents of Mbare.

“I was the political violence master when I was in Zanu PF, but what I want people to know today is that when you join a cult, you behave like the people in that cult,” he told South Africa’s ANN7TV channel last October.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    zvaiwana ngwarati!!!

  2. dindingwe rinonoka richakweva kana iro rokwevewa roti mavara azara ivhu. Its now the eleventh hour when you want to know God

  3. Hakeldama – field of blood. You are advised not to buy property that was accumulated through proceeds of championing ZANU PF atrocities against opponents. We are still mourning our relatives and friends who died at the hands of this man.

  4. Chero mabhatani muyard make torai kkkkk


    EASY COME EASY GO. Some one told me that, one must work and earn a clean wage or salary not to steal from people. I heard this guy used to force long distance bus drivers to pay him. The monies supposed to be collected by City of Harare went into this guy’s pockets. This is called ILLEGAL MONEY. The money you get by arm twisting the poor. Mari idzi hadzishandi nekuti wakadziwana nechi crook. The property you purchased using ‘illegal’ money has vanished and its back to square one. He is not the only one. A certain former mayoress’s farm house caught fire destroying all the furniture bought by the money earned thru suppressing the poor employees. LESSON: Anything you bought using money earned from hardworking lasts forever.

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