Don’t insult civil servants

While sentiments by Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo in this paper yesterday that some workers, including those in the civil service, did not deserve bonuses rather appear insensitive, the issue must be publicly debated across the social strata.

It would be interesting to establish who else among the Zanu PF elite agree or even disagree with Moyo’s thinking on this matter. Failure to defend their opinions publicly shows that many Zanu PF ministers are political cowards fearing a backlash at the next election.

Indeed, it does not make sense for government to pay just about everybody a bonus as an entitlement yet they would have left its employ for years. A case in point is where a former civil servant was paid a bonus when he has been staying somewhere in Australasia for more than five years and spewing vitriol against the people of this country. So Moyo’s argument comes in handy in cases like these — that bonuses must be performance-based and not a right.

Jonathan-Moyo 2

At the same time, it is not a secret that the majority of workers — particularly civil servants — are paid a pittance that cannot stretch from the beginning to the end of each month and it’s probably a miracle that they have been able to go to work and sustain their families against this grim backdrop.

Zanu PF, whose chefs continue to enjoy extravagant perks, has run down the economy — never mind the sanctions ruse — and the buck stops with them when it comes to the penury in which the majority of their employees are living. Surely, would it be so wrong to pay the 13th cheque to employees that had held on throughout the year under such punishing circumstances?

To describe these people that are paid a pittance as “non-performers and drunkards” is rather unfortunate and Moyo — being the academic that he is — must know better. We understand Moyo’s thinking on the matter, hence the need to probe the subject further given that President Robert Mugabe declared earlier last year that bonuses were an entitlement.

It is not debatable that a bonus is not an entitlement, but the socio-economic crisis spawned by the Zanu PF government’s misgovernance has reduced the majority of workers into paupers yet they continue to hold the fort with the hope that their employer would be sensitive to their plight throughout the year and just say, “thank you”.

We believe it is this government that pays workers a pittance and therefore responsible for employees who leave their jackets in their offices so they can go out and scrounge for money for their family’s upkeep while Moyo himself is able to afford enrolling his children at foreign universities.

In any case, if a bonus is not a right, does it mean that none of the nearly 190 000-strong workforce deserved a bonus in 2015? Does this imply that no one performed enough to earn a 13th cheque?

There is no doubt that the government is no longer able to pay its own employees. Treasury should just admit there is no money and that they have dismally failed to discharge their mandate as a government.

The failure to pay the 13th cheque is just a microcosm of the Zanu PF government’s failure to manage the economy. Is it not true that the country is now on auto-pilot after two decades of economic mismanagement and political intransigence?

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    2. Do the ZANU PF government ministers deserve the perks that they are getting considering the state of everything in Zim at the moment – economy, infrastructure, policies etc?

  2. Prof Moyo is trying to divert attetion from the real issue. For the last 34 years govt has paid civil servants bonuses on time and without any questions asked. The real question is why for the first time govt has failed to pay these bonuses? Why is govt failing to mobilise financial resources to pay these bonuses but finding money to pay for other purposes? Why the economy failing to generate enough revenues to meet monthly civil service wages? What are govt’s plans regarding monthly salaries from Jan to Dec 2015?

  3. If Mugabe got a bonus for destroying Zim then even the worst drunkard on the planet also deserves a bonus

  4. Minister I think you are you are growing to big for your shoes..
    The President said bonus will be paid to all as it is an entitlement
    The President said dont use social media in governance issues.
    You seem to be getting bigger than the President now.
    Watch your back these are turbulent times.
    If I were you I would confine myself to improving the welfare students and staff at universities colleges.

  5. The minister of finance is the one who is suppose to update us on the matter of bonuses not the minister of education. Jonathan Moyo is educated but to my surprise he is always popping his nose in every ministry as is if he is the spokesman of the treasury and all ministries. His tendency of issuing reckless speeches is going to land him into serious trouble soon.

  6. while prof moyo is perfectly correct there is only one big problem which we in business have always wondered why all those doctors in GVT don’t seem to notice: the problem is in the civil service contract it puts a thirteenth cheque as part of the compensation , therefore its a right. unlike our contracts in business where bonuses are subject to company performance as well as individual performance, in other words if the company cant afford to pay all employees don’t get paid (hakuna bonus for everybody), and when the company is able to pay individuals get appraised to see if they performed according to their specific predetermined goals. some will get and some will not.
    therefore GVT must relook at those contracts.

  7. @Hoko.that’s true.

  8. Who has rundown AMH for it to fail to pay its employees? Is it Zanu PF too? The heading and the detail seem to be conflicting. In the story you seem to be broadly agreeing with Moyo while in your heading you are reprimanding him.

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    1. Keep it to yourself

  11. I read what Prof Moyo said yesterday concerning civil servants bonuses. I totally agree with those with the view that Prof Moyo must concentrate much on the students and lecturers at tertiary institutions. The problem that I see in Prof Moyo and I do sympathize with him is that he inherited some messy created by the former permanent secretary Dr Mbizvo.

    This rot particularly at some polytechnic is still thriving. In 2009 polytechnics were ordered to bank with Metropolitan Bank in which Mrs MbIzvo was one of the directors. Harare Polytechnic has lost more than $2 million. I very doubt Prof Moyo is aware of that. The Harare Metro Bank branch has since collapsed and the money is not yet recovered.

    There are appointments of some polytechnic principals which were done by Dr Mbizvo which people feel proper PSC policies were not followed. At Harare Polytechnic for instance Mr Mudondo who was deputizing the late Mr Raza was appointed substantive Principal. This vacant position was never advertised..People suspect that Dr Mbizvo has still an influence in the day to day running of the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education. When Prof Moyo was appointed Minister, students and lecturers celebrated because we felt President Mugabe had given us one of us. Prof Moyo is a highly respected academic, so we ululated.

    Polytechnics are poorly staffed particularly in the engineering sides. There are people who masquerade themselves as lecturers yet they are lowly qualified compared to the general hands. This is a fact which Hexco is aware of. This is not an exaggerated fact, just come to Harare Polytechnic or or check with PSC who came to the institution to carry out a head come exercise. Why is that such people are allowed to comprise the standards of education and lives students.
    ? Why can’t gvt replace these unqualified people with engineering graduates chunned out by some of our universities?

    So these are some the serious problems created by Dr Mbizvo which require an urgent attention of Prof Moyo.. With appointment of Pfrof Moyo to the ministry takafara, tikapururudza asi tinenge takapururudzira n’anga ichandobata mai. Hameno zvimwe tavakurumidzira pane zvanotirongera kupedza uori uhu. There is absolutely rampant corruption.

  12. Most civil servants were beneficiaries of the land reform program. There is no better bonus than a A1 or A2 farm. Soldiers are paid to jog in the morning and sit the whole day for 365 days I don’t know why they shuld get a bonus for what?? Don’t tell me for national security coz Dzamara disappeared without a trace under their watch. The CIO and police failed to recover him hence they shuld not be awarded a bonus at all. The deaths at Chikuru after prison uprise should be a measure of not awarding the prison officer bonuses. Its just a small survey but following ministry by ministry u will find only 2-5 ministries deserve a bonus.

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  15. It seems like there is confusion here regarding the bonus. In Zimbabwean terms employees get their 13th cheque bonus as part of their remuneration. Its not linked to performance.
    Your salary package includes that 13th cheque and employees have to get it, its nothing to do with performance.
    Then there is performance related bonus(PRB) which some companies pay in addition to the 13th cheque. The PRB is paid depended on the company and employee performance and that one is not a right.
    Moyo is simply making this noise now because the government has no money and its embarrassing that their leader foolishly promised the bonus when the man with the purse had clearly stated that there was no money.
    Therefore civil servants have to get their 13th cheque and Mugabe knows where to get that money from.
    He could pay using interest from his overseas bank accounts.

  16. Ndandisina kuzoti nematambudziko Minister emwana ..zvinowanikwa izvi…nemuromo wenyu uyo chenjerai

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  20. is there anyone sympathetic about the plight of civil servants? God bless you and your family abundantly minister Moyo for being a saviour of a ruthless political party

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