Deputy minister faces Zanu PF probe

LOCAL Government deputy minister Christopher Chingosho is facing a Zanu PF internal investigation for allegedly inciting demonstrations against the party’s Manicaland provincial leadership.


Sources said some provincial leaders were set to meet later this month to decide Chingosho’s fate amid allegations that the Headlands MP was out to destabilise the faction-riddled province.

Recently Chingosho’s supporters handed over a petition to the legislator voicing their concerns over the sprouting of parallel Zanu PF structures along factional lines.

On the other hand, some provincial leaders accused the deputy minister of inciting structures to revolt against them.

Christopher Chingosho

Zanu PF provincial vice-chairperson Joseph Mujati said it was not clear what course of action they would take against Chingosho, a known top ally of Environment minister and politburo member Oppah Muchinguri.

“There is no position at the moment. There is a problem in Headlands and the party is looking into that,” Mujati said.

But some provincial members insisted if the matter is not handled well, it could open floodgates for revolts against the leadership co-opted into positions without going for elections.

Energy minister Samuel Undenge is the provincial chairperson.

“We have seen some demonstrations in Headlands that are only calculated to incite the people. Restructuring was done and we don’t see why people should continue leading parallel structures.

“Such kind of open defiance should not be let go unpunished,” said one provincial member who requested anonymity.

“We have people going around lying to the people that the national leadership is saying this yet, in fact, they will be trying to push for factional politics.
“This is what we are trying to stamp out in many areas around the province.”

However, Chingosho denied any wrongdoing, while accusing some provincial executive members of trying to set up illegal structures in his constituency.

“I didn’t play any role. It’s the people who were offended that their names and signatures were being used illegally. These [demonstrations] have nothing to do with the provincial structure or Undenge,” Chingosho said.

“After the official restructuring, there are some provincial members who came to set up parallel structures and it is those people whom the people were demonstrating against.”

Chingosho took over as Headlands MP from Didymus Mutasa, former Zanu PF secretary for administration, who was kicked out of the party along with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and others for allegedly plotting to dislodge President Robert Mugabe.

Meanwhile, Chingosho accused Zanu PF deputy secretary for youth affairs Kudzai Chipanga of working with some provincial executive members and going around misleading people that he had been instructed by First Lady Grace Mugabe to push out the Headlands MP and his backers.

An irate Chingosho said it was unfortunate that Chipanga, whom he had groomed politically, had turned against him.

“My hands are very clean, but, it is sad that we have party members who are trying to push me out of my constituency. I was unanimously voted by the people,” Chingosho said.

“But, now I am very surprised that there are kids that we groomed into this game [politics]that are now moving around soiling my image and asking people to sign a petition against me. To me, it is malicious.”

Chipanga denied he was working against Chingosho.

“He needs to be a grassroots politician to avoid protest votes against him. That petition is useless, but he needs to look in the mirror. He should not lose his cool when facing political challenges, otherwise he will make enemies in the whole province,” Chipanga said.

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