Council to demolish all illegal structures

HARARE City Council has threatened to raze down all illegally extended houses, tuckshops and booths around the city as part of its campaign to rid the capital of unwanted structures.


“The city has zero tolerance on illegal structures and settlements. We are targeting illegal extensions. All extensions on properties have to be approved by council and if they are not, then they are deemed illegal and will be removed,” city spokesperson Michael Chideme said yesterday.

He, however, declined to say when the local authority would launch the blitz although he warned owners of illegal structures to regularise their properties.

What remains of houses in Budiriro 4 after they were demolished by the Harare City Council on August 12.

The unauthorised extensions on houses have taken shape in most suburbs around Harare including Mbare, Glen View, Kambuzuma and Mufakose, among others.

Tuckshops have also been erected either within properties or outside houses in most surburbs.

This, observers say, was as a result of the high rate of unemployment and shortage of accommodation that has forced people to build tuckshops and build structures either at the back or in front of their houses to accommodate family members or to rent out.

The blitz was likely to rekindle sad memories of the 2005 Operation Murambatsvina strongly condemned by the international community as against the tenets of human rights as many people suffered during the time.

Council is also expected to continue demolishing houses built in illegal settlements, a move that will see more than a thousand families severely affected.

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  1. They should divert those resources to some needy areas like filling potholes and covering their trenches rather than rendering people homeless, they seem to have resources to destroy not to build. The problem is MDC councils have Zanupf employees in all top positions who will make sure they mess things so that the blame goes to MDC. We all know SDCs at schools help run the school but the person who is on the ground doing all is the Head so no matter how good an SDC is and the Head is bad nothing works.

  2. Use those resources and time to provide essential services. Do you just have equipment to destroy and not build? Roads are trenches yet you have time and material to destroy people’s properties.

  3. People should start arming themselves with miseve (Rambo style) who ever comes to destroy they use this silent assasin, the workers will refuse to take the orders which put their lives at risk.

  4. goodchildgonebad

    If its true then this council led by loosers is the worst we have had and is comparable to zanu pf interms of being monumental failure and mediocrity.Instead of focusing on bigger issues they concentrate on small things .Get big issues under control small things will disappear overnight.To residents plse get approval for your structures but for tuckshops there nothing wrong with them instead these guys generate money from owners of such structures

  5. kkk what poor administration mobilizes the few resources left to destroy, other than collect refuse,repair street lights and roads,provide safe and clean water for the residents.This clearly explains why the councils are broke and failing basic service delivery.
    MISAPPROPRIATION OF RESOURCES,Pliz put an educated leader.

  6. I don’t know what to say about tis government but I think they are vampires. First you demolish illegal structures in unregulated places, fine. People run to their friends with extended houses and you want to come after those as well. Saka vanhu voita sei? People are unemployed and have started small businesses like tuck-shops and the like and you want to demolish the tuck-shops? Some of them street vending in Harare CBD and you said NO to that as well. Others were going to SA to order and you tightened borders. Some bought cars to break into the transport business and you increased toll gate fees and fines. What do you really want us to do? Please help. Why is easy to send a grader to DEMOLISH while there is none for construction of houses and roads? Why is DEMOLISH, BAN and ARREST the only words the government knows against its people? It’s very sad!

  7. Why now where was the council when these structures were being erected?WAKE UP City of Harare.

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