Comedian targets global audience

Doc Vikela

TOP stand-up comedian Doc Vikela is this year set to take his career to greater heights through use of social media particularly You Tube as he seeks to increase his television presence.


Speaking to NewsDay ahead of the Night of 2016 Laughs scheduled for a local hotel tomorrow night where he will perform alongside Simba the Comic King and Michael K, Doc Vikela said he was targeting a global audience.

“This year as part of taking my brand to the people I will be using much of the online channel, (YouTube) which is also fast becoming the alternative for television viewers to reach out to a global audience,” Doc Vikela said.

For the Night of 2016 Laughs show, Doc Vikela urged comedy lovers to come in their numbers promising a rib-cracking show.


“It is a new year with a false economic start so come let’s laugh away January and welcome February. The Night of 2016 Laughs kick starts a new year of comedy.
As usual, I promise comedy enthusiasts a great laugh as I come up armed with topical content dominating the market right now,” he said.

The comedian, however, lamented inadequate support from the corporate sector to assist this growing industry.

“As comedians, we still need a lot of support from the corporate sector for the industry to flourish. There is a lot of unrecognised talent and there is a lot that needs to be done to match the standards of the world in comedy,” he said.

Born Victor Mpofu, Doc Vikela is known for his unique take on everyday situations in the most hilarious manner.

With a star studded line up of these celebrated comedians who are buoyed by their records of mesmerising and leaving audiences in stitches of laughter, comedy lovers are set for an explosive rib-cracking night.


  1. “…..local hotel…..”. The venue is nameless, NewsDay has hidden it. And soon after, the artist is lamenting that the corporate world is not supporting this industry. And one company which has clearly failed to support this industry is the NewsDay. The fact that you have carried the story means you had to obligation to tell your readers, the public, the venue and time. That way you would have played your part in supporting the industry. You always give details when you report on musicians but pano makanya basa.

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