Chinotimba in ‘longest kiss’ contest

BUHERA South Member of Parliament Joseph Chinotimba will on February 14 battle it out with several couples in a longest kiss challenge as part of celebrity couples, socialites and politicians scheduled to take part in the event that will be incorporated into the Book of African Records, NewsDay has established.
Book of African Records marketing officer Gwen Myers confirmed Chinotimba’s participation in the “love fiesta” dubbed the Longest Kiss in Africa on Valentine’s Day scheduled for the Harare International Conference Centre.



“At the moment Joseph ‘Chinos’ Chinotimba has confirmed his participation and we are just finalising with other popular couples,” she said, adding that the competition is open strictly to married couples.

The show is based on a concept that saw a Thailand couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, setting the documented world record of the longest kiss which lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds in 2013.

Myers said the record attempt, however, will strictly strive to set an African record for the longest kiss due to the novelty and symbolic nature of the event.
“As a way to cement our 2016 theme ‘Break a Record’ will be hosting The Longest Kiss in Africa show on Valentine’s Day in association with Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), Multichoice and ZiFM,” Myers said.

“Participation in the record attempt will be open solely to married couples. This will position the event as an inspiration to society to encourage faithfulness to one partner with whom you are not shy to appear and show affection to publicly.”

She said lunch will be served first and then couples will participate in some games and there will be a number of spot prizes to be given away to lucky couples.

Myers said the kiss must be continuous and the lips must be touching and continuously moving at all times, failure of which the couple will be immediately disqualified.

“Contestants to this event must be only married couples who are over the age of 18 with a proof of marriage required. Couples married according to customary law are also elegible to participate at the event,” she said.

Contestants must keep standing during the attempt and cannot be propped together by any aids, such as pillows, cushions or people. No rest breaks are allowed and couples must not leave the venue during their attempt.

Interested couples will have to purchase tickets at HICC selling at $60 per couple.

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  1. I like Comrade Chinos. Varatidzei Comrade

  2. nice , kwete politics everyday of the weeks


    So it means the Thailand couple kept on kissing for two and a half solid days without even eating and retiring to bed? Its impossible. Its similar to a punishment.

    1. no they are given certain minutes for toilet breaks etc. but most time will be kissing. the overall time in day maybe say 23 hours and one hours reserved for nature

  4. This is a very good move by the Member of Parliament. What remains to be seen it the culprit who will survive that long kiss. God willing, we will be alive still to see it.

    1. what Troy replied I’m blown away that a person able to earn $6908 in 4 weeks on the internet .

  5. Where are we going?? where are we coming from.. zvese zvese tinongogamhira mudenga without thinking at all. Chinoz wave mudhara iwe.. usafumurwe nezvinhu zvisina basa. Chinoz come up with a bright idea like a dancing competition..iwe wopindawo ne kongonya jive yawakajaira.

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