Chigwedere lawsuit rejected

Former Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere

The witchcraft lawsuit against former Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere filed by his son, Magwiza, at the Harare Civil Court, was yesterday rejected on the basis of jurisdictional grounds.


Presiding resident magistrate Brighton Pabwe said Chigwedere’s son ought to have filed the application in Marondera where both parties are permanently based.

“The Harare Civil Court cannot have jurisdiction to dwell on the matter because both parties reside in Marondera and the action happened in Marondera,” Pabwe said.

Chigwedere, through his lawyer Tendai Masawi, had last week challenged the hearing of the matter in Harare citing unprocedural flaws.

In his application, Masawi had argued the Harare Civil Court was not the correct one to deal with the case as both parties were based in Marondera.


He had also argued that Magwiza had raised constitutional issues in his application and, therefore, the matter would be best heard in the Constitutional Court.

But, in his response, Magwiza said he felt his application would be better held in Harare because he feared his father would tamper with the course of justice in Marondera.

However, in his ruling, the magistrate said the issue of Chigwedere being a figure of influence in Marondera was not significant in the matter.

“The application is dismissed on point of jurisdiction,” Pabwe said.

Mangwiza approached the courts late last year accusing Chigwedere of practicing witchcraft, claiming he had goblins that were terrorising other family members.

Chigwedere was being sued together with his wife, Emilia Zharare, who is Magwiza’s stepmother.


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  3. This old man is dangerous. Goblins everywhere even in his offices. I remember at one time he wanted to change Schools Names he wanted Peterhouse to be called Sekuru Kaguvi school. Stupid muroyi wezanu pf.

  4. Ko uroyi hwave kutambirika kuti huriko here mumacourt?Kana zvakadaro nyaya idzi izhinji chaizvo zvekuti vatongi vatowedzerwa.But hapana mari yekuzo vabhadhara.Tight nechingoro paMbare musika.

  5. Amazing stuff. The magistrate should not be allowed to derail the course of justice on semantics. He simply did not apply his mind or was too scared of the back clash from goblins. The case can not be dismissed, rather it should be transferred to Marondera if that is the position at law. By transferring, it will mean that the plaintiff does not start afresh, and that the case would continue to be prioritized on the roll. If the magistrate had said that he does not have expertise, it was understandable because we were going to look for competent magistrates who can preside over this case. The case is of great importance because it will set a precedent, and create avenues for aggrieved parties to seek justice in courts. We therefore encourage Magwiza to continue pursuing justice to the very end, and we strongly believe that through his bravery the scourge of witchcraft shall be confronted head on, especially in our country where witches flaunt wealth derived from human blood. They too cause untold suffering to victims, leaving a trail of anguish and graves…that’s can not be allowed to continue.

  6. Iwe Magwiza haikona kufukura hapwa dzeMusharuka Soko,Mukanya.After all he is your father.This is purely an internal matter that should be resolved within family circles.

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