Chapfika wrecks marriage over ‘smallhouses’

Former Finance deputy minister and Zanu PF Mutoko South MP David Chapfika’s wife of over 32 years, Abina (nee Mutimusakwa), has filed for divorce at the High Court on the basis that the union has irretrievably broken down over “smallhouses”, to the extent that there are no reasonable prospects of restoring the same.


Chapfika is also chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development and former chairperson of the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board.

In her declaration attached to the summons dated December 30, 2015, Abina accused Chapfika of bedding other women to the extent of siring children out of wedlock despite having a registered marriage under the Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11).

Abina further said she had endured emotional, verbal and psychological abuse and harassment at the hands of the former Agriculture deputy minister to such an extent that it had resulted in stress, untold suffering and mental anguish.

“The defendant (Chapfika) has improperly and immorally associated with other women to the extent of having extra-marital relationships, the last known of which resulted in him violating the Marriage Act,” Abina said through her lawyers Messrs Muhonde Attorneys.


“The defendant has flatly/arrogantly refused to terminate the said illegal additional marriage to the other woman, justifying the same and, thus, refusing to restore a normal marriage relationship with the plaintiff (Abina).

“The parties have not lived as husband and wife for a period of more than two years, which plaintiff finds incompatible with the continuation of a normal relationship.”

Abina added: “The defendant has treated with and/or subjected the plaintiff to emotional, verbal and psychological abuse and harassment resulting in stress, untold suffering and mental anguish, all of which the plaintiff finds incompatible with the continuation of a normal relationship.”

She further stated in the event of the court granting her a decree of divorce, it would be just and equitable that Chapfika should be ordered to pay her $2 000 maintenance per month and be allowed custody of the couple’s one minor child.

She also urged the court to order that she be awarded 50% shares in the couple’s firm called Racewin Trading, also known as Hurudza Farm in Shamva, a lifetime use of the 200 hectares of the farm which she personally developed.

Abina also wanted an order of the division and sharing of the matrimonial household property, farm equipment and property and maintenance of the minor child.

Just a month ago, Chapfika was given a 30-day ultimatum by the High Court to pay back a $336 000 loan to CABS Bank, which he acquired using his late brother’s estate as security without the knowledge of the estate beneficiaries.

The legislator, who has been accused of abusing his position, had been appointed executor dative in the estate of his brother, the late Netsai Robson Chapfika, who passed on in South Africa sometime in January 2012.

The MP misrepresented to his brother’s wife, Theresa Chapfika, and fraudulently acquired a $280 000 loan from CABS while using the estate’s property as collateral.

The MP’s shenanigans came to light when Theresa was put under pressure by creditors and forced to dispose of some of her assets, which included motor vehicles and furniture in a bid to clear the debts only to discover later that there was another huge debt at CABS.

After making thorough investigations, Theresa discovered Chapfika had gone behind her back and acquired the huge loan, which apparently he was failing to service.

Theresa’s discoveries prompted her to approach the High Court seeking to have the legislator removed from being the estate’s executor dative and the matter was heard before Justice Joseph Musakwa, who ruled in her favour.

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  1. Jamengweni Godonga

    Damn filthy criminal, ugqokela ibhulugwe phezu kwenkaba ungufeleba on he; shame. These Zpf people surely must be brought to book at some time; these criminal offences seem inherent in their party. They loot banks, land, everything ad lib. However rich the country maybe surely the resources will dry up some day and there will be nothing for the future generations. Nkosi sikelela

    1. Chief Legal Adviser

      Crime has nothing to do with ZPF. Any Zimbabwean can commit crime.

      1. asekuru munecchokwadi nezvamuri kutaura.wat r u hiding?

  2. the difference is ZPF criminals are not prosecuted and they become demi gods…..

  3. Son used to drive a new Hummer to St Johns School , But he in fact never had any real money ..He and his other brother just stole from City of Harare via dubious water chemical supply contracts, and the guys blew it all on young girls.

  4. Wow…and he is the chair of the finance and economic parliamentary committee and he frauduantly got a loan from cabs….Zanu pf ( POCKETS first) ..

  5. What did u really expect marrying this ZPF guy, madam??

    1. what Randall replied I am amazed that some people can get paid $6308 in a few weeks on the internet

    2. They were married well well before he was into politics…and not all Zanu Pf guys are bad

  6. David Chapfika has got the morals of a polecat (i.e. an ideal Zanu pf cadre)
    He also shared a small house with his crooked comrade. Nhamo Tutisani.

  7. what Randall replied I am amazed that some people can get paid $6308 in a few weeks on the internet

  8. When Morgan Tsvangirai was widowed he did what every man due when he finds himself in such a situation and the State Media went overboard.Everyone in Zanu (Pf) is not clean even the president himself .He bedded Grace while his late wife was in the throes of her death.Zanu (Pf) is the headquarters of womanizers and prostitutes .Just give one clean person in its ranks and I will eat my hat

  9. Man with no morals and no respect for women
    The small house of it is his daughters age!

    Pathetic nauseating

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