Byo’s Club Forty40 hosts Funky Dress Party

CLUB Forty40 will on Saturday night host a funky dress party, where revellers are expected to be dressed in clothes that were fashionable in the 1970s.


The Spooktacular funky party will see decorations and costumes, as well as spooky candy buffet supplies and tableware on display.

Show organiser, Sibanengi Ndebele, aka DJ Mzoe, told NewsDay the event would be scintillating, as people will be dressed in all kinds of regalia.

“This is our first show this year and it’s going to be a show-and-a-half, as we always give our clients exclusive shows. This time we decided to bring in a new flavour, where one will be dressed funkily,” he said.

DJ Mzoe said the party was inspired by Upperklass, a hip-hop group that brought in a unique swag in the city.

He said people should come in their ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, supper skinny bootleg jeans, wide leg jeans, jump suits, funky wigs and cow boy wear, as the club will award the best dressed person.

“Local artistes will perform on the day and I can promise it will be awesome. Local disc jockeys will be present and will take turns to spin the decks,” he said.

The event will start at 6pm till the wee hours of Sunday.

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