Bosso elections: All set for fascinating contest

ALL is set for an enthralling contest in the Highlanders election for the vice-chairman and treasurer’s posts set for February 6 after all the six candidates had their nomination papers approved.


The nomination court sat yesterday for the verification process and cleared four candidates for the vice-chairman post, including the outgoing Mgcini Mpofu, who is seeking re-election, former treasurer Donald Ndebele, businessman Kenneth Mhlophe, Modern Ngwenya and Nkosinathi Ncube.

Ndebele lost in the last election in 2013 to Jerry Sibanda, who was last year recalled by his employers Bulawayo City Council to chair newly-promoted Premier Soccer League side Bulawayo City.

The battle for the treasurer’s post will be between Charles Ndlovu and incumbent Donald Ndebele.

Chairman of the nomination court, Jonathan Sayi Moyo, who is also the board vice-chairman, yesterday confirmed the six candidates.

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“I would like to thank the team that I worked with, which has gentlemen, who have got the expertise to deal with these things. The decision of this nomination court made in terms of Article 10.8 of the constitution of Highlanders shall be final and subject to no appeal. We have been very lucky. Our job was made very easy by the people who submitted their forms. They were all in order and the guys who have qualified are as follows: For vice-chairman, we have Mhlophe Kenneth, Mpofu Mgcini, Ncube Nkosinathi, Ngwenya Modern. These guys will be meeting the electorate on February 7. For treasurer, we have Ndebele Donald and Ndlovu Charles. We had four for the vice-chairman’s post and two for the treasurer’s post. We had no hitches. It was a smooth process,” Moyo said.

A member of the nomination court, Elkanah Dube, said the smooth verification process showed that the generality of the Highlanders membership now understood the club’s constitution in relation to elections.

“Actually, this is indicative of growing understanding and significance of the stipulations of the constitution, not only by us, the nomination court, but by the membership. It means that people understand and those who don’t fit into the categories did not waste their time. It is a good development,” he said.

Article 9.1 of the constitution states that a prospective candidate for the executive committee must be a fully paid-up member of the club “. . . who has been so for an uninterrupted period of at least two years, immediately preceding his nomination”.

According to the constitution, the candidate must not have been convicted of any crime involving dishonesty. for which he has been sentenced to a prison term without the option of a fine or to a fine exceeding $50 000 or both in the 10 years preceding his nomination.

A candidate for the treasurer’s post must be a holder of a post-Ordinary Level certificate in bookkeeping and/or accounting.

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