Bad publicity on Mphoko in bad taste

THERE appears to be a concerted strategy to vilify VP Phelekezela Mphoko. One turns to question the motive behind this orchestrated blackmail. It started with criticising his views on the causes and instigators of the Gukurahundi massacres.

He remained adamant that the massacres were a Western conspiracy which got buyers from some Zimbabweans. In short, he castigated some sectors of Zimbabwean society for allowing themselves to be used as tongs of accomplishing the Western agenda of dividing the newly-independent nation.

Of late, the chorus grew louder over VP Mphoko’s overstay at the hotel. Is it the VP’s role to look for accommodation or the relevant ministry? If any blame was to be apportioned, it should be government which is tasked with getting him accommodation. Is the dilly dallying in getting the VP accommodation a set-up meant to discredit him?


A number of reasons may be suggested for this well-orchestrated vilification of Mphoko. Top most is his unequivocal stance on the Gukurahundi massacre. His refusal to play second fiddle to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He is an accomplished liberation fighter and proprietor of a supermarket chain. Recently, he reprimanded a man who referred to him as Mboko. In short, the man is forth right, doesn’t mince his words and looks like he is a disciplinarian. This ability to speak out his convictions may not be comfortable to some who have come to conclude that former Zapu comrades are meant to remain vices. So acceptable was this proposition that the late Joshua Nkomo, Msika, John Nkomo, never questioned their second Vice-President status. It was a given. Imagine Umdala Wethu being second Vice-President to Simon Muzenda and for Joice Mujuru.

Petitioners were up in placards against Mphoko’s overstay in a hotel, while all things being equal, it is not his fault, but that of the responsible ministry.

Interestingly, one may want to know where the “alert petitioners” were when Chiadzwa was looted, when the proceeds from community shares went missing. The Auditor-General has unearthed serious misconducts of misappropriation of funds within government ministries and departments – yet there was deafening quietness from ratepayers including these fired up petitioners.

What is the alleged $250 000 spent on hotel accommodation for Mphoko? This is accounted expense compared to many under deals that rob the nation of millions of dollars. Corruption is the leading disease from an economic perception.

Towards the just-ended Zanu PF conference held at Victoria Falls, some commentators thought elective issues would rise. The quota system in favour of women was thrown around. Quickly, the spotlight was on former Zapu. Was it a genuine motive to suggest that the woman Vice-President comes from Zapu. The need to rotate in terms of the unity agreement, did it deal with other offices minus the party president or first secretary.

It becomes clear that the envisaged woman Vice-President from the former Zapu was meant to substitute Mphoko. In this chain of events, Mphoko’s forth righteousness, entrepreneurship, knowledge of his birth rights would be substituted by a submissive woman Vice-President who would accept being second Vice-President, ready to bootlick and sing for her supper.

To some extent, the Unity Accord has been abused by some ill-motivated individuals bent on enhancing mileage using the otherwise good unity pact.

Well done Mphoko – keep it up.

l Moses Tsimukeni Mahlangu writes in his own capacity and can be reached on for comments.

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  1. vivian v siziba

    Mphoko has himself to blame.Why does he naively engage himself on issues that he doesn’t know, was he a cabinet minister by then? He should simply keep quiet,silence is golden and should let those who were then decision makers,the likes of Syden Sekeramayi E Mnangagwa comment on the matter.If he keeps on commenting on this matter the way he does, he is insinuating that those people who sanctioned the deployment of that Brigade which butchered several thousands of defenceless women and children were dull and not in control of their mental faculties,this of course would attract a lot of displeasure from his cabinet colleagues who were involved and part to that decision.I don’t think the person who appointed him vice president mandated him to make those reckless and inaccurate comments on such a sensitive issue which has remained unresolved up to date.

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    2. I’m surprised that Mr Mahlangu, a secretary general of Zimbabwe urban workers union (ZUCWU), an affliate of ZTCU has now become an apologist of Mpoko, a Zanu official and the country’s VP. I think Mahlangu has joined ZANU and it is high time he is outed from the trade union. Mboko represents a leader without morals and regard for the poor citizenry. Mahlangu’s perks at zucwu must be investigated as he might be abusing workers’ contributions. We don’t want leaders like Mahlangu who mimic corrupt zanu pf leaders.
      ZCTU should summon Mahlangu and ask him to account for this stupid piece he wrote defending a pest vice president who is sucking the country dry.

      Thank you

  2. Moses Tsimukeni Mahlangu you are a real sick man to try and defend the indefencible, are you taking us for fools. Is there better sin on earth, is there better corruption than whatever? What do you mean he has used only $250,000.00 of taxpayers’ monies though accounted for? How many civil servants would have had a better Xmas with their families if that accounted for $250,000.00 had been given as the salary they worked for on time had he not spent it at The Rainbow Towers?
    That he is fighting not be 2nd or 1st or 3rd VP is neither here nor there.
    Do not underestimate our intelligence and never again take us for fools

  3. ZANU pf bitch
    This is nonsense mboko imboko
    ZANU of thugs are clever, they use mboko to cover up their traces like they did with Mzombi, munozvibaya mega
    Mboko is not different from the late VPs maybe mboko has no powers, he is just a ceremonial VP like Banana

  4. madzibaba Ishmael

    Mboko must have denied to stay in tgat hotel for this long period. He should have opted to stay in Matapi or Mabvuku if he has the people in hus heart. He is a moron to say the least and we will always judge him by this!!!!!!

  5. If like it is said here Mboko has a chain of supermarkets why doesnt he have a house of his own? Would he surely be comfortable living in a hotel high up like a bird. Surely if he were that rich he would have several comfortable places of his own. Choppies is owned by South Africans and Mboko is only a front of foreigners getting into business sectors reserved for locals, he gets very little from that

    1. @Chissaga. Point of correction.Choppies, the regional Stock Exchange listed retail giant has its majority shareholding in Botswana where it was founded in 1986 by the Chopdat family.The VP took advantage of the 51% indigenous laws of this country to become the majority shareholder of Choppies Zimbabwe local operations. As for this article it is an embarrassing display of how one can sink so low as a shameless apologist for someone. For instance Mphoko’s desperate attempts to cultivate a new narrative to the Gukurahundi genocide has even embarrassed its chief architects who have not even bothered to dignified the VP’s claims with an acknowledgement. The President himself is on record as having said that what happened during Gukurahundi was a ” moment of madness.” Enter Mphoko and suddenly we wake up to a Gukurahundi that now has a brand new narrative to it!

    2. I wanted to point out the same. Mpoko is not the owner of Choppies, he is just fronting. The Company is in fact largely owned by Botswana based entities (started by Batswana of Indian origins – look for how many managers will be Indian in Zim). The fact that he agrees to front also shows that the man is actually ‘Mboko’.

  6. What a weak defence of this unjustified selfishness. Decent thing is for that guy to vacate the hotel. Government has no money for such extravagance. Fyi civil servants salaries were delayed. Which zim are you living in?

  7. some of us in life are jus so inconsiderate shame hayi ahhh, honestly u cant expect a VP to stay in Mabvuku or Matapi, he has a status as he is the second in command wetha dark or blue in this country and he deserves the best that is why he hasn’t found a decent accommodation for a VP

    1. When Tsvangirai became PM, he stayed in his own house while government was organizing alternative accommodation for him. That`s what leaders with people at heart do! Mphoko has refused a number of good houses offered to him by government saying they are not suitable for him. He might as well say State House is not suitable for him! The man is simply selfish and inconsiderate! He could be an agent of the West himself trying to bleed the government dry!!!!

  8. Chief Charumbira

    VP Mpoko has himself to blame for accepting accommodation at the Sheraton for that long at great expense to the country when our economy is under-performing. If the truth be told, he is too junior to ED and should simply accept that reality rather than pretend otherwise. How could his wife refuse a $3 million dollar house?

  9. Chisanga don’t jus say things, know things

    The company’s Board of Directors are as follows:
    Festus Mogae – Chairman
    Farouk Ismail – Deputy Chairman
    Ramachandran Ottapathu – Chief Executive Officer
    Robert Neil Matthews – Non-Executive Director
    Dorcus Kgosietsile – Non-Executive Director
    Timothy Gordon Marsland – Non-Executive Director

    Choppies was founded in 1986 with one supermarket named Wayside Supermarket (Proprietary) Limited in Lobatse by the Chopdat family, with a second store opening in 1993.

    1. You can own a company and have Bordof Directors, Savanchy.

  10. This writer needs psychatric help. The relevan Ministry was harmstrung by the opulence needed by this Mboko guy who wants a Michael Jackson house for taking notes from Grace. I stayed 2 weeks in a hotel a good hotel but it was not my take now imagine the whole year uchiyanikira underwear mu shower room, kana kukanda mupepa back for others to clean your mess.

  11. When a person refuses to occupy a $3 million mansion, what does that mean? Why defending something which is clearly wicked even in the eyes of a devil? The writer of this article what were you sniffing when you typed this? Shame on your boot licking opinion.

  12. Mphoko has done himself no favour.
    1. He takes notes from Grace;
    2. He introduces Grace at her rallies;
    3. His office is run by her wife. How else do you explain the Rainbow Towers debacle?
    4. He is forced by his wife to stay in a hotel for over a year at gvt’s expense
    5. He accuses the West for atrocities performed by North Koreans and Zimbabweans. Foolish!
    6. He has not shown any tangible results since his appointment, just his masters and party colleagues;
    7. He is simply foolish!!

    It’s unfortunate he is singled out by name, but he is a representative of the whole rot in the party and government.

  13. This is nonsense. The VP turned down three houses, he should have prioritized the economy and not his luxuries. That is what a leader should do. Look at Tanzania. If our economy was flourishing, we could understand him, but patiri pakaoma!!!! Mutungamiriri haadero!! Personally I do not buy in Choppies, neither do I buy Alpha Omega products. I cant use my money to profit people who do not care at about us.

  14. This is a balanced article ,very objective and frank.Some people may be selectively angry at gvt’s financial prodigality but VP Mphoko can not be the fall guy in all this.One wonders why there never has been placards raised against well known land barons,diamond looters and so on.It is not VP Mphoko who has come up with a humiliating teaspoon budget of $4bln post GNU.Even if he vacates that hotel today ,will this measure miraculously turn around the economy? His style and approach to national issues makes him so unique in a sea of mediocrity that has been mis advising the Predsident all along.This man is a nation builder with a vision for a united and progressive Zimbabwe yet he is so humble and very loyal and this is the material for leadership and christian who prays for peace,stability and a better future,always !!!

  15. legend of elegance


  16. Whether you like it or not. Our dear vice president is what he is. MBOKO!!!!!!!.

  17. As much as the VP is to blame the govt is equally to blame. The govt should have regulations which provide that the VP is only entitled to stay in a hotel for a specific period,say 3 months.After 3 months the VP should have moved out of the hotel and make alternative accommodation arrangements. The VP would have had a choice to choose from the houses offered or move into his house and paid accommodation allowance by the govt up to a limit. The appointing Authority, Ministry of Finance and the Housing Ministry should not have allowed the VP to stay in a Hotel until people started complaining about it. Most of us have stayed in Hotels for some time but after a month one feels fed up and wants private accommodation and to eat home cooked food. After more than a year the VP still eats hotel food? There is something special about this VP. He is so insensitive,uncaring and wasteful. This VP is a reverse Role Model and he must change! In an effort to please the appointing authority the VP has gone too far in saying something which he knows very little about.

  18. well done Mahlangu …!!

    You should have come out openly though and said things for what they are. This Mphokobashing is about two related things, nothing more:

    1. The Ndebele (Mthwakazi)/Shona (Gukurahundi) divide (which will never be bridged)
    2. The Zapu/Zanu divide, a reflection of the first

    The new ‘moralists’ (all of them Gukurahundi supporters but omalumabephosiza) will ‘condemn’ this analysis. But don’t worry, they do so only because it’s TRUE!

  19. Dear VP, this is certainly not good stewardship principles. And I know that you know what mean.

  20. if the truth is to be said, the VP is not to blame. His Excellency, spends how many dollars on flights and no one has ever toyi-toyi-ed over that. Teaboy spent more nearly a million on women and foreign holidays and no one ever complained over that. the columnist is right, i smell conspiracy somewhere

  21. The writer of this article must have been having a bottle of Zed tucked between his thighs & a joint of malawian mbanje on ashtray as he was writing

  22. I wonder how much this writer was paid for image cleaning

  23. Mboko must just return our cash he used in the hotel. Full stop. What Matyangu is writing to defend Mboko is just nonsense.

  24. When upwards of $3bln meant for the civil service salaries disappeared in 2012 why were placards not raised? When certain ministers are taking million dollar loans from banks and failing to service these loans where are these placards to raise the concern? For the first time post GNU,here is a man who has demonstrated his capacity to take this country to the next level if given a chance to do so.He is uniting the people behind the leadership,he wants the country to move forward and not this daily mud slinging which has robbed this country of its potential.As to how his departure from the hotel will miraculously heal this economy is just insincere.The fact is that this man overshadows a certain ‘favourite ‘,new in main stream government ,successful businessman hence this thin veiled bad publicity campaign from some elements.Its sour grapes!!

  25. mahlangu we know you. we know you are an adverntist like this mboko guy. is this why you wrote such an article about a leader who does not care for his people. God will judge you harshly for what you are all doing to the citizens of zimbabwe. mahlangu abantwabakho bayakwazi ukuthi thats how you think and assea issue. bayazihluphekela oDelight o Mthokozisi . badubeka ngenxa yabantu ababusa ilizwe angani yi tuckshop. ungayangisi umthwakazi lemuli yakini ngokubhala amanyala anje please

  26. Point of correction Honourable VP Mphoko crossed the floor to ZANU b4 th unity Accord so in this case it means hapana ZAPU closed,he’s a sellout that’s why u hear him firing off target all the time he’s a weakling,with all due respect hard feelings

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