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Bad publicity on Mphoko in bad taste


THERE appears to be a concerted strategy to vilify VP Phelekezela Mphoko. One turns to question the motive behind this orchestrated blackmail. It started with criticising his views on the causes and instigators of the Gukurahundi massacres.

He remained adamant that the massacres were a Western conspiracy which got buyers from some Zimbabweans. In short, he castigated some sectors of Zimbabwean society for allowing themselves to be used as tongs of accomplishing the Western agenda of dividing the newly-independent nation.

Of late, the chorus grew louder over VP Mphoko’s overstay at the hotel. Is it the VP’s role to look for accommodation or the relevant ministry? If any blame was to be apportioned, it should be government which is tasked with getting him accommodation. Is the dilly dallying in getting the VP accommodation a set-up meant to discredit him?


A number of reasons may be suggested for this well-orchestrated vilification of Mphoko. Top most is his unequivocal stance on the Gukurahundi massacre. His refusal to play second fiddle to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He is an accomplished liberation fighter and proprietor of a supermarket chain. Recently, he reprimanded a man who referred to him as Mboko. In short, the man is forth right, doesn’t mince his words and looks like he is a disciplinarian. This ability to speak out his convictions may not be comfortable to some who have come to conclude that former Zapu comrades are meant to remain vices. So acceptable was this proposition that the late Joshua Nkomo, Msika, John Nkomo, never questioned their second Vice-President status. It was a given. Imagine Umdala Wethu being second Vice-President to Simon Muzenda and for Joice Mujuru.

Petitioners were up in placards against Mphoko’s overstay in a hotel, while all things being equal, it is not his fault, but that of the responsible ministry.

Interestingly, one may want to know where the “alert petitioners” were when Chiadzwa was looted, when the proceeds from community shares went missing. The Auditor-General has unearthed serious misconducts of misappropriation of funds within government ministries and departments – yet there was deafening quietness from ratepayers including these fired up petitioners.

What is the alleged $250 000 spent on hotel accommodation for Mphoko? This is accounted expense compared to many under deals that rob the nation of millions of dollars. Corruption is the leading disease from an economic perception.

Towards the just-ended Zanu PF conference held at Victoria Falls, some commentators thought elective issues would rise. The quota system in favour of women was thrown around. Quickly, the spotlight was on former Zapu. Was it a genuine motive to suggest that the woman Vice-President comes from Zapu. The need to rotate in terms of the unity agreement, did it deal with other offices minus the party president or first secretary.

It becomes clear that the envisaged woman Vice-President from the former Zapu was meant to substitute Mphoko. In this chain of events, Mphoko’s forth righteousness, entrepreneurship, knowledge of his birth rights would be substituted by a submissive woman Vice-President who would accept being second Vice-President, ready to bootlick and sing for her supper.

To some extent, the Unity Accord has been abused by some ill-motivated individuals bent on enhancing mileage using the otherwise good unity pact.

Well done Mphoko – keep it up.

l Moses Tsimukeni Mahlangu writes in his own capacity and can be reached on zucwuhq@gmail.com for comments.

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