Ashamed deputy minister spruces up neglected mother’s house for funeral

VILLAGERS in Mt Selinda have condemned Chipinge East legislator, Win Mlambo (Zanu PF), after he allegedly hurriedly painted his neglected late mother’s derelict house ahead of her funeral.


Mlambo is also Information Technology and Courier Services deputy minister.

According to locals at Dimire Village, Mlambo dispatched graders from the State-owned Zinara to the homestead to clear roads leading to his rural home.

He also reportedly borrowed paint from a nearby primary school to improve the appearance of the homestead for visiting mourners.

The legislator’s mother, Ambuya Chitengwa, died in Harare last Thursday.

The deputy minister resides in plush suburb of Mandara, Harare.

Villagers who spoke to said Mlambo had completely neglected his mother and forsaken his roots yet he grew up in the area.
“Friends and relatives let’s not turn our backs on where we come from, we are busy cleaning up Win Mlambo’s homestead so that mourners who come will see a different picture),” said one villager.

“From the time his mother passed on Mlambo phoned and said go and borrow paint from Dimire Primary School and paint all the houses and even Zinara graders are now here clearing the road.”

Some claimed the deputy minister did not help his late mother who lived a pauper’s life.
Many said that they only agreed to help spruce up the homestead after Mlambo’s request because they had lived well with his late mother.

But some were signing a different tune, saying the tragedy was a blessing in disguise for the local community.

They said the death of the MP’s mother had forced him to finally do something for a community he is supposed to represent in Parliament.

“The death of Ambuya Mlambo brought development to Mt Selinda, the road now looks as if it has been tarred.”

Efforts to get comment from Mlambo were fruitless as his mobile was continuously on voice mail.

Meanwhile, Pishai  Muchauraya of the opposition Renewal for Democracts of Zimbabwe wondered whether the deputy minister had paid Zinara for use of its equipment.

“Somewhere in Chipinge at the home of a Zanu PF deputy minister, a Zinara grader and council employees doing some work ahead of a funeral for the lawmaker’s family member,” Muchaurayi noted on Facebook.

“The home has been abandoned for some time. It is not clear whether the deputy minister has paid for the services of the grader and council workers or is the usual story.”

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    zvichandibatsirei mwnangu, ini mai vako ndiri mupenyu, ndaigara imba yemapango. nhasi uno ndafa kudai wondivakira guva resimende kkkkkkkkkkk seka zvako robert ndaurayanyika>>>>>>>>>> thus zanupf for you. haadi kuchengeta mai vake vakamuzvara kuzoti povho????????

  2. zvakaoma chokwadi

  3. hupenyu wakaoma , panenge pasina mari amana. Plus i dont see how this is NEWS.

    1. kkkkkkkk its true, coz chivanhu, unotadza kusumuka even uchida. mhepo dzevatema comes in different colours, however its still a must that we honour our parents, even vachiroya, kkkkk. Coz that’s some of the reasons why some don’t get help from kids. How can one feed the one destroying them. we still honor regardless

  4. simbarashe hatirekipashi

    This is NEWS as there is here apparent corruption in the abuse of influence and office as well as of of State resources by a public official.

  5. This is real news, thank you Mr Editor, this gross abuse of office and irresponsible.

  6. Apart from abuse of resources. we also see how some from the rurals quickly forget their roots, and most importantly we see those MPs who do NOTHING to improve their constituency.

    If paint was “borrowed” from the local school, do you think this cheapskate would pay Zinara & Council?

  7. This guy akakanganwa mai vake nekuona zvitsva muMandara zvino nhasi wamama,mai vakafa nechigumbu,kkkkkk,wake up Mlambo ndokanyi kwako young man.

  8. Patombori nemba yakanaka kudaro zvapo. He could have left the painting until later…. zvanga zvisina kana basa izvo. Kana aichengeta mai vake chete. It shows he tried because there was a big house

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  10. Mr reporter you did not tell us kuti ku Harare kwacho mai vake vaigarepi. If not ku Mandara then this guy is cursed

  11. Heheheee chave chipatapata…… sebedidizela

  12. repainting maybe kunyara hake bt truly speaking guys the minister did so much for his mom. the family took the old lady for rehab at st giles since the mum had arthritis … u know the old lady got widowed more than forty years ago. she lived in mandara and sometimes in highfields with the other son. so i think for those who said the mom lived a pauper’s life ummm get ur facts correct first

  13. Win is a very responsible, honourable son of the soil. He took his mother to London and was staying with her in Mandara. The mother had 2 trained carers looking after her. As an MP he has put electricity in all the schools in his constituency and other constituencies. Here is one man who is empathetic to the community, highly educated and committed to the success of our country.

  14. The editor did neot put it in the right perspective at all. If this is what I get from what should be news, then I will read every newspaper with a lot of sceptism.

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