Army, Air Force on recruitment drive

GOVERNMENT has announced plans to recruit more soldiers despite facing a bloated civil service payroll which has seen Treasury struggling to raise salaries and bonuses.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Notices seen by NewsDay indicated that the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and the Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) will be recruiting in various provinces starting next month.

In Matabeleland, the would-be soldiers will be recruited at the Lupane District Administrator (DA)’s office on February 3, while on February 5, the recruitment team will be at the Tsholotsho DA’s office.

On February 8, the ZNA team will be at the Nkayi DA’s office, before moving to Bubi district offices and 12 Infantry Battalion Camp in Hwange two days later. The team is expected to interview more recruits at Binga Centre on February 12.

Members of the National Army go through a drill during celebrations.

In Masvingo, potential soldiers will have to undergo the 10-kilometre test run on February 1 and 2 at Nemamwa growth point, before conducting a similar exercise at Neshuro growth point in Mwenezi on February 7 and 8. At Madyangove Primary School in Chivi, the recruitment will be conducted on February 4 and 5.

On February 10 and 11, the recruitment teams will be at Buffalo Range in Chiredzi as well as at Zaka Primary School. On February 16 and 17, the team will be at Ushe Primary School in Bikita and 4.2 Infantry Battalion in Gutu on February 19 and 20.

During the same period the AFZ would also be recruiting prospective aircraft technicians, pilots, fire fighters, nurses, drivers and plumbers.

In his 2016 National Budget presentation last year, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa revealed that civil service salaries were gobbling about 80% of the budget.

Chinamasa has, on various fora, announced plans to trim the civil service to enable the country to access funding for international financiers. However, the decision has been shot down by his fellow Cabinet colleagues.

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  1. while they are firing teachers? hondo yacho iri kupi? nyika iyi ndeyemafunny chaiwo.

  2. Now you are publishing stories from whatsapp groups. The AFZ issued a formal statement denying any recruitement exercise, apa imi matonyora!

    1. i happen to be an interested part some how,and the truth is it is true.soldiers retire after 20 year sof service hence every year thosand of the retire they need replacement

    2. guys we may deny it but this is true. Watch the space, manicaland they have actually advertised in many areas. but they dont wanna be known that they are recruiting but they are. some qualified teachers are going there to teach since kuTeaching kusisina basa

  3. I am very ashamed stereki. I used to hold newsday to high regard, thinking they were above the kind of lying that can be found in the Zimbabwean. Zvinonyadza izvi

  4. Given the story headline, I’m inclined to say “There is no smoke without a fire” given the Party’s ideological focus.

    1. I still respect and trust the papers that told us (1) Grace was attacking Vice Mujuru long before Herald admitted, (2) There is factionalism part 2 G40 long before Bob acknowledged, (3) the Gvt is stone broke long before civil servant failed to get Christmas salaries for the first time in history when Heral kept telling us of “assurances”

      Newsday you have my benefit of doubt in everything you say!

  5. poor reporting..i think the reporter is a college attachee, anyway keep on learning

  6. ku joina afz today ma1 , coz hakuna ndege dzacho ,ma hawk are grounded because of lack of spares, ma f7s havent been seen in many years zvekuti ku trade fair last year they used helicopters for flypast ma k8 2 akadonha kwasara 10 but i dont think ese 10 ari kushanda. kuma transport ne ma chopper only a handful are vaailable so i would advice one to study bachelor of science degree pane ku joina afz because after 10 years u might be unemployable . asi if you are joining as atc or technician i say go for it.

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  8. alheit-nemoyowese

    now that AFC rubbished this story what are you going to do daily liars?

  9. thre isnt false reporting done here by newsday, actually they took application fr army cadetes in Karoi, poor prioritisation on th gvt part as they are booting productivity teachers recruitin redundant soldiers.

    1. u wil respect soldiers 1 day,,ask yoself y there r so many soldiers in russia and america,

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