AMHVoices:Zifa must take football as business


Zifa must take a business decision based on whether the national soccer team is a viable business proposition or not. Then it must fix the maximum it can afford to pay the coach (Kalisto Pasuwa), players and other staff given the source of funding, before advertising for the jobs or inviting players to the national team.

By Takesure,Our Reader

Warriors striker Roderick Mutuma controls the ball during yesterday's training session while coach Kalisto Pasuwa looks on

There is need for a paradigm shift to how Zifa, the clubs and the national team are run and managed.

At the new centre of it all must be good corporate governance and balanced, sustainable budgets and forward planning.

Across the commercial world, soccer clubs included, directors who continue to run insolvent institutions, in the process defrauding innocent folk, must be charged with fraud.

However, Zifa must keep Pasuwa’s salary a secret as he deserves some privacy in his life .

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  1. surely you cant have your salary published in all media and be known by every Tom and Jack…..maintain this dude’s privacy plz.

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