AMHVoices:Fire corrupt council officials countrywide

The commission running Gweru City Council affairs should heed the directive issued by Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Saviour Kasukuwere that all directors implicated in the mismanagement of funds and corruption should be dismissed as a way of stamping out corrupt activities within that local authority.

Mukachana Hanyani,Our Reader


Kasukuwere came up with this decision after realising that most of the directors employed by the council were implicated recently by the audit report as the most culpable culprits in the embezzlement and mismanagement of funds, wasteful expenditure, governance issues as well as non-compliance with ministerial directives.

The directive to the Gweru commission to sack corrupt directors came a few days after Kasukuwere had also instructed all local authorities around the country to hold their seminars within their areas of jurisdiction as a means to save the ratepayers’ money.

He banned that practice of having seminars in faraway resort places. For example, you get some city fathers travelling all the way from Mutare to Victoria Falls just to discuss how they could run the affairs of the city council.

For that reason, Kasukuwere saw it necessary to stop such a habit by some city fathers of having lavish seminars outside their areas of jurisdiction as a way of making sure that they do not abuse ratepayers’ money. It is necessary to make sure that all local authorities get rid of people who have no interest in making sure that their towns and cities are well managed. Such a move can be effective by uprooting corrupt people in areas of authority.

The decision taken by Kasukuwere should be applauded because dismissing those people involved in corrupt activities from local authorities as well as banning money spending through seminars are some noble ideas that could bring sanity in most local authorities.

Most of the local authorities in the country have been struggling to offer basic services to the people just because some resources have dwindled as a result of corrupt activities by the senior management of such local authorities.

The top management of some local authorities in the country have devised an art of living lavishly because of the ill-gotten money from corrupt activities that they do while at work. The holding of seminars outside their places of jurisdiction came with some travelling and subsistence allowances, thereby draining the ratepayers’ money.

Kasukuwere’s call for the commission running the Gweru local authority to fire corrupt directors within its ranks should not be taken as referring to the Gweru directors only, but this should apply to all local authorities around the country.

It should be known that corruption is a cancer which is very dangerous and as such prevention is better than cure.
Dismissing people found on the wrong side of the law would act as a deterrent to would-be corrupt officials.

So for the public to be protected from such land barons and corrupt local authorities management, all those found to be on the wrong side of the law should be dismissed and taken to Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, where they can fit well as letting them walk scot-free when they would have destroyed the economy is tantamount to letting a murderer in the streets.

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  2. It’s not their fault,some people believe that the moment one gets into a political office,is automatically in riches.not there to represent people on issues of service delivery.The political office at ward level does not carry with it huge financial incentives and other collateral benefits like a company chief executive.What aggravates this situation,is that, some of hose elected as ward councillors do not own houses or any form of property, therefore reckless expenditure of rate payers money becomes second nature to them.Previously,the urban councils act barred those without property either to be nominated as ward council candidates or to vote in municipal elections.May the Minister of Local Government revisits this piece of legislation and remedy this anomaly.

  3. Readers of this newspaper should know that the majority of these directors are ZANU PF activists who have been in these jobs well before GNU. The Mdc Councillors have no power over these managers. Many a time if MDC Councillors tried to fire these people Chombo would threaten to fire them too. So these managers have survived this far because of Chombo but with the change of ministers, this corruption is now being exposed, thanks to ZANU PF factionalism. Also note that these directors are selected by the Local Government Board (LGB) which is stuffed with ZANU PF zealots. You may pass an interview at the Council but when you go the LGB and u are not ZANU PF, u surely wont make it.

  4. I thought so, it is not mostly councillors but the management which will be corrupt and what they do is they then spice a bit to the councillors, ministers come and fire councillors leaving the real corrupt management.

  5. the biggest problem inthe the local authorities is a lady called eric jones she goes around the country imposing the useless people look at gokwe town council she put lady mandeya who has no public relations at all the gokwe situation has been compounded by an unable finance director who does not know what is doing he is busy interferring in all depts

  6. Is Kasukuwere himself clean. Who’ll investigate his goings on. You tell me he has survived strictly on a ministerial salary ever since. And what about his days at AAG in the controversial place of Mutare. mmm a case of calling another kettle b…

  7. The corruption which is rampant in municipalities was and is promoted by ZANU PF. If you closely look at the town clerks and directors at most towns in the country, the majority of them are ZANU PF activists who have been in the jobs for a very long time. If MDC Councillors tried to fire them, Chombo would threaten firing them too. The final selection of all directors and town clerks is done by Local Government Board which is stuffed with ZANU PF apologists. I think this corruption is more apparent because of factionalism in ZANU and the removal of Chombo from this ministry. He is the one who was promoting corruption in municipalities.

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