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AMHVoices:Dining and wining as people suffer


In response to Mugabe, top brass ‘desert’ Zim for holidays: There is nothing wrong with a senior government official taking leave, but it’s HOW he does it in light of the circumstances. Our leaders are clearly shameless and off-side on this one!

By Gunguwo,Our Reader


It means they got their salaries and bonuses before the rest of the civil servants. Straight from the lavish holiday, you jump onto the podium to declare that government has no money and you expect us to take you seriously?

Our leaders should investigate how people with better economies like United States President Barack Obama, British Premier David Cameron and South African President Jacob Zuma spent their holidays.

We, the governed, went for holiday in the beautiful mountains of our rural areas. However, 45 000 police details were deployed on our roads, tollgates were waiting for us and the rains were very little.

These leaders have forgotten their mandate. How could they dine and wine while the people suffer?

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