AMHVoices:Crisis of expectations in Tsvangirai’s MDC

The current goings-on in the MDC movement are tragic, shocking and epochal. The demise of the MDC, as we know it, is a tremendous loss to the Zimbabwean political landscape.

By Stewart Murewa,Our Reader

Deductive reasoning shows that the party is teetering towards political obscurity.

The lack of vision and strategy has cost the MDC dearly. The party has simply become the radarless ship, allowing the winds of fate to drift in the high seas of political denial and uncertainty.

The party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been thrown into profusion and confusion after failing dismally to win the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections.

The party and its supporters are now in a crisis of expectation.

It is apparent that no effort to solve the crisis can be made by a party president or leader who is so much in denial about the national situation.

Tsvangirai does not even realise that the country is under sanctions. All the people in this country agree that there is a crisis in the economy, leading to a serious liquidity crunch, while revenue collections have drastically dwindled.

The sanctions are hurting everyone in this country whether you are a Zanu PF or MDC member.

We should desist from inviting foreigners to solve our problems as the Westerners do not invite us.

So, Tsvangirai, when you invited sanctions, was it your wisdom or lack of it? The people in Zimbabwe ought to be encouraged to discuss their national predicament and hammer out what needs to be done to extricate the country from this man-made quagmire.

To put it simple, the domestic solution is unconditional dialogue by a broad section of Zimbabweans to unpack the crisis and chart the way forward.

It is a reality that Tsvangirai failed to solve Zimbabwe’s problems when he was the Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity.

The man was overwhelmed with the little power given to him by President Robert Mugabe and forgot that he was given the mandate by the people to implement government policies.

Tsvangirai should have realised that it does not help to operationalise a defective, watered and compromised document.

It seems like he was someone who was hired to put lipstick on a frog.Right now, the original MDC party is no more and is now in different parts.
What the majority of people expected to see did not come to fruition.

It is clear that Tsvangirai is very thin on political strategy,vision,articulacy, personal and political judgment and prone to arbitrary,inconsistent and questionable decisions.

His limited educational background has been used as cannon fodder by his opponents to question his leadership credentials.

It is a dream that is far-fetched that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her People First movement can form a formidable coalition as all of them are power-hungry.

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  1. I’m not sure if he is referring to the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC has problems of its own but to suggest that the party is teetering towards obscurity is not only delusional but malicious. The writer of this article lacks objectivity and makes unfounded allegations against the MDC. His language is clearly ZANU PF and repeatedly recycles the usual ZANU PF mantra about Tsvangirai losing 2013 elections and inviting sanctions. Who in his right mind believes ZANU PF won the 2013 election?

    Stewart, you can repeat your lies a thousand times but no one will believe you. Keep it up and hard luck.

  2. Its u Stewart who is dying not our MDC-T. If u have been paid by those reeling thieves to degrade the next president of Zimbabwe then u are wasting your tym. Go to hell.Long live Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the people’s saviour

  3. Stewart Murewa=CIO cum political commentator. They are terrified. “Rhidha” wedu tinomuziva do not try to confuse us…the rhino keeps coming until it knocks you down, no matter how many times you rig the “erection.” At the moment accept the “confused” MT’s one of the many true statement which has been fulfilled- “you can rig an election but you cannot rig the economy”

    1. this atticle written in poor english, check your dictionery for meaning of profusion…zvinonyadzisa such poor writting….

      1. You’re right wepaBikita, the oak thought this is Hip Hop were artist throw some rhyming words.

  4. This article is so stupid & ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve to be found in the herald

  5. O my my my Newsday has been infiltrated by ZANU [PF]. I am very sorry Mr Ncube, you ploted it wrong!

  6. This writer is totally lost.Even Zanu pf itself no longer believes sanctions are the cause of the economic turmoil that the nation finds itself in.It’s unfortunate some people get paid to write things that are divorced from fact.To say that Tsvangirai failed as prime minister is the height of mischief.Despite being given responsibility without authority,Tsvangirai managed to bring home a semblance of sanity in the Zimbabwean economy.Everybody knows the 2013 elections were nikuved.It’s only this mercenary who believes otherwise.

  7. its so sad to know that there are some people who still blame MT for dismal failures of the plunderers and thieves.cry my beloved Zim

  8. The fact remains that the precarious situation the country finds itself in is not attributed to one reasons and can not be solved by one view but all. It is also a fact that sanctions do not help the economy in any way but do weaken the economy, so as doing away with sanctions is an approach all meaningful Zimbabweans should pursue among all other measures that needs to be done. For a person suffering from many diseases curing one or some won”t help but curing all provides the optimum solution.
    To entertain views that restrict Tswangirai from calling for sanctions removal merely because he once supported these sanctions is now not helpful and not good for the country.
    If Tsvangirai is a serious politician then he should know that quite a number of citizens of this country know very well that sanctions were imposed upon us and that they have a hand in the destruction of the country, if he denies that then he has himself to blame because when it comes a time to elect leaders those that do not wish all challenges be removed are less appealing.

    1. Yes our problem is multi-faceted but we need to deal with the issues systematically. There are reasons for the targeted sanctions and those evils must be removed first. You cannot treat burns without taking the victim out of the fire first. Government should remove all repressive put dated laws form the statutes. They should accept fair play in the electoral field. The ruling party should be democratic, this includes learning to live with criticism. All this can be changed over night and then the removal of targeted sanctions.

      That’s the logic. Safety for the patient first then treatment.

    2. Nhai iwe, awa masanctions EMA British, MA Americans nedzimwe nyika dzemu Europe anorambidza sekuru venyu, hama neshamwari dzavo kuenda ko kodya raisi anei nesu? Ivo vanoda kotsvagei ko vachisiya nyika ichitva? Ikozvino anditi varikudya mari yacho kwavanotendegwa kuenda.

  9. Article not based on any fact or opinions-from-a-sound-mind. It lacks objectivity and is clearly from a bitter ZANU PF sympathizer. I’m surprised kuti since when did Newsday start publishing such rubbish.

  10. I’m greatly concerned by these so called cio’s pretending to be readers . it’s plainly visible to anyone and i mean anyone that the writer is a government agent , sorry writer we saw through you . it’s a pity the hard copy doesn’t have the comment section.

  11. We like Morgan we know it ,Morgan is a brand we can’t deny it but is he the one who brot sanctions No ways he is not but is he partly to blame for this current crisis we now face A big YES .People Morgan messed up a lot and can I ask why s he staying at that Zanu pf House ,haa yhaa saka munofunga kuti arikutobhadhara
    Rent pamba paye paarikugara haaa yhaa zvakaoma,Morgan entered into a deal with Zanu pf so that if he is given a wife and a flashy house anobva anyarara ndizvoo zvaaita .Saka chii chaasiyana na Mphoko arikugara u Hotera haa hapana apa nway I wont talk about how he slept on his job when the people of Zimbabwe had sacrificed alot for a better Zimbabwe,I wont talk about how he went on to sleep with different women of different tribes during his tenure as PM.Well some may say sleeping around s a personal and private choice which we cant have control over but for a public person who had a serious mandate from the people to dismantle Zanu pf to sleep when it matters the most haa t leaves a lot to be desired .People we may like Morgan but truly speaking the shoes of being an Opposition leader of the biggest opposition leader in ZWE are proving to be too big for Morgan that’s a fact yu cant deny,not that I hate him but he s a road runner chicken when it comes to fighting Zanu pf.Izvozvi akamirira 2018 odyiwa futi otanga kutaura zvisina basa ,haaaa he shud go ,the sooner the better .He wasted not only our revolution but our time ,money and effort as well.

    1. Zimbabwean, first off, Morgan is the leader of the official opposition party and is entitled to certain perks in line with this status. That is the case the world over. Secondly, he does not dwell in a Zanu PF(weevil) house. It is a government house. There is a difference between the two. His perks include a salary and a government supplied house. I agree with you on his other failings though.

    2. I think you stay in cuckooland, Morgan stays in his house, not state house either because he got a loan for that house. ZanuPF abused human rights and its a trend world wide that if you abuse human rights either you are arrested by ICC or your country is put under sanctions but for world to know about human rights abuse they need it known and MT was one of the many who made it known and graphic evidence was presented to the world. Checklist the brutality of Zanupf and do a checklist of Smith’s brutality then you would support the idea that someone must have been tried at the ICC failure then his country had to be put under control what Zanupf perfected was to steal and hide under the sanction banner, they don’t want sanctions to go so that they use it as an excuse of their failure. What ZanuPF did on sanctions was to take it as a reveng weapon on the citizens of Zimbabwe whereas Smith took it as a challenge to build his own industry to help his citizens survive.

  12. My dear newspaper has been infiltrated by the regime.Dear Mr Trevor I bet very soon you will be saying pamberi naVaMugabe. But we all know that your newspaper is on the brink of bankruptcy so you are singing for a few dollars. The CIO is your paymaster. Sham on you.

    1. just yesterday mdc-t MPs were seen at PF meeting and today the party is loosing direction.Am i missing something here? Has Trevor and his journalists stooped so low that they allow themselves to be used by Jonathan and Saviours? Shame on you.Tsvangrai is a big brand and you know it.Is your paper about to be closed or bombed? why the fear? Give us a break.Which sanctions are we talking about here? The ones by zpf on Zimbabweans? We are tired of the same old story which will only sell to a 91 year old.For those who still cant see how the game is played right now as the Mujuru zpf project takes shape should open their eyes now because it is in full swing.TREVOR buyisela imali yezanu

      1. my Aunty Brianna just got a great Lexus IS F Sedan just by some parttime working online with a macbook…

    2. Trevor Ncube has always advocated for a ” Third force” via his newspapers, We all know the plot is to ensure that a karanga never gets near the levers of power. Who controls the Daily News, if you understand the manipulation of the press in Zimbabwe, you will understand why Tsvangirai and Munagagwa are under attack and why vana G40 mazizi asina nyanga and People First(the looters) are being given acres of space!

  13. I guess this article was written to please Mushowe who was visiting the premises of this news papers . The writer of this news article is insane .Meanwhile Zimbabwe has never had sanctions but targeted sanctions . Rhodesia yes had sanctions . Hayi bo Ncube lawa ngamanyala impela longu bhedo .

  14. Iwe Stewart Murewa unemakore manganic ko iwe? Mu Rhodesia maive nema sanctions chaiwo, kwete targeted sanctions on certain individuals only, I mean crippling sanction which ultimately brought the government to negotiating tables at Geneva and Lancanster House conferences 1978 to 1980. Asi zvakadero hatina kumboona zvakaita sezvizvi. Masanctions I scapegoat ye Zanu yako iwe.

  15. The problem is that when the Americans take or are invited to take a certain position, they will not easily shift in future even if the situation demands another position. Who does not know that Mandela was removed from the terrorist list well after the South African independence and retirement. Sanctions were invited yes but the man including most of us did not think that America will be easily pushed to think otherwise. The worst thing is that these sanctions are hurting everyone especially the wrong target – the poor and there is no one spared whichever political party one supports. We all wish he could be listened to so that the Americans and the British see the sense that the target was missed and continues to be missed resulting in the same wrong target speaking through the ballot paper.

    1. It is because ZanuPF has made the poor to suffer not the sanctions. Smith made sure the citizens don’t suffer the effect of his obstinacy so he built a strong industry and agricultural base under heavy sanctions, he had his own seed, fertiliser plants, vehicle assembly plants, wagon assembly plants and trains moved,bus assembly plants, he knew Southern Africa will want food so he made sure he has it so as to break the sanction mantra, now Zanupf are given restrictive orders they punish their citizens by stealing what the country had instead of using those resource to be self dependent. Harare was orderly and clean earning Sunshine City monicker.

  16. Nhamo dzenyika ino haasi masanctions ba. Zvitadzo zvevanhu vanotitonga ndo zvokondzera nhamo pano. Ngativurei meso tirege kunyeberwa nevanhu vanoguta. Nhasi uno mukuru nemhuri yake varikudya mari kundze kwenyika, zuro MA ministers nevamwe vakuru vakadya mabiko Ku vic falls asi vashandi vehurumende vasina kutambira; rent dzisinaku bhadharwa muma embassies, zvinotiudza chii izvozvo??? MA sanctions?

  17. Point of correction Tsvangirai doesn’t stay in a Zanu PF house!! That house is state property. Zanu PF is not the state. It belongs to the taxpayers. Tsvangirai is also entitled to an exit package for the time he spent representing the government. He is by far the most popular politician in Zimbabwe only that there is too much bias from the state apparatus and the print media

  18. Patrick Guramatunhu

    Zimbabwe’s economic problems were cause by decades of mismanagement and corruption; stop insulting us with the sanctions nonsense!

  19. The media these days is concentrating on ZanuPF factional wars, the expected launch of people first, but online survey have shown MT ahead followed by Mujuru with RGM way behind and if you say he is on the wane, I wonder were you stay, unoita zvekuverenga mu pepa and papers are not covering MDC-T anyway these days. Yes MT has his shortfalls like any other leader but not as bad as he who has taken Zimbabwe back to stone age yet he is called visionary by people like you who think MDC has no vision just because you have never bothered to read their policy documents relying on some funny amalysts.

  20. I was late. Very late. But nothing to deter me from dispensing brick bates below the belt to a debate supposedly interesting but whose glamour was stolen by shallow cerebals, itself a nomenclature of MDC-T and the one thing that will haunt this party to eternity. You read loquacious, verbose and arguments bordering on mundane. Arguments resembling the gyrating borrowdale dance, physically exerting, going everywhere, anywhere yet signifying nothing. Who today would deny Zimbabwe is under sanctions? To do so is akin to denying that the sun rise from the east and as it does, it would surely set west. Denying there are sanctions in Zimbabwe, whether targeted or ZIDERA, is being malicious. We may disagree on reason but that there sanctions must be a matter of national conjecture.

    Is MDC-T a party for posterity? A big NO if you were to ask me. The reasons are there to see for every objective mind. Does it need a rocket scientist to come up with a thesis and defend every comma and full stop to convince MDC-T is dead? NO!!. The party has fractured into MDC-Ncube, 99, Mangoma and Biti. MDC of different color, size name and etc. This is a party small brains want everyone to believe is a sustainable project. Now Nelson “Mhepo” Chamisa and Mwonzora are at it again. Sooner you will get an MDC-Chamisa or MDC-Mwonzora. This ever fragmenting party? For when is it going to stop?

    Add these to the comical boobs of ugly and center loving Tsvangirai. That man who loves those unspeakable nightly acts. Aaah would i want a political midget and an academically bankrupt novice to lead Zimbabwe?. The furthest he has gone is that PM post. Thats all. You better warm up to that. Ukaita chironda chinonzi MDC-T haupori. Ukarwadziwa neZanu PF uchava nemazuva okurwadziwa mazhinji muhupenyu hwako.

  21. Only fools the less intelligent and those brain washed by zanu can say we have sanctions in the country . How can restricting some one from entering some countries Make people drink sewage water all over the country . In 1998 to 2000 the country’s fuel stations became totally dry and restricted sanctions had not been imposed on few thugs and Murderers in the country by then .The only problem that we have in this country is Mugabe not Morgan . If anyone does not know that Mugabe is the reason the economy has collapsed in zim then that person is dead clinically . .

  22. ko nhai imi mdc yakaumbwa riini? Ko kupatsanuka kwayakaita inikuvu here inongonzi nikuvu nikuvu zvimboreveiko kuti nikuvu tingavhotera vanhu vanotukana pachavo kana mutungamiriri wayo achigona kutonga akadii kugadzirisa nyaya dzake first tozovhota. nhasi woti handisi kukwikwidza mangwana woti ndavemo can we vote for a person with a grasshopper mind kwete taramba hameno vanovhota ini ndichavhota kana pave neari siriyasi ndinotoenda kunoredza zvimaparty izvi zvinopa stress haiwa

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