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AMHVoices:Crisis of expectations in Tsvangirai’s MDC


The current goings-on in the MDC movement are tragic, shocking and epochal. The demise of the MDC, as we know it, is a tremendous loss to the Zimbabwean political landscape.

By Stewart Murewa,Our Reader

Deductive reasoning shows that the party is teetering towards political obscurity.

The lack of vision and strategy has cost the MDC dearly. The party has simply become the radarless ship, allowing the winds of fate to drift in the high seas of political denial and uncertainty.

The party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been thrown into profusion and confusion after failing dismally to win the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections.

The party and its supporters are now in a crisis of expectation.

It is apparent that no effort to solve the crisis can be made by a party president or leader who is so much in denial about the national situation.

Tsvangirai does not even realise that the country is under sanctions. All the people in this country agree that there is a crisis in the economy, leading to a serious liquidity crunch, while revenue collections have drastically dwindled.

The sanctions are hurting everyone in this country whether you are a Zanu PF or MDC member.

We should desist from inviting foreigners to solve our problems as the Westerners do not invite us.

So, Tsvangirai, when you invited sanctions, was it your wisdom or lack of it? The people in Zimbabwe ought to be encouraged to discuss their national predicament and hammer out what needs to be done to extricate the country from this man-made quagmire.

To put it simple, the domestic solution is unconditional dialogue by a broad section of Zimbabweans to unpack the crisis and chart the way forward.

It is a reality that Tsvangirai failed to solve Zimbabwe’s problems when he was the Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity.

The man was overwhelmed with the little power given to him by President Robert Mugabe and forgot that he was given the mandate by the people to implement government policies.

Tsvangirai should have realised that it does not help to operationalise a defective, watered and compromised document.

It seems like he was someone who was hired to put lipstick on a frog.Right now, the original MDC party is no more and is now in different parts.
What the majority of people expected to see did not come to fruition.

It is clear that Tsvangirai is very thin on political strategy,vision,articulacy, personal and political judgment and prone to arbitrary,inconsistent and questionable decisions.

His limited educational background has been used as cannon fodder by his opponents to question his leadership credentials.

It is a dream that is far-fetched that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her People First movement can form a formidable coalition as all of them are power-hungry.

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