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AMHVoices:Chaos at Waterberry Farm, surrounding areas in Chivhu


Can the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement please come and assist us here at Waterberry Farm and farms surrounding Chivhu, as we are losing our land to people that are threatening us and coming to take our land with no paperwork at all and are subdividing the land and resettling people on allocated land. We have proper papers for the land on which we are farming.



On April 2, 2105 some people from Range visited the farms claiming to be from the Lands and Resettlement ministry office. We were not aware of their visit, only to see people pegging land in our plots. When we confronted them, they said they were marking boundaries for State land. I told them that they should have informed us first, but they instead demanded to see the boundaries of my plot which is triangle in shape. They disputed two of the boundaries and agreed with the third before starting to mark and peg “their” land.

On April 25, they came back again, downsizing our plots taking back State land and also saying some plots were encroaching into other people’s land, but they were not pegging.

They came with people whom they have resettled on our seized plots, forcing us to bring down structures that we had built.

On Waterberry Farm there are 26 plot holders of which 13 of us have had our land taken. We have engaged the police and they are aware of what is happening, they were there when we were told that we would all be shot if you don’t co-operate, but they did nothing.

We have requested permission from the police to hold a peaceful demonstration, but we have not been allowed. Is there any security left for us and our children being land owners?

Can the Land and Resettlement officials explain to us what is happening to us before we lose everything?

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