AMHVoices:Blaming active referees is barking up the wrong tree

Christopher Chisango’s letter deserves a response. It’s a sick and tired comparison and argument that today’s referees are incompetent because they are not at some tournaments. How many tournaments, since 1980, did the so-called great referees, Felix Tangawarima included attend? Tangawarima one, Nigeria vs Senegal, a game he struggled with. Mudzamiri twice and Ken Marange one.

By Emmanuel Dube,Our Reader


Isn’t it ironic that the so-called great referees are the ones destroying today’s referees?

Ruzive Ruzive made a mistake at Cosafa and your “best” referees suspended him. In 2013 at the African Cup of Nations, Grisha Geard of Egypt made a boob and was sent home, but Egypt did not remove him from the Fifa panel.

It’s only in Zimbabwe where new entrants are made yearly whereas other countries maintain their names to gain experience.

The other major challenge to better refereeing is promotion and appointment. Just recently a Division One referee, Lawrence Zimondi, was nominated for Fifa (5-a-side).

This referee and others proposed for promotion to the Premier League never officiated at Division One crunch games which were wrongly given to the committee’s favourite Premier League referees. Where will these referees get experience? Next year you will expect the referee to handle Dynamos or Highlanders matches. It’s wrong surely to blame these referees, but the committee that promotes and appoints wrong people.

This outgoing committee never accepted advice. Yet “anyone who loves knowledge wants to be corrected when he is wrong, it’s stupid to hate to be corrected”.

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  1. In case you don’t know, a calling App called Ringoversea is now so cheap to call Zimbabwe and other African Countries. Hope this helps?

  2. The current refs committee practices favouritism when making appointments. Guys frm Bulawayo are the ones who were given a lion s share of matches. For instance, a certain ref was given a match on Wednesday Thursday and Sunday while others had no games within that particular week. Mr Chiyangwa and company should work hard to correct such anomalies. Furthermore, why is it that refs frm Bulawayo and Harare are the only ones that get promoted to the ZiFA panel, Also the idea of having four courses per season and making refs pay exorbitant course fees should be abolished because our economic conditions do not allow that. Some refs literary take loans frm loan sharks to be able to attend. On top of that they are made to pay huge amounts of money as affiliation fees. Please Mr Chiyangwa do something to rescue the suffering referees. I am confident that you will cause you are a man of the people, thank you.

  3. It is just “Barking the wrong Tree” – ie kubvisa makoko eganda riya riys. Bark up inobvepiko nhai reporter?

  4. The retired should only speak if they have something positive to say. The game has moved on and matches have become tougher with players being fitter than before.
    Therefore the referees hands are full and the current crop is doing their best.
    Zim is not there yet where referees have a lot of training aids provided by their own association and so referees have to hunt for FIFA training videos to improve themselves.

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