All chiefs equal: Ncube


RURAL Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage minister Abednico Ncube has said no traditional chief is superior to the other and dismissed the notion that there are paramount leaders.


Addressing traditional leaders from various provinces in Mutare on Wednesday at a Zimbabwe Association for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Offender workshop on the abolition of the death penalty, Ncube said he had been informed that some chiefs were claiming to be above others.

“Let me emphasise that we do not have paramount chiefs in independent Zimbabwe. It was a colonial practice which has no place in our society,’’ he said.


“Our supreme law does not provide for such a status as chiefs are equal and this should be solved.’’

Chiefs in Zanu PF strongholds were regarded as superior to those in opposition parties’ strongholds.

Ncube also apologised for the late disbursement of the chiefs’ allowances in November and December 2015 claiming this was caused by new “institutional configurations” following the creation of his ministry.

The meeting was attended Chiefs’ Council president Fortune Charumbira, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene and provincial administrator Fungai Mbetsa, among other government officials.

Chimene warned the chiefs against disrespecting the law as they also risked being arrested.


  1. Who has the authority to arrest a Chief? What constitutional provisions allow a Chief to be arraigned before the courts?, which courts are we talking about here because in traditional leadership a Chief is supreme judicial officer himself, presiding over cases at his court. Who will arrest Queen Elizabeth in England? Technically speaking no one can arrest a sitting Chief, and doing so can create serious problems. In South Africa they have arrested and sentenced a whole king of the Xhosa tribe, King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo for 12 months in prison for various crimes. It has not gone down well with traditional leaders and other stakeholders there. Anyway the question remains, what reigns supreme the modern governance or traditional governance? As long as Kings and Chiefs are allowed to rule their people under their jurisdictions and in accordance with their cultural norms, arresting them brings a lot of questions and is an obvious clash between traditional community governance and modern constitutional democracy.

  2. This ministry was created to add the number of those people who are wasting tax payer’s money . That is the way how the so called intelligent president operates. The government is suppose to reduce its wage bill but allas somebody is busy creating a nonsense ministry . Mr President is giving much burden to the minister of finance which is a real ministry . Very soon it wont surprise to learn that the green bombers are on the government payroll.

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