1 000 Gweru workers in court over strike

Gweru City Council yesterday dragged its 1 287 workers to court accusing them of embarking on an illegal strike last year, where they protested against poor working conditions and non-payment of salaries.

by Stephen Chadenga

The workers downed their tools for close to two weeks in April last year, demanding payment of outstanding salaries, protective clothing as well as sacking of corrupt council officials.


But the local authority took the matter to the Labour Court seeking to have the industrial action declared illegal.

In its application, the council cited workers’ committee chairperson, Paul Moyana and 1 286 workers as respondents.

In its heads of arguments, the local authority argued that non-payment of salaries did not justify the strike action, adding the issue of protective clothing had already been referred to an arbitrator.

On the issue of corruption, council said the matter was of a criminal nature and should have been referred to law enforcement agents.

The matter was postponed to February 5 when the workers are also expected to present their heads of argument.

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  1. Fire the whole council then. The Councillors (already fired), corrupt management and the striking workfoce. What are you left with??? The rate payers to run their own affairs. kkkk only in Zim

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